By The Snowbold Part of the Myths of the Empire and The Reclamation of Arein continuity.
The Red Sun
General information

Lirin, Navigators

Notable members
  • Kita
  • Higashi
  • Nishi
  • Minami


  • Monitoring the people and government of the world
  • Serving the Avatar
  • Complete the Projects

The Red Sun is a crime syndicate that is the underworld network organization for Emperor Lirin. They are a massive spying network that sees throughout the empire. Their vices businesses include gambling, assassinations, prostitution, drugs, smuggling and various other businesses and vices.


The Red Sun is a powerful spy network turned crime syndicate formed by Avatar Lirin. In the aftermath of the Razing of the Temple, Lirin spoke with the agents who had successfully informed him of the enemy. He collected them together and named them the Red Sun after the very sun rose that day red.

The Red Sun became a very powerful organization that did a myriad of tasks for the Emperor; ranging from espionage and assassination to archeology and science experiments. They followed his will without question and were loyal above all others. Some were trusted to watch over the Emperor's descendants to ensure loyalty amongst his own ranks.

The operations of the Red Sun used to be purely covert until a dangerous underworld started to grow that had no respect for the authority of the public or the covert Red Sun. Under a powerful captain called Kita, the Red Sun took over the underworld and monopolized organized crime under its banner.

While this made Red Sun's existence public, it served as a cover for Red Sun activities as most thought they were just petty criminals and not in fact spies.


Red Sun had many businesses that made great profits and allowed them to remain solvent even without Imperial funding.


  • Gambling- Red Sun had a massive investment in gambling, both legal and illegal. It provided massive revenues as well as information on seedy events around them and leverage on politicians and businessmen.
  • Surplus- Red Sun sold many of their legal equipment through legitimate fronts as a way to keep local law off their backs.


  • Smuggling- Red Sun used their massive network of agents and resources to smuggled various items, both legal, rare, and illegal. Smuggling was used as a way to train agents in subversion and espionage. Smugglers also sold and moved priceless items that the Archeology department used to dig for.
  • Prostitution- One of the most efficient and dangerous businesses of the Red Sun is their prostitution rings. High class and highly protected. Only vetted people are allowed in to have access to courtesans. The Madams are in fact high-ranked members of the Red Sun who serve as information collectors and distributors as well. Some of the most dangerous assassins in the organization are also courtesans.
  • Spices- Where there is want, there is a market. Red Sun made a lot of capital on selling illegal or restricted substances for both personal and professional uses. This included narcotics, poisons, and even hard to get antidotes.
Apex- An enhancer derived from an old chi-enhancing tea. It can amplify bending and other physical traits to make a human a hundred times stronger.
  • Arms Trading- As a branch of the organization was research and development, the Red Sun sold prototypes after successfully making better models in order to make money on old hardware. This business helped arm local law, though they were unaware of it.


The Red Sun had some very critical projects that required much skill, funding, and secrecy. They were the absolute treasure of the Red Sun and its evil heart as well.

  • The Apex Project - A project that involved using enhancers to give benders strong abilities and powers.
  • The Kodai Project - An archaeological dig as much as a syndicate operation. The Red Sun scoured the world for the missing Ish Kash.
  • The Synthetic Project - A name that is wrapped in mystery. It was active until the death of Lirin, at which point it was abandoned. All that is known is that it has something to do with Spirits and that anyone who was involved went mad.
  • The Plan - The most secretive operation of the Red Sun. Even how its details fit together was unknown by the lieutenants. Only the Navigators knew it and followed orders to carry it out.


The Red Sun has a very focused leadership structure.


Red Sun is led by the 'Navigators' who answer to the emperor.

Kita (North), the chief captain and leader of the Red Sun. This leader is the de facto commander of the Red Sun and answers to the emperor himself.

  • Kita (Apex) - This Kita focused funds to create a super drug enhancer called Apex. She was overexposed and her bloodbending powers had to be dealt with by Lirin himself.
  • Kita (Wolf's Eye) - Lirin's bastard son, this Kita was prepared for his ultimate plan. With Lirin's death, he has made his own plans to take over the world.

Minami (South), the second captain and leader of southern operations. This captain rarely has the same formal command as the other navigators, instead, they have no known identity and could be anywhere, but have access to all the resources of the organization.

  • Minami - the sleeper agent in the Southern Kingdom.

Nishi (West), the third captain and leader of homeland operations. The secretive Nishi is the ultimate spy who stands at any Fire Lord's side under command of the Emperor. Each Nishi has a new name incorporated into their title based on their purpose and their era.

Names of Nishi's:

  • Saisho no Nishi (The First West)
  • Rakuen no Nishi (West of Paradise)
  • Shi no Nishi (West of Death)
  • Kage no Nishi (West of Shadow)
  • Ryūketsu no Nishi (Bloody West)
  • Saigo no Nishi (The Final West)

Higashi (East), the final captain and leader of central operations and most things concerning their criminal activities. Higashi is the most public navigator as they forego their names and become the Higashi.


Beneath the Navigators are the lieutenants, who are much more numerous. There are several ranks in the story who are equal to the lieutenants.

Commander of the Death Guard: The Leader of the elite warriors who were made from the former Metal Guard and Royal Procession. The current commander is Peshmar.

Amir- A lieutenant by virtue of his time with the Red Sun. He considers himself an 'affiliate'.

Lieutenants meet though not often, If all are present, it means something important.


Red Sun agents have tattoos on their back identifying them as members as well as detailing their personal histories.

Characters- Each character tells a story about the members, further detailing them to other members.

  • Red Sun- All members have a red sun on the top of the portrait that looks over the entire mark.
  • Samuraii- A warrior who can vary between muscle, enforcer, or trusted leader.
  • Ninja- An assassin.
  • Geisha- A madam or courtesan.
  • Dragon- A traveler and powerful warrior.
  • Wolf- A good group worker and cunning agent.
  • Lake- Specializes in smuggling overseas.
  • Mountain- Solitary or low population zones.
  • Forest- Specializes in arms trade.
  • Castle- City and other urban operations.
  • Snake- Manages money and accounts.
  • Road- Specializes in smuggling on land.

Fighting Style- may be identified by their weapon on the marks.

  • Katana- A warrior who fights honorably and face-face.
  • Spear- A warrior who uses anything to his advantage.
  • Daggers- The weapon of an assassin. If a Geisha has them, it means they have dual roles for the organization.
  • Bow & arrow- A fighter who fights from a distance.

Traits- An agent's traits can be narrowed down based on these markers.

  • Storm- A warrior who prefers to be in the thick of it.
  • White Clouds- An agent who stays out of the grittier affairs.
  • Burning House- An agent who 'cleans up'.
  • Scroll- An agent who specializes in intelligence and information gathering. Madames will often have one.
  • Skulls- Some agents will declare how many hits they have made in their careers. A plain skull means one kill while a number may be placed on the forehead up to ten.

Region- These marks define which navigator's region they work in.

  • Chains- Kita agents have chain tattoos that leave the back and crawl out to the upper arms.
  • Shield- Higashi agents have their marks all within a shield design.
  • Wheat- Minami agents have wheat hanging on the edges of their marks.
  • Island- Nishi agents have their marks enclosed in an island design to denote their region.

Color- Colors denote bending discipline if the member has one or not. The main character of the marks (a samuraii, ninja, or geisha) will wear these colors to denote bending or other traits. There is no determined color for airbenders as the Red Sun has yet to successfully recruit them without giving them Black. As such, they often employ Qatil's if needed.

  • Green- Green denotes earthbending. Silver with it means they can metalbend while brown means sandbending.
  • Red- Red denotes firebending. Gold entwined with it means they have lightning generation prowess.
  • Blue- Blue signifies waterbending. Thin red stripes signify bloodbending.
  • Grey- Grey means that they are not a bender.
  • Black- Black is reserved for officers. This is often to those who were recruited for their prowess and given respect, so were given black as a sign of authority. It is also a way to keep their powers a mystery.
  • White- White means that the Red Sun had refused to give the ability of the member public. This is reserved for some of the most dangerous members who need to have their skills kept secret.


  • Red Sun leaders are named on the Japanese words for north, south, east and west.
  • The Red Sun marks are inspired by the Yakuza marks that will often mark most of the body.
  • By and large, the Red Sun resemble any organized crime group, but more specifically imitate the Yakuza.
  • Red Sun agents have various backgrounds and skills, not all are violent thugs, though the group puts on that front intentionally.

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