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The Red Spirits - Chapter Three: When the Going Gets Tough
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Mako and Korra arrive in Republic City, but something happened there the last night.


It was 9 o'clock in the morning when Korra woke up. She sat up and looked around the room, her beautiful bedroom. Her room was decorated with a combination of cultures, with meditation beads from the Air Nomads, a fireplace with Fire Nation emblems all over it, a statue of a monkey that is decorated with red gems and a shelf with Water Tribe scrolls. A closet, filled with her outfits and Naga were also present.

When she went down, she found Mako at the dining table, eating breakfast. He was dressed in his normal police outfit, nothing special.

"Hey, how are you?" he said, while finishing his breakfast.

"Fine, how did you sleep?"

"I hardly slept, because I was wondering about the Red Spirits case," he replied, followed by a yawn.

"Oh yeah, what is that case actually about? You forgot to tell yesterday," she said, while grabbing a bowl and some noodles.

"A man with a red spirit mask ambushed some TTT members, they got hurt pretty bad," Mako said, while observing Korra eating noodles. She was failing to do so, which make Mako smile.

He is watching, don't fuck it up more! she thought, before it was too late. A noodle landed on her upper lip, laying in such a way that it looked like a mustache.

"What's funny?" She said, while Mako was laughing his ass off. "Oh nothing special, except the facial hair!" He said while laughing even louder, until Korra had enough and firebended in his mouth, making him cough.

"Okay, enough fun for now. Are there any leads on the case?" She said, after Mako stopped laughing.

"Only a mask identical to what the man wore, saying: 'Everyone that is reading this message should know our group. We are the Red Spirits, and we shall continue our quest for safety.'"

"Okay, so shall we go back to Republic City then?" She said.

"Yeah, we are done here," Mako replied, while Korra finished her noodles. Mako thanked Korra's parents for their hospitality, left the palace and went to the harbor.

Southern Water Tribe harbor city

The harbor where Korra and Mako boarded the boat

"I think I will enjoy seeing Republic City again," Korra said, while boarding the boat. "I think you will." Mako said while standing next to her on the boat.

He isn't paying attention, make your move! She thought, but she didn't make the move. And after a few seconds, he went to the back of the boat. Too bad, you could make a move. but YOU DIDN'T!! The tiny voice said. I don't know who I like anymore! Korra thought, while the boat was untied and started the journey to Republic City.

Last night, in Republic City

A man, dressed in black, walked on the sidewalk until he went right and into a square plaza, where three men stood. They turned around and the middle person of the three stepped forward. He said: "Well well well, look what we have here. I think it is time for a rematch. Guys! Get in here!"

On cue, three groups of three men each jumped down. In each group there were a firebender, an earthbender and a waterbender. "Firebenders, ATTACK!!"

The four firebenders took a bending stance and shot four flame rays at the man. The rays advanced rapidly, but the man didn't move. When the flame rays were only 10 centimetres away from his face, they stopped. The four flame rays stopped, and they added up into four flames in front of the man's face. The flames just floated there, with the Triad members having no control.

"Okay... That didn't went like I wanted to. Oh well, I have more weapons in my reach." Now, the man on the left of the firebender stepped forward, and shouted: "Earthbenders, ATTACK!!"

The earthbenders took a bending stance, and kicked four boulders towards the man. When they reached the 10 centimetres away from his face, they also stopped. The boulders floated towards the man, and were on the exact line like the four flames.

"I am losing my patience over here! Why can nobody hit him?!?" The firebender - clearly the leader - was getting frustrated. Only one shot left on taking him down, or at least hitting him. I fear the worst, he thought, while he motioned the waterbender to commence the attack. The waterbender stepped forward, whispered: "I hope this works." and then shouted: "Waterbenders, ATTACK!"

The waterbenders took their stances and shot four streams of water, aimed at the man in the entrance of the plaza. When they reached the usual 10 centimetres in front of the face, they stopped again. The water formed into four orbs and they floated next to the boulders and flames.

"How is that possible? Are you the Avatar or something?" The leader asked, with a strange look.

"No, he isn't the Avatar," said a woman, who walked out of the shadow and into the open. She stopped and stood on the right side of the man.

"And it is certainly possible. How, we aren't going to tell you," another woman said, while walking out of the shadow and stood on the other side of the man. "We're going to show you!"

When she said that, the man thrust out the palms of his hands, sending the flames flying towards the Triads with a speed so fast they couldn't react in time. All the firebenders were hit, and some serious burns were on their chest, neck and head. A tenth of a second later, the woman on the right side made a slashing motion. The water froze into small ice blades and started to advance towards the surprised Triads. They cut in their flesh and made the waterbenders cry like they had never cried before. A second later, the other woman - the earthbender - stomped the ground and the boulders went back to their creators, which knocked them out quickly. The man and two women walked over to the down-and-out triads and dropped some money.

"I think this will cover the hospital bill," the man said, and when he wanted to turn around, until something popped up in his mind. "Oh yeah, one last thing. Tell the Avatar that she needs to stay out of our way, or else she faces the consequences. Do you think you can tell her that?"

The firebender, who had a significant burn on his chest, nodded wildly to avoid more pain. "Good, we're done here," he said while he walked towards the two women, and together they disappeared.

Present time, Republic City harbor

The boat docked at the harbor, and Mako & Korra stepped on the dock.

"Ah, Republic City. I haven't been here for a while," Korra said, while sniffing the - fresh - air.

Mako noticed that a police officer was standing at the beginning of the dock. The officer walked towards them, and said: "Mako, it is good that you're back."

"Why, what's going on?" Mako asked, surprised.

"They struck again, Mako. Last night," the officer replied.

Aww fuck, they don't stop, do they?! He thought.

"And this time, they left a message that worries us."

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