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Note: This is about the location not the Book.

The Republic is the first new location identified in Gods of War. Existing three cycles after Avatar Aang, this city is a high-tech metropolis built on the foundations of Republic City. The city has 'sister cities' called Domain's - the only known Domain being the Eastern Domain. The Republic holds the influential company Beyond.


After Korra defeated Amon, her and the next two Avatars were determined to expand the harmonious Republic City. As wealth and technology increased exponentially, Republic City grew so large that it became known as the Republic, and Domains were established as part of the unified empire. The increase in technology, and consequently the destruction of land, lead to a decrease in spirituality and when Avatar Iorick died in the Avatar State, resulting in the end of the Avatar Cycle, spirituality was lost forever as the Republic continued to expand and gain success.

One hundred years after the end of the Avatar Cycle, and 350 years after Aang defeated Fire Lord Ozai, strange demons have been attacking the Republic.


Maine Road

Maine Road is a street near Fenn's apartment building. The street contains restaurants and shops. It was here that Fenn encountered the 'Smiling-mask Spirit.' The street also has the 'Maine Road Hotel' - a small, grimy pub in the 'unimportant' side of the city.

Lee's Printing

Lee's Printing is a small company that prints newspapers such as The Republican and Unity News. The company uses outdated ink presses to press words onto paper, utilizing water, earth and firebending. Fenn works here with Taro and Cale.


Beyond is a booming company that just might be the sole contributor to the Republic's wealth. By producing many high-tech things, as well as providing military protection, Beyond practically controls the Republic.


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The Republic is divided into six main districts, with district 1 starting at the left moving clockwise as the number goes to 6. It is typically regarded that in the districts the streets and poorer and dirtier than the upper levels (The Levelling System).

District 1

District 1 contains no Levelling System, and is comprised mostly of suburban masses and busy shopping and entertainment quarters. It is much like the cities we see today. District 1 contains the subway that connects the Republic to the Western District - which was once its own Domain, the Western Domain.


The modern suburbs of District 1

Apperances in the series

District 2

The second district, located north-east of District 1 is where the Levelling District is utilised. The higher levels, connected by roads and the rail system act like upper-class suburbs and also contain the corporate businesses, while as the levels get lower, the wealth declines. The streets, both on the ground and across the skyline are bustling. The ground streets a cluttered with shops of all kinds.

Appearances in the series

District 3

District 3 doesn't utilise the Levelling System as a much as the other districts, but is still very packed and busy. It has skyscrapers for commerce and business but is often known for its tackiness and dirtiness - and not the kind tourists want to check out.
Republic City New2

Fenn lives in District 3

Appearances in the series

  • Chapter 1
  • Chapter 2

District 4

This district contains the gateway to the Green, as well as the Republic Airport. Though it contains a business district, and utilising the Levelling System, District 4 is mainly an area of industry, with many factories and plants.

Appearance in the series

District 5

This district, though utilising the Levelling District in its upper area, mainly consists of ground levels. That being so, the ground levels are of extreme wealth. The Beyond Tower is here, as well as many other luxury attractions, hotels and living quarters. Many habor-side apartments are built here.


The Beyond Tower can be seen from the harbour in District 5

Appearances in the series

  • Chapter 3
  • Chapter 4
  • Chapter 5

District 6

This district is also highly bustling. It is the main business district, as well as a port for many imports and exports from ships. The ground levels are renowned for their business, attracting a lot of tourist attention. The upper levels mainly consist of corporate businesses and fancy shopping arcades. It is one of the most visited districts, along with District 2 and 5. It is also famous for its nightlife.


Nightlife in District 6. A nightclub on the left.

Appearances in the series

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