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After departing from Chin Village, Team Avatar rescues a man from an attack by a mysterious beast and are offered shelter in return.

Aang, Katara, and Sokka are honored by Chin Village after saving it from the Rough Rhinos and changing the meaning of Avatar Day.
Sokka This is by far the worst town we've ever been to.
Tong approaches Aang and his friends.
Tong Tonight will be a joyous time of festivities and celebration. We would be honored if the Avatar and his friends would join us.
Sokka Sorry to disappoint you, but we gotta go. Right, guys?
Aang Uh, yeah.
Katara Right away.
Tong Well, that's a shame. Mark this day on your calendar and make sure to visit us for future Avatar Day festivals!
Sokka gives Tong a thumbs up and a smile while Katara nods, sending the mayor on his way.
Sokka [Bitterly dumping his unfried dough on the floor and dropping the bowl.] Not on your life, pal.
Aang, Katara, and Sokka mount Appa to continue their search for an earthbending master. They take off on the flying bison into the night sky, gladly leaving the village behind. Several hours later, they remain flying through the clouds at cruising speed.
Sokka [Resting against the rim of Appa's saddle lazily.] Are we gonna make a pit stop soon?
Katara [Lying down with her hands folded behind her head.] Yeah, that would be nice. I could really use a warm meal right about now, [She stretches her arms out and yawns.] and a soft bed. I'm bushed.
Aang [While controlling Appa's reins.] Y'know, we could have just spent the night at Chin Village. Tong said we could stay. Don't complain to me because you were too stubborn to accept his offer.
Sokka Spend the night in that town? I don't know about you, but I'm glad we decided to move on, good riddance to those Chin lovers.
Aang Well, whatever makes you most comfortable. In the meantime, you can sleep up here on Appa. He's had plenty of time to rest while we dealt with the villagers, so he's good to go for a long ride. But, we don't have any food right now, so we're gonna have to wait until the next stop for food. I'll get us there soon enough, don't worry about it.
Katara Sleep it is, then.
Katara unravels her sleeping bag and cozies up inside. Momo lands next to her head while she's wrapped up and messes with carefully woven hair loopies.
Katara No, Momo, don't do that...
She is powerless to stop him as she wriggles around in her sleeping bad and her hair loopies are undone.
Katara Great. Thanks for making my morning routine busier, Momo.
She sighs, annoyed, and closes her eyes. Momo purrs and curls up beside Katara to go to sleep.]
Sokka Hm, sleep is starting to sound pretty good. [Sokka lies down and cuddles with his boomerang.] G'night.
Aang Goodnight, guys.
Momo raises his head to look at Aang with an expectant face.
Aang [Looking over his shoulder, noticing Momo's cry for attention.] Oh, sorry, and goodnight to you, Momo.
Satisfied, Momo lowers his head. Later, while Aang sits atop Appa's head, he feels drowsy as the reins slip out of his grip. He starts to slide off his seat, but jolts awake from the movement, batting his eyes. Aang leans over closer to Appa's ear.
Aang Hey, buddy... listen, I'm gonna close my eyes for a bit and take a little nap. Would you do me a favor and keep flying for a while? [Appa lets out a groan.] We've gotta keep moving, but I can't stay awake any longer. Just, [Aang succumbs to his sleepiness.] wake me up... sometime... later.
A thick plume of black smoke begins to arise in the distance, and it soon engulfs the land. As Appa is surrounded by the smoke, Aang inhales it in his sleep and is awoken.
Aang [Beginning to cough.] What... what's going on? [He rubs his eyes and looks around.] Smoke! It's everywhere!
Katara [Lying face-down in her sleeping bag.] Aang...? What are you yelling about?
Aang I think we might be under attack! There's thick, ashy smoke all around us.
Sokka We're under attack?! [Sokka jumps up from his bedspread brandishing his boomerang.]
Aang Maybe, but we could just be passing over a volcano or something. Let's find out. [Aang twirls his glider in front of him and dispels the smoke around them with airbending. He peers at the ground below.] Huh. No volcano, no firebenders... where did all that smoke come from?
Suddenly, a loud boom sounds and a fiery explosion creates a giant wall of fire in front of Appa. Everyone screams, and Appa skids to a stop, letting out a fearful shout before landing them safely in front of the fire. More booms continue to rock the earth around them. A voice screams for help in the distance.
Aang [Aang leaps off of Appa and points toward the source of the voice. Momo lands on his shoulder.] Did you hear that? Someone's in trouble!
Sokka [Dismounting Appa while guiding Katara down.] We're all in trouble! This whole place is burning down around us! We'd better get outta here now if we-
Katara [Interrupting Sokka.] Aang's the Avatar, Sokka. He has a responsibility to help anyone in need, [She raises her arm, making a fist.] and we're here to support him!
Aang Katara's right. We've gotta help!
Sokka ... Alright, fine, but don't look at me if this is a trap.
Aang [Turning to face Appa briefly.] Wait here, Appa, we'll be back.
Aang clears a path through the fire wall with his staff and pursues the call for help. Sokka and Katara run after him, wielding their boomerang and water, while Momo follows from above. Fireballs rain down from the smoke-shrouded sky upon a helpless nobleman as he prances about, narrowly dodging them while squealing.
Aang Everything's going to be okay, sir, I'm the Avatar and I'm here to help! [Aang raises his staff, then slams it down, sending forth an air current to put out the flames around the man.] Get to safety, we'll take it from here!
Nobleman Avatar Aang? It is an honor and a privilege.
Sokka Run now, greetings later!
Nobleman Yes, of course. [The man runs to Appa and takes shelter in the saddle.]
Aang, Katara, and Sokka stand in the middle of a giant smoke cloud. The night sky is dark and cloaked in a smokescreen. Fireballs and beams of flames continue to rain down from an unknown source, forcing the kids to perform evasive maneuvers.
Katara [Looking to the sky, gritting her teeth.] I can't see anything! What in the world is throwing all this fire at us?
Sokka These fireballs don't look like anything I've ever seen a firebender make! [Sokka sees another fireball heading right for him, and dives out of the way.] And they're definitely not ordinary Fire Nation projectiles.
Aang This must be some very powerful firebending! [Aang deploys the wings of his glider.] I'm going to see what's attacking us. Hang in there, guys!
Sokka [With a thumbs up.] No worries, take your time!
Aang propels himself off of the ground with a powerful burst of air, flying into the unknown. A strange growling noise begins to enter Aang's earshot.
Aang [Head turned sideways to listen.] Woah. Whoever's doing this must be pretty mad to be growling like that!
The growling turns to a thundering, inhuman roar as a pair of glowing red eyes turn to face Aang in the midst of the smoke. The beast hurls a giant blazing orb of purple fire straight at Aang before retreating. Aang shrieks in terror at the incoming projectile, and attempts to veer out of the way, his whole body being stroked by the purple flame as he narrowly avoids it. Aang loses control and crashes into the ground. Sokka and Katara hear Aang screaming in the distance and rush toward his position. The surrounding fires die down, and the smoke slowly clears.
Katara [Using both hands to amplify her voice.] Aang! Can you hear me?!
Aang [Crash landed on the ground, lying down and wincing in pain.] Yeah, I'm- ah- over here...
Katara [Raising her eyebrows and widening her eyes.] This way, Sokka. We're coming, Aang!
Katara leads Sokka to Aang and crouches down beside him. Momo lands next to Aang and licks his cheek.
Katara [Holding Aang's hand.] Are you okay? We heard you screaming, and we ran over here as fast as we could.
Aang Yeah, I'm fine. Nothing bad.
Sokka What happened? Who did this to you, and where did they go?
Aang I'm not sure. I saw... glowing eyes. Staring right at me through the smoke. It was roaring like no animal I've ever heard. Next thing I knew, there was a huge burst of purple fire coming right at me. I barely managed to dodge it, and when I landed here, the noises stopped, and the fire died out. I guess it must be gone.
Sokka Hold on, did you say purple fire? You must have just been really scared. Nothing can produce purple fire. [He looks back and forth from Aang to Katara.] Right?
Katara Well, that girl back at Omashu could firebend with blue flames. Purple firebending must be some kind of rare, specialized form.
Aang Whatever that thing was, it was not friendly. [He struggles to his feet with Katara's assistance.] Hopefully that's the last we'll see of it.
The nobleman peeks out from inside Appa's saddle to see the fight is over. Relieved, he pats himself off, climbs down and pets Appa on the nose with closed eyes and a smile as thanks for shelter, who returns his sentiments with a lick. The nobleman walks calmly toward Aang, Katara, and Sokka while Appa follows closely from behind.
Sokka Look, here comes that rich guy we saved. [Quietly to Aang and Katara with a devious grin.] Maybe we can squeeze a few gold pieces out of him for saving his butt.
Katara [She nudges Sokka's side with her elbow disapprovingly.] Sokka!
Sokka [Shrugging.] I'm just sayin' he owes us.
Nobleman [Bowing.] You have my thanks, Aang.
Aang [Returning the bow.] I'm glad I could help. Have we met before?
Nobleman Not personally, no. But I was at Chin Village when you saved it from the Rough Rhinos.
Aang Oh. Well, it's good to meet you, too.
Nobleman [Looking at Sokka and Katara.] I see you two have been given the privilege of traveling with the Avatar. Judging from your attire, I'd say you hail from the Southern Water Tribe.
Katara [She and Sokka exchange surprised glances.] Yeah... that's right. You seem like quite a knowledgeable man, mister...?
Chang Chang. And your names are?
Aang These are my friends, Katara and Sokka. The sky bison is my lifelong companion, his name is Appa. [Momo lands on Aang's shoulder.] And this is the newest addition to our family, Momo. We were on our way to find an earthbending master to teach me, when the monster forced us to land. We heard your cries for help, and, as the Avatar, it's my responsibility to help anyone in need. [Aang glances at Katara with a smile, who returns it.]
Chang That is a very noble thing to say, young Avatar. The world is in good hands, it would seem.
Aang's face lights up at this complement.
Chang I assume you three must be exhausted after that encounter. How would you like to stay at my estate for the night?
The three kids exchange glances of uncertainty.
Chang My wife and I will hold a feast in your honor.
Sokka Deal!

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