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Previously on Avatar: Into the Light...

Today you have your United Republic of Nations in addition to your Earth Kingdom, Fire Nation, and Water Tribes and at one point you also had the Air Nomads," Yukio started. "There was a time when none of these nations existed. Most of the world was populated by spirits and people lived on the backs of lion turtles. The lion turtles also had the ability to teach people bending, but after the first Avatar came to be, the lion turtles stopped teaching bending to humans, forcing them to learn it for themselves. As the world was evolving, people tried to learn how to bend the elements, to no avail. However, there were four people – two men and two women – who learned a new kind of bending. They learned to bend the light and darkness around them."

"Wait a minute," Aang said. "I'm confused. You said something about the first Avatar."

"That is correct," said Yukio. "Avatar Wan."

"Wan?" Aang asked. "I thought Jun was the first Avatar."

"Jun is not and never has been the Avatar. He was, however, the first Dark Avatar."

"Dark Avatar?" Aang asked, confused.

"There is something you need to understand about the Avatar," said Yukio. "The Avatar Spirit was created when Avatar Wan fused with the spirit known as Raava. This is what allows the Avatar to be reincarnated again and again and what allows you to connect to your past lives. This is also what gives you the ability to enter the Avatar State."

"I never knew that," said Aang, truly fascinated and bewildered by this information.

"That being said, there is a possible way for there to be a Dark Avatar," Yukio continued. "While Raava was the ultimate light spirit, there was an ultimate dark spirit known as Vaatu. Avatar Wan tried to imprison Vaatu in the Spirit World in an ancient source of spiritual energy known as the Tree of Time, but he was freed by none other than Jun and the two fused to become the first Dark Avatar."

"That's unbelievable," Aang said. "Was he the only Dark Avatar?"

"No," said Yukio. "The Dark Avatar has always existed. It's spirit is reincarnated just as the Avatar's is. For centuries, the Avatar and Dark Avatar clashed, but over time, the Dark Avatars were unaware of who they were. They were born without the knowledge that they were the Dark Avatar. And so they have virtually faded away into extinction."

Everyone was packed. Air Temple Island was filled with the members of Team Avatar, all of whom had their belongings packed up and ready to embark on their separate journeys. All they were waiting for was for Zuko to arrive.

"Alright," Aang said, walking outside to join everyone else. "Is everyone ready? I want to leave as soon as Zuko gets here."

"Hey, am I the only one who notices that Sokka and Suki aren't here?" Toph asked before anyone else could respond.

Everyone looked around for the couple, but not one of them could find them. "Oh, no! Where do you think they are?" Katara asked, worriedly.

"Come on, guys," Toph said. "I can't even see and I noticed they were gone. You guys must take eye sight for granted or something." "Well maybe we should-" Rong started.

She was quickly interrupted by a giant eel hound running up from behind, catching her and everyone else off guard. Once everyone saw Suki and Sokka on the eel hound's back, they realized it was Feng.

"Geez, you guys scared us half to death," Ling said.

"Did your powers of perception catch that, Toph?" Katara asked, dryly.

"Yeah, I just couldn't wait to hear you guys' reactions," Toph replied. "If only I could see the looks on your faces."

"Where did you guys go?" asked Katara.

"Well, I was all ready and I realized that I forgot my boomerang," Sokka started. "So we went back to get it and look what we found posted to a wall on the way back!" He flashed the group a poster with people dressed up like all of them.

"Is that what I think it is?" Aang asked, warily.

"It sure is, buddy!" Sokka said, excitedly. "The Adventures of Team Avatar is the newest work from acclaimed playwright, Daili Xie Xan," he began, reading from the poster. "The second work about the life of the Avatar and his friends, after Pu-On Tim's 'The Boy in the Iceberg', is a vastly different work than any other and accurately tells their story from the time after they defeated Fire Lord Ozai until the present day. Brought to you by the Republic City Players."

"Look, Sokka, I really don't think it's a good idea to go see another play about ourselves," said Katara.

"Yeah, the last one was awful," said Aang. "I never want to put myself through that again."

"But it says this one is a vastly different work!" Sokka insisted. "You don't just use a word like 'vastly' and not have it mean anything."

"You guys saw a play about yourselves?" asked Ai. "When did this happen?"

"Just a few days before we defeated Ozai," Suki said.

"Oh, my spirits!" Rong said, suddenly bursting into a fit of laughter. "I remember seeing The Boy in the Iceberg! That was the stupidest play I've ever seen!" She could not contain her laughter. "They made you guys look like such idiots!" She was now rolling around on the floor, guffawing without end.

"Well, now I have to see this play," said Ling. "It's gonna kill me if I don't."

"I'm with you, buddy," said Bo. "There's no way I'm not seeing this now."

"I agree," said Yukio. "Besides, a little lighthearted time at the theatre could not hurt, could it?"

Momo flew over to Yukio's shoulder and chirped in response.

"See, even Momo thinks we should go," said Sokka.

"I guess," said Aang, letting out a unified sigh with Katara and Toph.

"Hey, guys," a voice greeted them all. Everyone turned to see Zuko approaching them. "What's up?"

"We're going to the theatre!" Sokka announced, cheerily.

"Great," Zuko said sarcastically as his expression shifted to disappointment.

The theatre was packed. It was opening night and everybody wanted to come and see the story of these heroes. Luckily, being the Avatar and one of the people the show was based on, Aang managed to secure seats in the nosebleed section for every one of his friends.

"Why are we all the way up here?" asked Toph. "I feel like we're even further back than last time."

"Because I'd rather be up here where no one can see us if someone loses their temper," said Katara, eyeing her husband.

"I promise I'll be good, Katara," said Aang. "As long as it's not a flying, bald lady playing me this time."

The lights dimmed, indicating that the magic was about to happen.

Everyone sat still and watched as the curtain rose and the actors took their places.

The Katara and Sokka actors sat center stage, fiddling with whatever props they had been given. "Gee, it sure is boring around here," said 'Sokka'.

"Oh, Sokka, this peace is what all true warriors strive for," 'Katara' replied.

"I wonder where Aang is," 'Sokka' said.

Suddenly, the actor portraying Aang swooped in and displayed herself to the audience. "I'm right here, silly!" she said. "I'll always be where people need me, because I'm the Avatar!"

The audience's laughter was the only thing that drowned out Aang yelling, "Son of a bitch!" at the top of his lungs.

Then there was an explosion from offstage, prompting the actors to shake around like they were pretending to be shaken up by the blast.

The actors playing Toph, Zuko, Suki, and Mai all rushed in and gazed over to where the explosion had come from.

"What was that?" asked 'Zuko'.

"Let's go find out," said 'Aang'.

The whole lot of actors ran offstage, only to run back on a few seconds later.

"Am I the only one who finds it strange that the guy playing Toph is still a dude?" asked Sokka.

"Okay, so I'm not the only one who noticed," said Ling.

"What happened here?" asked 'Aang'. "What kind of evil man would do this?"

Suddenly, an actor wearing a white sheet over his head flew out over the audience on a wire and landed in front of the other actors. "I'm the kind of evil man that could have done this!" he said.

"Who are you?" asked 'Katara'.

"I am Jun and I am EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEVVVVVVVVVIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIILLLLLLLLLLL!!!!" the actor with the sheet said. He then proceeded to cackle wildly and make moaning ghost sounds, much to everyone's amusement, except, of course, Team Avatar.

"Is there anything else to you?" asked 'Toph'.

"Nope," said 'Jun'. "I am just E-E-E-E-E-E-E-EVIL!!!" He then flew offstage on his wire.

"That man certainly did seem evil," said 'Aang'.

"Yeah, I wonder who he really is," said 'Suki'.

"I wonder if he had any meat!" said 'Sokka'. "I should have asked him."

"Don't worry, Sokka," 'Aang' said. "I'm sure when we catch him, he'll give you all the meat you want!"

"Oh, boy!" said 'Sokka'. "I sure hope so!"

"I can't be the only person who thinks it's unsettling that Jun has a sheet over his head," said Suki.

"Why, because he always wore a mask instead of a sheet?" Zuko queried.

"Yeah, there's that," Suki admitted. "But it just seems unsettling for some other reason altogether..."

"Well, I guess we should start searching for him," said 'Aang'.

"Not so fast!" said another actress, leaping on stage.

"Oh no!" said 'Zuko'. "It's my crazy sister, Azula!"

"That is right, brother!" said 'Azula'. "And I am working for the evil-y evil Jun now!"

"Why would you do such a thing, Azula? You've never taken orders from anybody!" said 'Toph'.

"You got me," said 'Azula'. "I guess I had to make a reappearance somehow."

"That makes no sense!" said 'Suki'.

"You make no sense!" 'Azula' retorted. She then fled offstage.

"Now there's two of them," said 'Mai'. "Things just got serious."

The lights went down, indicating that the next scene was about to begin. The lights came back up and all of the actors were in the Foggy Swamp. All of the actors playing the members of Team Avatar were tied up and the Jun and Azula actors were standing over them.

"The Avatar should be here any minute!" 'Azula' said.

"Yeah, and he's totally gonna kick your butt!" said 'Sokka'.

"Let him come for me," said 'Jun'. "Not even he can stop my awesome amounts of EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEVVVVVVVVVIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIILLLLLL!!!"

"Of course he can't," 'Azula' said.

"Hong Wu, Mongke, I summon you!" 'Jun' said.

Two new actors came on stage right on cue.

"You called for us, master?" asked the actor playing Hong Wu. He was hunched over and spoke every word in the most orgasmic way he could. "Sorry I couldn't hear you before. I was too busy being sinister. Stab, stab."

The collective laughter of every member of the audience wasn't nearly as loud as Suki's laughter. "This is by far the best thing that's ever been put on stage in the history of theatre!" said Suki, amused at the portrayal of her nemesis.

"And I was too busy being MACHO!!!" said 'Mongke'. The actor playing him was as stiff as a wooden board.

"The Avatar will be here soon!" said 'Jun'. "I need you to be ready!"

"Too late for that!" said 'Aang'.

"Oh, no! It's the Avatar!" said 'Azula'.

"That's right!" said 'Aang'. "Now prepare to get your butts kicked! Avatar State, yip, yip!"

The actress portraying Aang swooped down and karate-chopped the actor playing Jun who fell over, pretending to be unconscious.

Suddenly, the ropes restraining the other actors undid themselves and they were freed. "Way to go, Aang!" said 'Sokka'.

"My hero!" said 'Katara', planting a kiss on the actress Aang's cheek.

"All in a day's work for the Avatar!" said 'Aang'. "Now let's head back to Ba Sing Se!"

"For the record, I already hate this play," said Aang.

"We know, Twinkle Toes," said Toph. "We know."

The next scene shifted back to the Ba Sing Se set, but everything was in ruins. Or at least, that's what they wanted it to look like.

"What happened here?" asked 'Aang'. "Everything is ruined!"

Another actress appeared on stage with a gigantic smile on her face. "Hello and welcome to Ba Sing Se Ruins!" she said.

"It's Joo Dee!" said 'Katara'. "What are you doing here?"

"Well," 'Joo Dee' started. "I know you were only gone for, like, a couple of days, but during that time I became the Earth Queen and destroyed the city with the help of a group of Fire Nation rebels and the Dai Li who are back now and I also captured the Council of Five and there's a resistance that's trying to stop me and all of this happened in, like, three days!"

"I'm lost," said Ling.

"Yeah, could she say it slower? I didn't get a word of that," Rong agreed.

Then another actress appeared on the already crowded stage. "You won't stay in power for long, Joo Dee!" she said.

"Who are you?" asked 'Joo Dee'.

"My name is Ai and I'm the leader of the Ba Sing Se Resistance!" the actress explained.

"I wasn't the leader," Ai stated. "This isn't even accurate."

"Ha, ha! Foolish girl!" 'Joo Dee' said. "Your good cannot match my evil!"

The Jun actor leaped on stage right on cue. "Did someone say EEEEEEEEEEEEEEVVVVVVVVVIIIIIIIIIIIILLLLLLLLL?!?!?!" He then shot what was an obviously fake lightning bolt at 'Joo Dee', prompting her to fall backwards offstage.

"Go away, Jun, you bad man, you!" 'Aang' said.

"Fine, but I'll be back, Avatar! You haven't seen the last of me!" 'Jun' said, running offstage.

"You guys are awesome!" said 'Ai'. "Can I join you?"

"Sure thing!" said 'Aang'. "Now let's go get some sleep. I'm tired."

The scene shifted into a campfire at night with many actors in Fire Nation uniforms standing around it.

"So it's settled then," said one of the actors, sporting an eye patch. "I, Banhen, will be the leader of the Sons of Ozai!" The actor made sure to put as much emphasis as possible on the word, 'I'.

"Wait!" said one of the actresses. "Why can't I be the leader?"

"Because ye be a landlubber, Jin!" 'Banhen' replied. "And I'll have no landlubbers leading this group!"

"Do these people not have any sense of direction?" asked Zuko. "Banhen's eye patch is on the wrong side."

"When is the first act going to be over already?" asked Toph. "I'm hardly even in this!"

By the time the heroes had finished complaining about their portrayals, the scene had already changed to the Fire Nation.

"It looks like the Sons of Ozai are gonna invade the Fire Nation. I guess we'll have to fight them off," said 'Aang'. "Now let's go get some sleep. I'm tired."

"That's the second time she's said that," said Aang. "Is that the only way she knows how to end a sentence?"

"Not so fast, Avatar!" said a man dressed exactly like the actor playing Jun, minus the sheet over his head.

"Who are you?" asked 'Katara'.

"My name is Xian and I am the very first Avatar and I have come back from the dead to kill you!" said the actor portraying Jun.

"But why?" asked 'Sokka'.

"Because I'm EEEEV- uh, I mean, because I want to!" 'Xian' said. "Now behold my evil power of darkbending!" He grabbed a hold of the actress playing Aang and shook her around.

"Oh, no! Powers... draining.... need... help..." 'Aang' said.

"Bloodbend, hi-ya!" said 'Katara'.

The actor playing Xian ran around in a circle as to demonstrate the effects of the 'bloodbending'. "Curse you, Katara! You haven't seen the last of me!" he said before running offstage.

"Should we take Aang to a hospital?" asked 'Zuko'.

"Don't be silly, Zuko!" said 'Katara'. "I'm a healer! I can heal him with the power of love!"

"Heal with the power of looooooooooove!" the rest of the actors sang.

"This really is trash," said Katara.

"You think?" Aang chimed in.

"Thanks, Katara!" said 'Aang'. "I'm all better now!"

"But you won't be for long!" said the actor playing Banhen who leaped on stage. "Soon the Fire Nation will be under the domination of my evil!"

Then the actor playing Jun leaped on stage, followed by the Hong Wu, Azula, and Mongke actors.


"Wow! Everyone we know is fighting each other!" said 'Mai'. "This is too crazy!"

"Mongke!" said 'Banhen'. "You have to make a choice. Stay with Jun or join me. Which will you choose?"

"I will choose to join you, my comrade!" 'Mongke' said, leaping over to 'Banhen'.

"And I will choose to stab, stab, stab, STAB you in the back, master," said Hong Wu, stabbing what was obviously a plastic knife into the actor playing Jun's back.

"But why, Hong Wu?" asked 'Jun'.

"Because I'm SINISTER!!!" said 'Hong Wu', cackling madly.

"Wow! Somehow I'm the only one who doesn't betray you for my own motives? What a twist!" said 'Azula'.

"Aang, we can't win! Banhen is too powerful!" said 'Suki'.

"I guess we have to run away," said 'Aang', running offstage with the other actors.

"We have done it, Banhen!" said the actress playing Jin. "We have won!"

"Now I'll become the Phoenix King!" said 'Banhen'.

"Why not just the Fire Lord?" asked 'Mongke'.

"Because we couldn't find any Fire Lord robes. Only Phoenix King ones," 'Banhen' explained.

"Makes sense!" 'Jin' and 'Mongke' said at the same time.

Much to the dismay of the real Team Avatar, the scene changed yet again.

"What are we going to do now?" asked 'Zuko'. "I'm not the Fire Lord anymore! I've let the whole world down!"

"We need to go back and take Banhen down for good!" said 'Katara'.

"Yeah, but who can help us with that?" asked 'Aang'.

"I can totes help you dudes with your probs, broskis!" said another actor entering from stage right. He had long black hair that covered his face and chain bracelets around his wrists.

"Who are you?" asked 'Aang'.

"My name is Kato and I'm the coolest dude this side of the Fire Nation," the actor said.

"I think we should totally let this guy in," said 'Toph'. "He seems like a totally radical dude!"

"Dude, gimme five, dude!" said 'Kato'.

Toph ran over and proceeded to high-five the living crap out of 'Kato's hand, which 'Kato' tried to play off even though it clearly hurt.

"Doesn't he seem a little familiar?" asked Sokka.

"What do you mean?" asked Suki.

"He's a cool dude with a pair of swords. Didn't we used to know another guy like that?" asked Sokka.

"You mean Jet?" asked Aang.

"That's who he reminds me of!" said Sokka.

By the time everyone was focused, a fight scene had just ended between Team Avatar and Jun's gang.

"Give it up, Jun!" said 'Aang'. "The two of you can't beat the eight of us!"

"Correction, Avatar: there are three of us now!" said 'Jun'.

"But who could have joined you?" asked Aang.

Another actor with ridiculously large sideburns leaped onto the stage. "I'm still alive, mothafucka!" said the actor playing Zhao.

The obviously ad-libbed line caused the audience to laugh hysterically.

"Release my mother, you cretins!" said 'Zuko', flashing an obviously fake fireball at the villainous actors.

"Gah! You win this time, Avatar, but you won't win the next time!" 'Jun' said before vanishing with the others.

Then another actress came rushing on stage and embraced the actor playing 'Zuko'. "Zuko, my son!" she said. "I'm so glad to have found you!"

"And I you, mother," said 'Zuko'. "You were gone so long, I had this crazy theory that you had had your appearance altered by a spirit in the woods of some obscure Fire Nation town and had been living there all this time."

"No, Zuko," said 'Ursa'. "Because that would contradict what is happening right now."

The next scene change was quick. Everyone minus the actors playing Aang and Jun were on stage and the scene was set in the Fire Nation.

"We will take back the Fire Nation from the Sons of Ozai no matter what! Nothing can stop us!" said 'Katara'.

"Except for a traitor!" said 'Kato', stabbing his plastic sword into an actor dressed in Earth Kingdom armor.

"What? But broski! What about the bro code?" asked 'Toph'.

"Forget the bro code! I am loyal to Banhen!" 'Kato' declared.

"BROOOOOOOOOOOSSSSSSKKKKKKKKKIIIIIIII!!!!" 'Toph' shouted. He then picked up a fake rock and threw it at 'Kato's head, 'killing' him. "That's what happens when you break the bro code, dude!"

"It did not really go that way, did it, Toph?" asked Yukio.

Toph remained silent, ignoring her friend.

"Is she okay?" asked Yukio.

"Just stop talking about it," said Katara.

Too late. Toph got up and stormed out of the room. "I knew this was a bad idea," she said before leaving.

Everyone turned their attention back to the play as the actors playing Zuko, Banhen, and Jin were getting ready to have an Agni Kai. "Ye landlubbers won't get the best of me!" said 'Banhen'.

"Yes we will," said 'Zuko'. "Isn't that right, Jin?"

"Yes, it is!" said 'Jin'.

The two of them leaped around the stage in a very silly manner before the prop masters came out with their giant wave of fire, carrying the actor playing Banhen offstage with it.

"Way to go, new boyfriend!" said Jin.

"Back at ya, new girlfriend!" said Zuko.

"That is so not true," said Sokka. "You and Jin have never gone out, right, Zuko?"

Zuko remained silent as he awkwardly looked away from his friends.

"Right, Zuko?" Sokka repeated.

Zuko's continued silence indicated the truth and everyone turned around, their mouths wide open at this revelation, to look at him.

"I was going to tell you guys later," Zuko explained.

Meanwhile, on stage, the actors playing Aang and Jun were standing opposite each other. "You're going down, Jun!" said 'Aang'.

"No. It is YOU who are going down!" said 'Jun', snapping his fingers.

The actors playing Azula and Zhao entered and stood next to the actor playing Jun.

"Firebend, hi-ya!" said Aang, bending a fake wave of fire at 'Zhao'. The actor ran backwards offstage, having been 'killed'.

"What was that?" asked 'Jun'. "I thought you never killed people!"

"I do when I need to!" said 'Aang'.

"Wow, that was really uncharacteristic of you to kill him, Aang," said Bo.

"Well, it's what happened, okay?" said Aang, defensively.

"You know what, Jun?" said 'Azula'. "I've suddenly decided that you are a stupid-head!"

"Oh, yeah?" said 'Jun'. "Well, take this!" he said, pushing her offstage. "Now she's dead!"

"That was really rushed," said Suki.

"I agree," said Ai. "That should have taken longer, especially considering how powerful Azula was."

"That's it! You're gonna get it now!" said 'Aang'. "Avatar State, yip, yip!"

The actress playing Aang ran over to the actor playing Jun, her eyes aglow, and snatched the sheet off of his head. "WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?!" she said, as dramatically as possible. "Xian! No way? You mean you were Jun all this time?"

"That's right!" said 'Jun'. "Just like you, I can bend all four elements!"

"Oh, yeah, well I can do something you can't do!" said 'Aang'. "Lightbending powers activate!" She ran over to 'Jun' and touched him, prompting the actor to stumble backwards offstage. "Now that I lightbent you, you've become one with the light, Jun! You'll never harm any of us again! Yay!"

The curtain fell as the first act drew to a close.

Outside, everyone was letting of some steam about the play.

"You told me you'd be good, Aang," said Katara.

"I had a relapse for a moment," said Aang. "It won't happen again."

"I can't believe we have two more acts of this," said Suki.

"I can't believe Zuko here is getting it on with Jin!" Bo piped up.

"Would you guys shut up about it already?" asked Zuko.

Away from everyone else, Toph was sitting by herself against the wall. She felt someone approaching and decided not to get up and move. "What do you want?" she asked.

"I just wanted to make sure you were okay," said Sokka.

"Instead of taking on all of the bad guys, this time I get to watch them treat my relationship with Kato like a joke," said Toph.

"Hey, what's on that stage doesn't matter," said Sokka. "Sure things between you and Kato didn't work out, but that was eleven years ago, Toph. You have the ability to find anyone you want now and if you don't want anybody, that's fine, but don't let that one experience ruin your life. Spirits know, if I did that, I'd get teary-eyed every time I looked at the moon," he joked.

As they saw everyone making their way back into the theatre, they knew the second act was about to begin.

The curtain rose and the actress playing Suki was on stage in what appeared to be Kyoshi Island.

"I've decided that I'm bored with all of my friends," said 'Suki'. "I'm gonna run away to Kyoshi Island and make new friends! Come on out, guys!"

The actors playing Bo, Ling, and Rong jumped out from behind the set pieces and struck their own poses.

"My name is Bo and you better Bo-lieve that I'm the best waterbender around!" said the Bo actor.

"My name is Ling and I'm the nicest guy around!" said the Ling actor.

"And my name is Rong and I'm the most beautiful, mysterious, and cheeky firebender around!" said the Rong actress.

"Cheeky?" Rong asked. "Why cheeky? Out of all the words they could have chosen?"

"And together we're the Kyoshi Force Four!" said the Suki actress.

"Not once did we ever call ourselves that," said Suki.

Just then, another actor, this one a muscular man dressed in green, leaped on stage. "My name is Tai Kun and I want to take over Kyoshi Island!" he said.

"Why would you want to do such a thing?" asked 'Ling'.

"Because the prophecy," 'Tai Kun' said simply.

"Oh," the other four actors said in unison.

"Well, I don't think I like you being here very much, Tai Kun!" said 'Suki'. "Now turn around and go home!"

"No! I will not turn around and go home!" said 'Tai Kun'. "Come to me, my Zhiming Assassins!"

Five other actors appeared on stage, standing next to Tai Kun.

"Why do you guys call yourselves assassins if you're not really assassins?" asked 'Bo'.

"Because the prophecy," said Tai Kun.

"Oh," the four heroic actors said again in unison.

"It's nice to see you again, Suki," said the Hong Wu actor. "Stab, stab."

"Hong Wu?" asked 'Suki'. "I thought you were dead!"

"I was healed with the power of friendship!" said 'Hong Wu'.

"Heal with the power of friendship!" all of the actors sang collectively.

"Guys, stop singing!" said 'Tai Kun'. "We have children to kill!"

"We have children to kill?" Katara repeated. "That may be the worst line ever written. That Tai Kun actor should really be ashamed of himself."

"I think I've seen that guy before," said Ling. "I'm pretty sure he's a member of the Vortex Acting Troupe."

"Well, he should be kicked out of it just for that line," said Katara.

"Well, our friendship is much stronger than yours!" said 'Suki'. "Let's take 'em, guys!"

The actors playing Bo, Ling, and Rong all bent their fake prop elements at the villains while the actress playing Suki blew her fans at them.

"They're too powerful!" said the actor playing Shuang.

"What do we do?" asked the actor playing Kang Dae.

"Retreat!" said 'Tai Kun'.

"Why?" asked 'Hong Wu'.

"Because the prophecy!" said 'Tai Kun' as he ran offstage with the rest of them.

"That's how you save the day Suki style!" 'Suki' proudly cheered.

"But not before we kill one of your friends! Stab, stab, stab!" 'Hong Wu' decreed before running back on stage.

"Hey, guys!" said an actress playing Ty Lee. "What's up?" she asked just before she was hit with a plastic knife thrown by 'Hong Wu'. She stumbled backwards offstage as the Hong Wu actor ran off.

Suki immediately rose from her seat and left the room.

"Oh, no!" said 'Ling'. "He's killed Ty Lee! You won't get away with this, Tai Kun!"

"Quick, we've got to get to Ba Sing Se!" said 'Suki'.

The stagehands worked their magic as the Kyoshi Island setting was changed to Ba Sing Se in a flash, with each of the villainous actors entering as soon as they were finished.

"Now that we have captured the Earth King, no one can stop the Zhiming Assassins!" 'Tai Kun' declared.

"No one except us!" said 'Suki', bursting on stage with her comrades.

"Wait a minute!" said 'Rong'. "There used to be six of you and now there are only five! What happened to Hong Wu?"

"I killed him just like I'm going to kill you, Suki!" 'Tai Kun' revealed.

"You're not gonna do anything to us!" said 'Suki'. "Fan powers activate!" The actress playing Suki threw her swords at the actors playing Kang Dae and Shun, causing both to drop to the floor.

"Waterbend, hi-ya!" said 'Bo', showing off a display of fake waterbending towards the actor playing Yanshu, pushing him backwards offstage.

"You fools won't get away with this!" said 'Tai Kun'. "Isn't that right, Shuang?"

"That's right, Tai Kun!" said 'Shuang', who suddenly began contorting his body in an overdramatized way. "Oh no! Something's happening! I think I'm becoming possessed!"

"What's happening to Shuang?" asked 'Ling'.

"I am the ghost of Hong Wu! Stab, stab, stab, stab!" said 'Shuang', trying his best do replicate Hong Wu's voice. "I have taken over Shuang's body and now I want to call myself Hong Shu! Get it? Because Shu sounds like Wu and I'm in Shuang's body now?"

"Hong Shu, I am gonna free this city!" said Suki. "No clever wordplay in the world is going to stop me!"

"How about if I run away SINISTERLY? Stab, stab, stab," 'Hong Shu' replied, running offstage.

While the other actors chased him, the actress playing Suki was getting ready to square off against 'Tai Kun'. "Now I get to stop you and your prophecy!" she said. "Sword powers activate!"

Before 'Tai Kun' could respond, 'Suki' had shoved a fake sword right into his abdomen.

"But the prophecy!" said 'Tai Kun'.

"Save it, you monster!" said 'Suki', plunging her fake sword into his back.

An actor dressed as the Earth King walked on stage, clapping. "Thank you, Suki of Kyoshi Island," he said.

The curtain fell as the audience applauded and the second act drew to a close.

Outside, everyone was sharing their opinions of the second act. Needless to say, no one was pleased.

"That second act was really short," said Katara.

"Yeah," said Rong. "They dedicate a whole act to Suki and they just rush through it like they don't even care? Why would someone do that?"

"Maybe they wanted to get to the third act really badly," Sokka suggested.

"Oh, don't be stupid," said Toph. "I'm sure there's another reason for it."

"Whatever the reason, I'm just glad that this is going by so quickly," said Ai. "This play is awful."

On the other side of the theater, it was Rong's turn to comfort someone. "Hey," she said, approaching Suki. "I'd ask if you're okay, but that's probably a dumb question."

"This play disgusts me," said Suki. "It's taking all of these tragic moments that have happened in our lives and treating them like jokes. Ty Lee's death was not a joke!"

"I know," Rong said, putting her hand on her companion's shoulder. "I was there when it happened, remember?"

Suki looked over at her friend and the two shared a gaze.

"Look, I know you and I haven't really been that close recently," Rong started. "But I just want you to know that you are still really important to me. You and Bo and Ling took me in and made me a part of your family and you are all so important to me. No matter what happens – no matter what they put on that stage – what we did back then was no joke."

"Thanks, Rong," said Suki, embracing her friend in a hug.

"Now come on," Rong said. "Let's get back inside."

The two of them stood up and looked around the room, seeing that everybody had gone.

"I think the third act has already started," said Suki.

On their way back in, Suki and Rong were blindsided as they were pulled aside by Sokka. "Here's what you missed," he started. "The lightbenders ruined Aang and Katara's wedding, and Ling got depressed, and Bai Lung attacked the city, and Mai turned evil, and Aang got infected by Yazdalia and had to go to court, and Yukio showed up and taught Aang lightbending and then the fake Aang showed up. Oh, Qian's attack is about to start. Shhh!"

After the Water Tribe warrior's longwinded explanation, the two ladies sat down and continued watching the play.

The actor playing Qian was standing center stage as the actors portraying the older versions of Team Avatar were gathered around him. "What have you done, Qian, you maniacal, mayoral madman?" asked 'Aang'.

"Even though I hate you, because I think you're evil, I'm suddenly evil now!" 'Qian' declared. "And I've brainwashed every metalbender cop in the city to prove it!"

"You didn't brainwash me," said 'Toph'.

"Whoops," said 'Qian'. "I must have forgotten about you, Toph."

"Who can save our city from this evil madman?" asked 'Katara'.

"I can!" said an actor wearing United Forces armor and sporting a cape.

"Who are you?" asked 'Qian'.

"I am General Kong, the leader of the United Forces!" said the actor. "And I am here to stop all who want to bring tyranny into this or any other city!" He ran over to the actor playing Qian and socked him in the jaw, incapacitating him.

"Uh, for the record, I beat Qian," said Aang.

"It looks like this playwright has a raging hard-on for Kong," said Bo.

Everyone turned their focus away from the play to look at Bo.

"What? Am I wrong?" Bo said.

"Let this be a lesson to all of you evil scum that inhabit Republic City!" said 'Aang'. "The Avatar will not stand for you or your evil ways!"

"Nor will the United Forces!" said 'Kong'. "Because we stand for truth, justice, and the United Republic way!"

Everyone cheered fanatically as the curtain fell and the play, at long last, came to a close.

Back on Air Temple Island, everyone was walking along to where they left Appa, ready to embark on their tedious separate journeys.

"That wasn't a good play," said Zuko.

"I'll say," said Aang.

"No kidding," said Katara.

"Horrible," said Suki.

"You said it," said Suki.

"Even the effects weren't decent this time," said Sokka.

"Thanks for dragging us all here, Sokka," said Ling.

"Yeah, this was such a great idea," said Bo.

"Guys, I don't know about this," Ai said, suddenly.

"What do you mean?" asked Ling.

"I still think we should be hunting down the remaining members of the Light Clan," Ai explained. "That's what's most important."

"Okay, Ai, I didn't want to say anything, but I've already taken care of it," said Sokka.

"What?" Ai queried, puzzled at what her friend meant.

"Three months ago, the rest of the council and I sent General Kong and the rest of the United Forces to track them down and defeat them," Sokka elaborated. "Are you happy now?"

"Why didn't you tell us?" asked Ai.

"I didn't think any of you needed to know."

"That's not right, Sokka," Katara spoke up. "You had no right to keep that information than us."

"Guys, the Light Clan is gone!" Sokka said. "They haven't shown their faces in a year and a half! We don't even have anything to worry about!"

The deafening sound of the sanctuary exploding was enough to prove Sokka wrong, but the sight of the man who fired the purple beam of energy made it all the more clear. He sat perched on a tree, his black hair covering his eyes, and his eyes aglow with a dark purple light, glaring at the heroes as the sanctuary that had once been Aang's home blazed in ruin behind them.

"The universe just loves proving me wrong doesn't it?" Sokka asked, nervously.

"You make it too easy," Toph replied in a whisper.

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