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By King Bumis Heir Part of the Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan continuity.
The Respark of War
Advancing Water Tribe soldiers


The Blood Moon


Tulok's and Tanaraq's Wedding


Northern Water Tribe, eastern Earth Kingdom


Winter 658 BG


Ba Sing Se, Earth Kingdom; Northern Water Tribe city, North Pole


Death of Baotong.

  • Death of Amak.
  • Earth King Qiang Zhen, makes the scroll and sends it to the Northern Water Tribe.
  • Earth King Qiang Zhen and the Council of Five, make plans for deployments and war in the War Room.
  • Chief Cupun, and his twin military leaders make plans for deployments and war in the War Room.
  • Admiral Oomailiq, deploys his naval forces around the waters of the North Pole and the bordering waters of both nations.
  • The Council of Five, prepare their men for war, awhile General Issumatar prepares his ground troops for war.


Northern Water Tribe

Eastern Earth Kingdom


General Issumatar, Admiral Oomailiq

Council of Five: Generals: General Rongyu, General Tsuyo-sa, General Sudu, General Qingbao and General Ren

Forces involved

Northern Water Tribe

Eastern Earth Kingdom


Northern Water Tribe declares war on the Eastern Earth Kingdom.

Eastern Earth Kingdom declares war on the Northern Water Tribe.


Last appearance

End of Book 3.



General Senlin, had devised a plan to respark the flame of war, to bring the two nations clashing together. When they had come to the house of an old comrade of Senlin, a black market fencer named Xuen. They were looking for tickets so that they may catch the next ship to the Northern Water Tribe. Xuen, had told them about Captain Ra-Den, a ship captain who's cargo happens to be criminals and illegal immigrants. He gives them the tickets for the ship and directions to the cavern where the illegal port is held.

Senlin orders Kimaru to lodge a Northern Water Tribe soldier's dagger into the back of any Earth Kingdom citizen who looked important in the port town of Lu'an. Xuen, gave the weapon to Kimaru and he was off to do what he was told.

Kimaru, in an alley awaiting for someone important to pass by, when someone did it happened to be a courier. He had bent water from nearby puddles in the alley as the rain fell to the ground. Making water tentacles he grabbed the courier and dispatched of him in the dark alley. Rummaging through the scrolls of the dead courier he discovered that the courier was a royal courier, and the personal courier of the Earth King himself.

He left the scene of the crime, after returning to Xuen's house, Palartok, and Senlin were awaiting inside for him, from there they left to the noodle restaurant called, the Steamy Ship. Upon arriving to Lu'an they had passed the corpse, Kimaru had glanced at the alley and had seen the body still there untouched.

They ran to the restaurant, where they found lively with business, there they had seen the a man in a black bandanna talking to a few people who were lined up. They had showed the men their tickets, he nodded and gestured them to follow him. He lead them to the back of the restaurant and out to path that was built to exit the city that only those who wish to leave the Earth Kingdom may walk to the secret cavern port. They followed the man to secret cavern where they had been led to Ra-Den's ship where he burned their tickets as they boarded his ship.

Days later in the Northern Water Tribe, an hour or two later, Amak the victim had strolled down a street when he heard some struggling. There was a man wearing a straw hat mugging another man. These men were none other than Admiral Palartok and Kimaru, their other third of their group was former General Senlin, who had devised a plan when he saw Amak strolling down the street.

Senlin, had a blade that his old comrade and friend Xuen who was a black market fencer who resides in between the towns of Chi-Ji and Lu'an. The blade was that of an Earth Kingdom soldier although it was never mentioned if it was an old blade or the newer, current version that the soldiers in this decade use. Somewhere in Chapter 20, it will be examined by a weapon expert within the Northern Tribe.

Eventually, when the group reaches the Northern Water Tribe by a cargo ship that carries criminals and illegal immigrants they meet an alchemist who concocts poisons. Along the way the help the man to the city when he gives them a lift to the city. Hours pass by, when they reach the city they help the man set up shop. In return he gifts Senlin with a rare poison made from White jade bush. He explains that one dip on the blade into the poison and one small cut on the target, the poison is so potent that it will kill the victim in 60 - 90 seconds. There is nothing that can cure the poison, but he doubts it if the healers choose to use the waters of the oasis there's a high chance that the person will be revived.

Senlin, jumps from out of the shadows and slightly cuts Amak's left leg and leaves the blade by the entrance of the alley. Amak tries to chase them but then begins to quickly lose his energy, begins to have blurred vision and begins to suffocate. As he collapses his last look at them was their faces wickedly grinning as they make their escape. Then his body shuts down and he dies, the blade had been dropped at the entrance of the alley just a few feet from the lifeless poisoned body of the Chief's nephew.

Midnight comes, when the news reaches the palace and the chief goes nuts, screaming and wailing at what had happened he quickly commands his adviser to send word to the guard barracks to strengthen the presence of the guard patrols around and out of the city. Any suspicious people will be arrested for questioning, just outside of the large windows of the palace, Kimaru is scouting the area hiding in the shadows listening to give his report to Senlin. An hour later, his general and new admiral arrive at the palace and they have a meeting in the war room behind the palace.

The adviser then arrives with scroll, when the chief reads it, he finds it preposterous that one of his soldiers had killed the royal courier of the young Earth King. He gets angry at his general and admiral twins, and yells at them for deploying any men. The twins reply with honesty that they would never deploy any soldiers in Earth Kingdom soil without his approval.

The scroll mentions, that waterbending was found used against corpses along a road leading to the town of Chi-Ji, merchants along with their body guards were found rotting at a campsite. A Northern Water Tribe soldier decorated dagger was found lodged in his courier's body. The courier was none other than his nephew Baotong, there was enough evidence that showed to be Water Tribe presence on his soil and that the Earth King wanted to declare war with full force on the Northern Water Tribe.

The Northern Water Tribe, had then declared war on the eastern Earth Kingdom upon hearing the news of Amak's death. Admiral Oomailiq, had began to prepare his naval forces for deployment around their waters and the bordering waters of both the eastern Earth Kingdom and the Northern Water Tribe.

As of Chapter 20, Earth King Qiang Zhen, holds meeting with the ambassador of the western Earth King when, the day before he had sent a courier to the city of Omashu. Where the king of Omashu, had sent a response to the Earth King by ambassador declining the aid of the western Earth Kingdom's armies.

Within chapter 19, at the day of the wedding Chief Unirak arrives at the Northern Water Tribe during the wedding party Cupun holds a private conversation with Unirak and his general and admiral in the war room behind the palace of Cupun. Unirak, agrees to lend aid to Cupun increasing the winnable outcome for the Northern Water Tribe and increasing the size of their army.

At the beginning of Book 3, months had passed and there was now presence of Earth Kingdom naval forces out in the bordering waters of both the Eastern Earth Kingdom and the Northern Water Tribe. Where both nations receive reports of the victory of the Northern Water Tribe's naval forces sinking Earth Kingdom ships with extra help.

That is when Earth King Qiang Zhen, declares war on the Southern Water Tribe. Throughout Book 3, the tensions of all three nations increase and it begins to get more dangerous for any Earth Kingdom or Water Tribe citizen on their enemies soil.

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