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The Red Spirits - Chapter Thirteen: First Encounter
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The Red Spirits visit Asami, while Korra is still wondering about whether or not she is going to tell Asami that she has fallen for boys again. She goes to her mansion where a disturbing sight will meet her eye.


Infiltration of the arena

The man and women infiltrating.

The guard was yawning, and his eyes were closing. Just a little more, and he would be asleep. It happened three seconds later. He was snoring and they saw an entrance. Like a well oiled machine, they scaled the wall and within thirty seconds, they were crouched behind some bushes. The man, obviously the leader, signaled his companions to move in and continue with the plan. He also whispered something into their ears and two seconds later they took off.

He then focused on his part of the house and his part of the plan. They had scanned the area already and knew when and where to strike. He waited for a couple of seconds, and when he heard the signal he proceeded with his part of the plan. Using his agility and swift movements, he closed in on the target. He climbed, without hesitation, up and reached the window he was going to use. The first part of the plan was completed and he signaled his companions.

Before he knew it, the window opened and a knocked out guard was hanging out of it. He went through the window and removed the body to avoid suspicion. Knowing where to go, he found his way through the BIG mansion. The plan was working like it should, and he reached his destination right on time.

Attempted kidnapping of Raiko

The man and women kidnapping Asami.

He heard some stumbling, and turned around. He knew who were coming, and the two women, who he split from earlier, were standing before him. He motioned his hands in a certain pattern, but before he could finish, the door which he wanted to open, opened and Asami came out of the room. She was startled for a moment, but regained her composure quickly and pulled out her electric glove. She lunged forward, but the two women quickly stepped aside to avoid her attack. When she was back on the ground, she turned around and prepared herself for another attack. Again, she lunged forward and the women sidestepped, but this time the man stood behind the women. He ducked, and whilst ducking he blocked her chi in the arm the glove was attached. He blocked the chi in her left leg too. This made Asami lose her balance and she fell on the ground. With one fluid motion, the leader chained her arms and legs together. Her mouth and eyes were covered with blankets. They carried her to the window the leader used to get in, but before they were out of the window and into the dark and cold skies, she dropped her necklace. After that they left without leaving a single trace.

She was walking in circles, deep in thought. Her mind was working on quadruple speed than normal, and she hadn't slept because of this single thought gnawing at her consciousness. Should she tell Asami? What would be her reaction? Would she understand it or would she go KING KONG on her ass, like Toph went on Lin? Ohhhh, the thoughts were KILLING her! She didn't know what to do, and this was driving her crazy. In an attempt to calm her mind and stop herself from going CCCCRRRRAAAAZZZZYYYY, she added up the pro's and cons of telling Asami.

Pro's: She wouldn't go crazy, and she could openly date guys again.

Cons: Being around Asami would be weird, and she could possibly stop being her friend.

Adding that up, she was still tied between going and not going to tell her and that caused the whole process to repeat. This went on for about half an hour, and in the end Korra was sweating as hell. She decided, for the better, to tell Asami about her changed sexual orientation. She also decided that she would tell her right away to feel relieved of this awful doubt thing. She grabbed her staff and took off.

Destination: Sato mansion!

She arrived at the HUGE mansion within record time, and was astonished by the view; knocked out guards, a large crowd, an even larger crowd of reporters and the police investigating the scene. When she landed, the crowd of reporters took notice of her and started yelling questions at her, trying to get something out of her. She normally wouldn't budge, since she had experience with nasty reporters. But somehow she was weaker...somehow, she was giving in to the pressure. When she was halfway through the crowd, she started to sink in the crowd like a ship sinking into the ocean. You are slowly going down, and you can't do anything to stop it. All you can do is run and scream. She would do the latter, but Lin and her officers rescued her just on time. They escorted her through the crowd and into the house, locking the door so that the reporters wouldn't advance. She looked around, and saw Mako and Bolin with worried looks on their faces. A shiver was sent down her spine as she turned to Lin, and asked:

"What happened?"

"Asami got kidnapped. We don't know who is--" That was all Korra heard Lin say, because her ears stopped working and her vision became blurry after she heard the first three words.

When she woke up, her head was stinging like hell, and she looked around. She was in Asami's bedroom, and the memories were flowing in. She remembered her and Asami coming in the room, laughing, hugging, kissing. This made her tear up, and she silently cried for hours. She stopped crying and started sniffing when she heard the door open. Mako and Bolin came in and walked towards the bed she was lying in. They didn't say anything, they only looked at her. Then, Mako opened the palm of his hand, and Asami's necklace was laying in it. They didn't say anything, they didn't do anything, they only looked. They only looked.

Asami woke up in a barely lit room, the only thing giving light being a candle set before her. She looked up, and saw a man standing in front of her. He spoke softly, and it made her teeth cringe.

"Well hello, m'lady. I hope you enjoyed your 'trip'," he said.

"Oh, where are my manners? I am the leader of the Red Spirits."

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