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The Red Spirits - Chapter Ten: The Showdown; Part 2: Match Point
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The Red Spirits





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the 18th of February, 2015

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Chapter Nine: The Showdown; Part 1: Battle on Aang Memorial Island

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Chapter Eleven: The Showdown; Part 3: Riddles in the Dark


Bolin, Mako and Korra wake up, and a new battle between the benders arises. Only this time, it goes down to the Match Point.


Bolin was the first one to wake up. His vision was blurry when he looked around, so he didn't recognize the scene. There was a mediocre hole in his memory and, while his vision returned, so did his memory. He was on Aang Memorial Island, and when his vision was meh, he scanned the environment for clues to what happened with him last night. In fact, he didn't remember anything about the past couple of days. It was like an explosion went off in his memory. When Bolin tried to think, a headache rolled into his brain like a tank, crushing any thinking ability, making Bolin groan of the pain. His throat was sore, but he wasn't tied up or anything like that. He lied on a blanket that apparently lay there for the time he was there. He got small visions however, and started concentrating on those, making the headache go away for a little while. He saw Korra, Mako and Lin crouched behind barricades, the same three on a boat approaching Kyoshi Bridge with a small island underneath, and finally, he saw Korra and Mako reading a note, while Lin was depressed.

Before he could put the pieces into the puzzle, he shot up because the headache came back in, making his head hurt like hell. He looked around better now, and saw Korra and Mako lying just a few metres away. How did they get here? And what happened these couple days? He thought, still wondering what the fuck happened and why he ended up on this damn island. The visions returned when he saw a woman with a mask walking across the island. He started to remember tiny bits here and there, but not the whole story. When the man started walking towards the other woman, he got a revelation. Everything that happened came back to him. He turned around and started shaking Mako and Korra, trying to wake them up. His shaking only met the words:

"Just a couple more minutes, Mom."

Bolin shook the two former lovebirds again, but with no avail. He started to get angry and was considering using force, but he didn't want to make a scene. He looked around for a couple of seconds, hoping that he was out of sight of the Red Spirits. When the coast was clear, he earthbended two pillars that shot Mako and Korra up into the air, waking them up while airborne. What Bolin didn't plan, was their descent. They came down with a loud thud, drawing attention to them. The woman Bolin saw earlier turned towards them, and he was joined by the man and another woman. The three benders walked towards the Krew, and when Mako and Korra stood up, they immediately got into a fighting stance. Bolin also got up and got into a fighting stance.

It was not until that moment that they realised, that they weren't hurt or anything. The battle they fought earlier was pretty rough, so they would figure that they were seriously injured at least. But no, there were no wounds, no burns, nothing. That surprised them, since they expected the Red Spirits to do nothing about them, just laying there, severely burned and wounded would be their thought about the end of the battle last night. But nope, all that other leaving them alone to die of their wounds didn't happen, and they were nursed back to health by the Red Spirits.

"Why did you heal us?" Korra asked, still in the fighting stance, while cocking an eyebrow. The Red Spirits just stood there before them, not in a fighting stance or anything. They had the same outfit on that they always wore: a black suit that covered the whole body, except the face, but the mask covering that up. Most people wouldn't even see them sneaking around, and they used the shadows to hide.

"Because another battle needs to be fought, and you weren't able to fight in your current state when we knocked you out cold yesterday. That's why," the leader calmly replied with no emotion in his voice.

"Why does another battle have to start, couldn't we just talk this thing out?" Bolin asked, making the earthbender laugh behind her mask.

"What's so funny?" asked Mako. "What's wrong with talking this out?" the earthbender laughed harder, irritating both Bolin and Mako. Her laugh was not the laugh you would expect from a woman. Not at all! They started getting angrier, since they didn't know what was so damn funny.

"Hehe...*regains breath* whoo, that was funny. You know why? Because you're turning into pussies! 'Talking things out', ha! You sound like frickin' airbenders! You're a shame for your element! What happened to facing it head-on, or just getting angry and started spreading fire.....oh fuck," the earthbender realised what she did and blocked the fire blast too late, which blasted her back a few metres.

"T- I mean companion!" the leader shouted, while he dodged two rocks and gently moved away from the air blast that was send to him. While the leader took on both Bolin and Korra, the waterbender was busy fighting with Mako. He began to furiously shoot fire balls towards the woman, but she either dodged them or absorbed them with her waterbending. Without Mako knowing it, she also gathered water from the air and she was pulling the waves from Yue Bay up higher, doing all that whilst fighting with Mako. When the time was right, she got her water from the air and tried to water whip Mako. He stepped quickly aside, making him grin a little. That same grin disappeared when he saw a wave coming towards him. He tried dodging it, but the wave was to big to either step aside or going over it. So he prepared himself and allowed the wave to crash upon him. When the waterbender saw his body, she decided that he wasn't able to fight anymore, and started helping out the leader.

The leader had no trouble in fighting both Korra and Bolin. He dodged the rocks, vapourized the water, used the fire shot towards him to destroy multiple threats to him, and he avoided the airblast like he was an actual airbender. When he got bored of the constant dodging, he created two fire whips and started the Assault. He used the fire whips to totally destroy the attack of the other benders, and Bolin and Korra started dodging the whips, to busy to Return the Favor. Bolin had enough and started transforming the earth into lava. His lavabending helped him push back the leader, and Korra used the water around her to put out the fire whips. Bolin went on the aggressive, and shot lava streams and lava balls towards the firebender. He did something that amazed both Bolin and Korra. He took out the fire of the lava, and the earth just remained. He shot a stream of this lava in the direction of Bolin, who dodged it by one tenth of a nanometre. He yelped and started running away, because his advantage became his disadvantage and maybe his cause of death. Korra stopped him, and said to him:

"You can't leave now, we're in a battle!"

He calmed down a bit, and started shooting pillars towards the leader. He was focused on Korra and didn't see it coming. It would have knocked him out, but the pillars didn't reach him. They were encased in ice, and the waterbender came to the aid of the leader. She destroyed the pillars and shot multiple ice daggers towards Bolin. He had to bend an earth wall, since the dodging was too difficult. The ice daggers came in random patterns, and it was very hard to predict where they would strike.

The leader was in a 1v1 battle with Korra. They were trying to hit each other, but their blows only met each other. Korra shot a boulder towards him, which made him smile a little. He knew what was coming, and he had a plan to stun Korra with it. He leaped over the boulder like Aang did when he fought with King Bumi, and swept his leg across the ground when he landed, creating a wave of fire. She jumped up to dodge it, and thought she was safe when she did that. But she felt an incredible pain as the leader had charged towards her and slammed her in her chest mid-air. She crashed down, shaking the island a little in the process. She didn't move anymore. When the leader got up and turned towards the waterbender, he saw Mako sneak up on her, and wanted to shout until the ground shook. Mako got shot in the air with a pillar, and propelled himself to the side when a couple of earth shards came flying towards him. The accuracy of the shards was bad, so he dodged them with ease. But when he came down, he was instantly encased in earth, solid earth, making movement impossible. He tried braking free, but it was of no use. The earthbender stood next to him, saying:

"Too bad kid, you were a challenge though. Let's see what your brother is going to do. Will he land a hit or will the Bending Brothers lose?"

Bolin was, all this time, still waiting in his defensive position, while the ice shards started to penetrate the wall. He panicked and shot a couple of medium-sized boulders towards the woman, who dodged most of them but took a hit in her chest. She yelled and flew back a little. Bolin got out of the hiding place and wanted to shoot some more rocks, but he got encased in fire, which, to his amazement, wasn't as hot as he expected. The woman got back up and looked with a slight smile to the battlefield, knowing that they won this one. But she was wrong; the battle had just started. They heard a loud sound, and Korra hovered towards them, her eyes glowing brightly. She knocked back the two women with their opposite element, but the leader held his ground.

"Hello Aang."

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