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Mako visits an old friend to ask her help for the Red Spirits problem.


A red mask, what does it mean? Mako thought as he boarded the ship that had the destination: The Southern Water Tribe. His need to travel to the tribe was to summon the only person who could really assist him in his pursuit of the Red Spirits. The person he needed for the job was the one and only Avatar!. She could help him face this growing threat like in the good old days. Mako was drifting away while the boat set off to the Southern Water Tribe.

"What are you going to do about this? Will the culprit be brought to justice?" The reporter asked as he was ready to write every detail the Chief was going to say. While Lin Beifong was preparing an answer, many photos were taken of the wounded Triple Threat Triad members who got their asses kicked by the mysterious man with the Red mask.

A policeman shouted: "The Chief of Police will now make an announcement!"

Lin Beifong stepped forward towards the crowd of desperate reporters who were waiting to write down the headline of the newspapers. "We do not know who these people are and what they want. The research is still going on so we don't have answers for you."

Republic City reporters

The reporters asking Lin questions.

And with that said, she left the stage as the questions of the reporters were turning to indistinctly noise. She turned to Mako, who was their most valuable source for now.

"You need to make sure that nobody gets information from you." And stay within the area where I can watch you, she thought, and was considering to say, but she stopped herself.

Before Mako could reply to this, a police officer approached her and said: "Chief, we found something in an alley relating to the case."

Lin signaled Mako to follow her and the officer, and they went to an alley that was too close to sprint to, but too far away to walk to. "We found a crucial piece of evidence here," the officer said, while holding a mask.

"That is the same mask that the man wore!" Mako said.

"And there is something more to it," the officer continued, while turning the mask so that you could see the inside. At the inside they read the following note: Everyone that is reading this message should know our group. We are the Red Spirits, and we shall continue our quest for safety.

"Sir, would you be so kind to leave the boat please?"

Mako snapped out of his memory ride and returned to the present. "Huh? Where am I?"

"We are at the Southern Water Tribe, now would you please leave my boat?"

"Yes, of course." he said, and stepped on the pier where the boat had stopped. He looked around again and enjoyed the astonishing view. The Southern Water Tribe did change much since he last went there. From the pier you could see the palace, home of Chief Tonraq with its magnificent ice pillars and its large courtyard and balcony. The decorations variated from spiraling lines of snow on the pillars to the nice water patterns in the railing of the balcony. The buildings in the town before the palace were smooth, probably created with only one move, and the roads were parallel to each other, all smoothed with water in between, so there was no worry of bad infrastructure.

The community in the Southern Water Tribe was not a normal community. It was like a human body. The palace was like the brain and the town in front of it was like the body. When the brain sends signals to the body, they react to it and if the body sends signals to the brain, they also react to it and so on.

Mako wandered around the town for a little bit, just to check out all the changes and differences since he last saw this beautiful town. The sky was clear, with a little gust moving slowly around for no purpose. The sun shined bright, not too bright so that you could be blinded, but also not too dim so that you could enjoy the warmth of the sun while not being blinded at the same time. It was like everything here was in the advantage of Mako.

He decided to visit Korra the next day, and looked for a place to sleep and relax. He found a nice and cozy hotel, not too far from the palace. It was in the centre of the town and it was the best place to stay if you didn't count the palace. The building was like two stories high and per level ten rooms could fit in, so it was a decent building. However, when Mako entered the place it was almost empty. The woman behind the desk at the reception said that they never had a full house except when a special event was taking place in the centre of the town. "I will rent a room anyway,' Mako replied. He checked in for only one night, because he thought that he didn't need a second night and what do you know, he was right.

Southern Water Tribe Royal Palace

The Southern Water Tribe Royal Palace.

After a good night of sleep, Mako went to the palace with a good feeling about this whole Red Spirits thing. As he knocked on the front gate of the palace, he took a good look at it. The doors itself were made out of ice, with water tribe emblems all over the door. The lock of the door was had a strange mechanism. A boulder and an ice block were in it, and under it were two holes. One hole had ash marks on it, while the other hole was clean. What is this lock? He thought. His thought was answered as he heard a shout out of the palace.

"State your name and your business!" the voice said.

Hey, I know that voice! Mako thought as he said: "My name is Mako and my business is to visit an old friend."

"Mako! What am I surprised to see you!" the voice said. "Wait, I have to unlock the door first."

From the palace appeared Korra, and she walked to the front gate. "Hold on, I have to unlock it. Stand back!" She said.

The ice block retracted into the gate, and the boulder did the same thing. Suddenly, out of the ashed hole fire came out, and out of the other hole air came out. Then, with a mighty shriek the massive gate opened. In the middle of the small road that was behind the gate stood Korra, the girl that Mako once had a relationship with (that he blew up like Michael Bay does in his movies. No, not really).

"Mako, it is good to see you!" She said, surprised. "Why did you stop by?"

"I wanted to talk to you. I suppose you don't know about the attack, right?" Mako said.

"No, what happened?" Korra asked.

"A group called the Red Spirits beat up some Triple Treat Triad members," Mako replied. Korra started grinning.

"What is funny about this?"

"Nothing, just that they weren't nice to me. That's all," she said, with the grin still on her face.

"Who made the front gate?" Mako asked.

"Oh, Asami designed that gate. It is made so that only the Avatar can open it."

Or a firebender, an airbender, a waterbender and an earthbender who are bending the elements at the same time, Mako thought, while considering to tell her. He added the pros and cons. Pros: none. Cons: A lot of hate and bullshit. Nope, not worth it.

They entered the palace, and Mako was astonished by the beauty of the interior. The main hall was one story tall, with several doors leading to the bedrooms, living room, dining room, underground bending arena and of course the balcony that revealed the town with such a magnificent view in an angle you couldn't find better. The floor was covered with a red and blue carpet that tied the room together. On the carpet was a pattern of elements: fire, air, water and earth. Just like the Avatar Cycle.

"Would you like to stay for the night?" Korra asked. I hope he says yes, I hope he says yes! She thought, while Mako was considering the offer.

"Uh ... sure. I have nowhere else to go," Mako replied.

Oh my god, he said yes!! I know that I am with Asami, but now Mako doesn't have somebody in his life, he looks so cute, she thought, while turning around and blushing.

"So what would you like to do? Sparring, relaxing or something else?" Maybe look back at all the moments we had together? Korra thought.

Mako seemed to intercept the thought, and replied: "I would like to spar first, and maybe relive some memories later."

Oh my god, oh my god oh my gooooooooooodddddddd! He said yes again! Why did I break up with him? She thought. Because you both found work more important than your relationship, said a tiny voice in her head. Shut up you, she replied.

The sparring went smooth, so smooth to the extent that someone would think that their minds were connected. They were like two Duo Dai swords; If the first one struck, the other one defended and covered the separate sword. They were two parts of one. The sparring was done in such a fashion. When Korra attacked, Mako defended and struck quickly after.

After the sparring, they went back to the main hall and Korra asked: "Do you still want to relive some memories?"

"No, I think I will call it a day. See you tomorrow!" With that said, he went upstairs to the bedrooms.

The tiny voice in Korra's head said: You see, he doesn't have feelings for you anymore. "I can always hope that he changes his mind," she said to herself, and went to bed.

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