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The Red Spirits - Chapter Twelve: Reappearance
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Three weeks after the battle between the leader of the Red Spirits and Korra, Asami Sato returns to Republic City. Korra is surprised that she returned, even though she didn't make up her mind about her feelings for Mako. Korra still has nightmares about the battle three weeks ago.


She is laying down on an ice platform, exhausted. Everything around her was blurry, and something was coming towards her. She wanted to get away from it, but she didn't have any energy left so she couldn't do anything; moving, nope. Bending, don't even think about it! All she could do is look. Look at the thing. When it came closer, it turned out to be a person. The only problem was that she didn't know who he was. But when the person came close enough, she remembered him: the leader of the Red Spirits. She tried to look at his face, but for some reason was his face blurry, even though around him it wasn't blurry anymore. She tried to scream, run, hide, bend; anything. But nothing worked. And then came that one line that gave her goosebumps and sent shivers down her spine:

"Don't worry Korra, we will return and you can finally beat me. Until then, you will have to wait."

Korra shot up, and was panting heavily. Her eyes quickly adapted to the dimly lit room, and she was prepared to blast fire or air at anyone. But no one was there. However, she felt something familiar under the palm of her hand; something soft. She knew what it was and reached for Naga, her pet and companion. She embraced her and she put her snout in the crook of her neck. At that moment, she realised how much sweat was on her body. She collected the sweat, formed one single bubble of the substance, and bended it out of the open window. She got a response, only it wasn't a happy one.

"Hey, what do you think you are doing?!?" she heard someone shout.

"Sorry!" she shouted back, while a smile appeared on her face.

"People nowadays...guh!" Korra heard the man mumble, making her smile grow until it couldn't grow anymore.

She looked out of the window of her room on Air Temple Island, and towards the city. She saw the lights of Republic City that never went out, even though it is in the middle of the night. Of course the spirit portal wasn't hard to miss, and that thing glowed. This gave the city always a source of light, so it wasn't really pitch black in the city.

Republic City was on its way to recovery. Three weeks had passed after the battle between Korra and the leader, and the city was in the last stages of the rebuilding process. The buildings at least. The Metalbending Police Force was far away from its former glory. It would cost at least a year before they had gained a full force again, training would also cost six months and the building of the new station and communication/storage building would be done during the gathering of the force. For now, Lin had send out requests all over the Earth Kingdom to recruit metalbenders to join the force. At least fifteen people had accepted the request, and the force was growing again. The new headquarters was on its way of rebuilding, with the cells already finished; crime had risen during the three weeks, despite the efforts of Lin and the remaining officers. Turned out that the effect the Red Spirits left on the Triads didn't last long. After the first week, the activity at the Triple Threads was doubled, irritating the crap out of Lin. Even though Lin didn't agree totally with the Red Spirits, she wished they would return so that the Triads backed off from the criminal path. The pressure that was put on Lin was overwhelming; she had to control the movements of the officers, send out the requests for the expansion of the force, patrol the city from time to time and the worst thing: Toph called Air Temple Island two days after the attack. Said that she heard rumors about the Metalbending Police Force, her former Metalbending Police Force. Those rumors were about the total decimation of the Force, and Toph went all King Kong on Lin over the phone. Noooooo, the pressure on Lin wasn't something heavy, nonono.

Korra just stared at the spirit portal, which was glowing brightly in the dark night. She remembered how she and Asami went on a vacation there. OH, how that was relaxing! For the first time after Kuvira's downfall, she had nothing to worry about. Just her and Asami in the Spirit World. Nothing to worry about. NOTHING. N-O-T-H-I-N-G. Korra had nothing to worry about. Asami had another view on worries. Since Kuvira dealt a lot of damage to the United Forces and the city, she needed to provide with her company shelter for the homeless and new battleships. It was not about the money, but about how she wanted to help people. It felt good to help people, but this good feeling made her mind work overtime since she had to overlook everything. The vacation would be a good break from the work. It was supposed to be. Instead, she had her mind always up in the clouds, wondering if the work progressed, if the designs were correct and a lot of other ifs, making the vacation for Korra kind of monotone. What should be a relaxing, stress-lifting, 'no worry' week, turned into a week with boring camping and no relaxing at all. It was like watching TV without anything interesting airing; you just watch and feel bored.

She sighed at thinking about Asami; she hadn't seen her for the last nine months. After their so-called 'vacation', she focused more on her work, which gave the result that she and Korra didn't see each other a lot. She would come home late each night and went straight to bed, annoying Korra. The connection between Korra and Asami was genuinely fading away, and Korra started forgetting that Asami actually was her girlfriend. The connection broke when Asami left Republic City for a business trip around the world, visiting all nations trying to expand Future Industries. Korra considered this the break up; she was single again and honestly, she wanted to break up with Asami as soon as possible. The break up wasn't official, but Korra didn't care; being with a girl for a longer period of time made her realize how she missed being with a guy. Also, since Asami was going to be away from Republic City for a long time, Korra saw no interest in the city anymore, therefore moving back to her home in the Southern Water Tribe. This helped her clear her mind, forgetting Asami. She could leave Republic City with ease because Tenzin and the airbenders got it all under control. She wondered where Asami was. Not that she wanted to get back together (kind of), but because she was just curious. Besides, Asami was the only girl she could have a good conversation with. She missed that, she really did.

She looked at the city, the rising sun giving it a nice look, which still hadn't recovered from the attacks of the Red Spirits. She was wondering what happened; she heard stories of three masked people, one man and two women, who terrorized the TTT and later blew up the police station, decimating the Metalbending Police Force. She also heard that Korra, Mako and Bolin were involved, and that the conflict ended three weeks ago. Those were only stories though, and she didn't really believe them until now. Now that she saw the actual city and that there was a lot of activity, she believed that the city was attacked. She turned around and walked back to her airship. She didn't see any other airships in the sky above Republic City, which meant that her airship was spotted immediately. She thought:

What the hell, it would make an awesome entrance!

She started the machine, ascended and flew over the city that she saved twice. Within seconds, she heard the cracking of a radio, and heard a groggy Lin on the other side....of the line.

"Who are you? What do you want?" she said in quick bursts of words, worrying Asami a bit. She heard about Lin's mental breakdown, and she was stressed; VERY stressed.

"Easy, Lin. It's Asami. I have returned to the city that my father once tried to take over," she said. She didn't know why she mentioned her father, but she did. It came out, and she realised that her father was dead for more than a year. Three tears left her eyes, and they reached the metal of the airship in a matter of seconds. The line was silent on the other end.

"Asami, what's going on? Is something wrong?" Lin asked through the radio. Asami said nothing and wiped her tears away before she spoke.

"No, nothing's wrong. Just...memories. Anyway, is it true that the city was attacked by three people with masks?"

"Yes, it is true. Those maniacs did have good motives, and they could have helped us a lot, only we fucked it up," she replied, sadness in her voice.

"How?" she asked, curious and yet not curious.

"I'll fill in the gaps for you when you arrive on Air Temple Island; the temporary headquarters is there. I bet someone else is also very eager to see you," she replied, and Asami could picture Lin sitting on the other side of the line with a smirk on her face.

"Who?" she asked out of curiosity. Could it be her? she thought. No way, I didn't see her since I left Republic City to travel the world.

"You'll see. See you at the Air Temple," she replied.

"Yeah, you too," she said and shut off the radio.

She was thinking about Korra on the way to the island. Was she still interested in her? Did she still like her? Or had she found a guy she was doing it with? All those questions roamed through her head like kites flying in the morning breeze on a sunny day in spring. The airship arrived and they got clearance to land. When she stepped out in the fresh air and spotted Korra, her heart jumped a little. But that didn't answer her questions.

Asami offers her airship

Asami seeing Korra again.

When Korra saw the airship, she knew who was coming: Asami. She was not sure if she would be happy or sad to see her. During the three weeks after the attack, she tried to hit on Mako, but with no success. It didn't help her figuring out her sexual orientation when Asami was around. She was actually scared of Asami; she was the one that gave her mixed feelings about her sexual preference. She was, on the other hand, also happy to see her. She could finally talk to someone her age; Pema was a nice person to talk to, but she.....well, Korra didn't know how to say it. It wasn't like talking to Asami. She understood her, she was around the same age and she was also a girl. In the end she was torn about her feelings for seeing Asami again, but she put up a smile when she saw her to comfort her. Well, that backfired. Asami thought that Korra still had interest in her, which was, and at the same time, wasn't the outcome Korra wanted. Either way, the meeting wasn't awkward.

Radio operator

The Air Acolyte and the radio.

When they got inside, they talked and ate in the dining room, with other Air Acolytes. One specific Air Acolyte stood up the moment Asami and Korra went in, rushing past them. The two of them were a little shocked by his sudden escape, but they didn't care at that moment. They should have. The man walked towards the communications room and luckily, found it empty. He turned the radio on, and changed the frequency to a very low one, not the ones the public radio, the police or the rich people use. This line had only one receiver, and at the other hand the man heard a low voice:


"She is here. The time has come once again."

"Copy, we're en route to the city, ETA 2 days."

"Okay. Over and out."

With that final sentence, he shut off the radio and went outside. The new plan was set in motion.

He shut off the radio and turned to look at his companions.

"We are going to visit a certain person. Asami Sato."

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