Aang Memorial Island
The Refugees Part One
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The Gunfighter


Book 1: Escape



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Jack Cross

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August 25, 2012

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An Assassination Attempt

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The Refugees Part Two

John, Korra, and the others welcome the first of the Refugees to Republic City.


"It's was a unanimous choice, well almost a unanimous choice. Councilman Tarrlok was against it at first until he learned to that a majority were benders," said Tenzin as he approached John. The hour was dusk and a thick fog filled the air on the island, blocking out the harbor from view. They stood on the Yen and Yang symbol in the central of the island.

"I would have brought them anyway, never did care much for his option," John replied as he pressed various keys on the portal device on in his hand. The copper colored circular device fit perfectly into his hand, like it was made to be there. Korra, Mako, and Bolin appeared above them, curious to see what would happen. Gently, John lowered the device to the ground before he quickly stepped back quickly. A glowing green beam of light slowly stretched up about ten feet into the air from the device.

"How exactly does this thing work?" asked Korra as she made her way down to stand next to John. A faint noise that sounded like a flute filled the air, slowly growing in volume.

"I don't know exactly how it works, but I know that it does create a bridge of a sort through the Spirit World," John replied as he motioned for Korra and Tenzin to move back. The disembodied flute continued to grow in volume as the two brothers made their way down to stand next to the trio.

Slowly, a female flute player faded into existence from the green beam like a ghost out of the fog. She was quickly flanked on both sides by a line of four men and women. The ranks ran deep as more and more of them faded into existence; each one of them had a rifle shouldered against their right shoulder. One of the men quickly broke rank and trotted up to John and the others. "Its nice to see your alive," said Leon, his voice showing off an Irish accent. A grin shined on his face as he twisted his hand into a Gunslinger greeting. John grinned as well as he returned the gesture.

"You as well, my friend," he said before they grasped each other's hands and formed their arms like an arm wrestling match. After a moment, they turned and looked at the ranks filing out of the doorway.

"How many did we manage to get?" John asked, watching as the men and women began to efficiently form themselves into ranks.

"One hundred and sixty six, at least a hundred or so more in route to the portal," Leon replied as he motioned for a smaller looking member rapped in desert clothing to approach. The short member, who was walking just outside of the main ranks, quickly broke off of the main body and jogged up to the small group.

"John, you remember Roland," said Leon as he placed his hand on the young man's shoulder. John nodded, a not very happy look on his face.

"Yeah, I remember him. He poured sand into my coffee once," John replied. The young man's eyes shone brightly, a sigh that he had a grin on under the face rapping. Turning around, John began introductions.

"Tenzin, Korra, Mako, Bolin. This is Leon, commander of the Hellraisers, and Roland our head engineer," he said as he motioned to each named person. Tenzin bowed to the two-presented people, and they returned it.

"I recognize your accent from when I knew John's father, Leon. As for Roland, I do not know where exactly he originates from in your world," said Tenzin. Leon grinned slightly again as he placed his hand on Roland's shoulder.

"Ol' Roland here is from The North American Sandbender Tribe, basically all that's left of The United States of America," he said.

"The United States of Who?" Roland asked, his voice light and containing a hint of a Mexican accent. John rolled his eyes slightly as he turned and looked at the various ranks forming up, crowding the courtyard.

"All right, everyone listen up! You are to march down the path to the ferries and you will be taken to your residence in the city! When you arrive, Earthbenders are to build a defensive perimeter around the residence neighborhood, and I want our best riflemen on the four entrances! Dismissed!" he shouted over the ranks. The men and women did a right face and began to march down to the various boats waiting for them at the bottom of the cliffs. More ranks faded out of the doorway and continued to march like nothing had happened. Even Roland turned and hurried after them.

"Why didn't you bring more modern tech?" John asked, looking back at Leon when he noticed the weaponry being used. Leon stepped forward and held his rifle in his right hand.

"We tried, anything that was too advanced was destroyed by the doorway. I think we managed to get a few old Vickers over though," said Leon, a slight grin on his face. John however did not share the grin.

"My father wouldn't have approved of this Leon," he said. Leon shook his head, reminiscing back to the great Liam Rider.

"He was also against anyone who opposed bending John. If things are as bad here as you've said they are, he would have found a way to bring a battleship over," he said. John let out a sigh, still not very happy with what was going on.

"Keep them in crates, only break them out on orders from me," he finally said, turning to approach his other friends. The last of the ranks finally faded into existence out of the door, marching like professionals down to the water's edge. Without a single word, John walked up and deactivated the device, closing the door between worlds. Korra, Tenzin, and the others watched as the orange sails of the ferries faded into the fog around the island, heading for the city. As John returned to his full height, he looked watched the last of the ferries disembark before he returned to Tenzin and the others.

"The Irish platoon is hosting a party tonight as a celebration for the crossover. You are all welcome to join us," he said. Leon grinned slightly as he stood next to John.

"Aye, and we always host the best parties," he said, pride resonating in his voice.

"What will be going on?" asked Korra. John opened his mouth to answer, but Leon spoke up instead.

"Music, food, dances. You'll have a blast I can guarantee that," came the reply before Leon began to trot off. Korra laughed slightly when she saw John's expression.

"I don't care how good that little punk is at Airbending, one of these days I'm going to set his hair on fire," he muttered.


  • The number of Refugees that makes the crossing is a reference to Aang's age when he died.

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