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Tundra tanks during Sozin's Comet
The Resistance
As there is oppression of the majority that oppression will be met with increasing hatred.
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Avatar: The Last Airbender

The Resistance is a series taking place during the events of Avatar: The Last Airbender and more specifically, Book Two: Earth. While in the Earth Kingdom and after recruiting Toph, the team wants to go back to the occupied region of the Earth Kingdom in order to find a way to Ba Sing Se but end up having to start a rebellion.

Team Avatar go to the city of Tal Te in order to try and find a quicker way to Ba Sing Se. When they get there however, they find the Fire Nation has been worse to the town than they previously thought. Soldiers march through the streets, children who are suspected of being benders are torn from their mothers and dragged to unknown places. Houses of those who can not afford to pay the strict taxes are burned with no regards to where the families who lived there live. Anyone carrying an Earth Kingdom banner in their home is taken far away.

Team Avatar know they have to do something. But Aang knows it will take a lot more than a few speeches to organize a resistance.

It takes place some time after the events of Bitter Work and before The Library


Tal Te

Tal Te is a large and industrious city in the Earth Kingdom. It is the third largest city next to Ba Sing Se and Omashu. Although it is large and powerful, it is not new to invasion or occupation, the Fire Nation was able to conquer it six times during the The War. The first three times they took over through military conflict with the Earth Kingdom military who aided in the defense of the town. The fourth time, the military refused to defend it again and the Fire Nation simply wiped out the local militia. The fifth time, the Fire Nation came in and burned half of it to the ground, that was fifty years ago.

This time, there is no military to come in and retake the city. Omashu has fallen and no one is prepared to aid Tal Te. The city had been rebuilt from the last occupation, but this one is proving to be even worse. Instead of completely destroying it, the Fire Nation has exploited it. Every day, blocks of houses are burned in order to make way for large factories which build Fire Nation tanks and armor. Thousands of troops and tanks march through the streets and most people are too scared to leave their homes.

Slave labor has become common for the Fire Nation factories, families wake up with children missing, each one taken to a factory to be forced to work. Hundreds and thousands of people have been grabbed off the streets and thrown into the dark, metal fortress like buildings. These people keep the factory running, which is obvious by the massive amounts of smoke coming from the smoke stacks.

There seems to be no hope in the city.

Orshe River

The Orshe River was once the largest and most beautiful river in the Earth Kingdom. The water was almost perfectly clear and it was believed it had super natural properties.

The river flows down from the Ho Sho Ming Mountains. The Earth Kingdom has several buildings along the river where many hired water benders and earth benders make home, in their homes they bend the water in order to make sure it is purified. The earth benders bend the dirt from the river and the water benders pull out contaminated water. The water flows down through many brooks (connected by flood gates in order to control the rise and fall of the river) and pass through many villages and towns until they hit the city.

The river is thought to be magical, some say that if you only drink from the river your entire life you are guaranteed to go to paradise when you die, regardless of how good or evil you were. Some say that this is because spirits over look the river and bless it with their magical energies. Although this has never been proven, there have been many strange sightings around the river.

After the Fire Nation occupied it for a final time, the outposts along the river to keep it clean were destroyed. The Fire Nation dumped waste into it and their navy began to dock in it. The river went from a clear-bluish color to a muddy brown. People drinking from it began to get very sick and the once fantastical Orshe was soon destroyed.

Ho Sho Ming Mountains

The Ho Sho Ming is a large mountain range directly north of Tal Te. From some where in the mountains, the Orshe River flows freely, the water coming down nicely from the white, snow tipped mountain tops. The mountains are dotted by pine trees which get thicker as they get closer to the base. Finally turning into the The Dark Woods.

Along the mountains are many quaint hamlets, merchants would make pit stops at them in order to restock for the journey to Tal Te. The cheery populaces of these hovels were always happy to help travelers, giving them great prices and allowing them to stay in their homes for the night.

Deep in the mountains, at the peek is Fort Bosta. Bosta is the largest Earth Kingdom fort and takes up nearly the entire tip of the mountain. The fort was famous for turning young weaklings into veteran fire benders in the space of only a few months. The walls of the fort were so thick that some considered them larger than the ones of Omashu. Five hundred to a thousand Earth Kingdom soldiers called this fort their home.

When the Fire Nation attacked, the hamlets were each systematically burned as the Fire Nation wished to push everyone into the city to control them easier. Many were killed trying to defend their homes and now no hamlets are left. Smoke from the burning farms still come up from the mountains, occasionally they form large enough clouds and move down to the city, mixing with the already toxic smoke and causing Tal Te to be covered in a thick sheet of black.

Fort Bosta

The fort is the largest fort in the Earth Kingdom, its massive walls being compared to Omashu and its massive towers have nothing to be akin to. The fort has always been the one to send soldiers to liberate Tal Te and is always the one sending them to defend it in the first place.

The fort is famous for training veteran Earth Kingdom units. Due to the strict training regime and plethora of veteran commanders, recruits who go in come out hardened and ready for war. The most famous unit to come out is the Bosta Bashers who scored the more success in battle than any other Earth Kingdom unit.

Despite its amazing and impressing accomplishments, it fell in the attack. The Fire Nation had sent hundreds upon thousands of units there to no avail. Finally, they used experimental drill technology to dig straight through the mountain. It was not on the same level as the one used on Ba Sing Se, but there were many of them and they were able to overwhelm the fort.

When the fort was captured, Tal Te was practically defenseless. The Fire Nation used this chance to quickly take the town, leading to its capture. Once the battles in Tal Te and Bosta had died down, they converted the fort to their use. Storing hundreds of soldiers there to send out to the rest of the Earth Kingdom.

The Dark Woods

The Dark Woods are the largest woodland in that area of the Kingdom. The forest stretches on for miles, no roads or towns cutting into it. The trees here are so thick that the suns light does not find a way through and the Fire Nation has not dared to try and go in (due to the lack of sun to bend with.)

It is long believed to be the home to an amazing number of spirits, Earth Kingdom superstition states that whoever goes in is judged by the spirits and only the most pure can travel without being taken away to some unholy land. So far, no one has gone in and left.

The Fire Nation attempted to travel through it, ignoring the difficulty of bending and the stories. An entire platoon marched through bringing carts of burning pitch with them to use in bending if necessary. Cutting through the woods would shorten the trip to Ba Sing Se by days and they were happy to spare the time.

None of them came out, and the Fire Nation pretended they did not exist. However, they have yet to attempt and send any soldiers back in.









Chapter One: Arrival. ~ The gang think of another way to Ba Sing Se, but when they get to the shortcut, they find something horrible.


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