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The Red Spirits - Chapter Six: Ambush
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The 3rd of February

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Sorry for the image, but I couldn't find anything other 'Ambush' related. I hope you don't mind the image, enjoy the chapter!


The ambush didn't work, and Korra, Mako, Bolin and Lin find themselves out of clues, until a note is found.


It was Korra who woke up first. She had a horrible headache and her sight was blurry. But she remembered everything when the man came walking towards them. He didn't notice her while she was still adapting to the sudden change of the scene. She looked around in horror. Mako and Bolin were lying several metres away from her, with second degree burns all over their body. Their face, fortunately, was not burned. She couldn't think of the idea that Mako and Bolin had scars like Zuko. Lin and several others were lying behind her, the barricades on fire and screams of pain filling the night sky of Republic City. Luckily, nobody was dead.

She turned again to the man but with no strength to fight him. But before he went to her, he walked to the once called bending brothers. He looked at their faces, and without showing emotion to everyone else, he felt bad for the brothers.

Amon threatening Korra

The man close to Korra.

"At least your faces are still in good shape. You wouldn't want a scar like-" He started, but stopped when he heard Korra cough because of the smoke. He faced her and slowly walked to her for added effect. And believe it or not, it worked. Korra felt the fear inside her grow as the man approached. She didn't fear somebody so much since Amon. He stood right besides her and whispered in her ear: "I told you, you shouldn't stand in our way." His voice was low and creepy, so she felt a shiver crawl down her spine as he turned and left the scene. After that she passed out.

Some time after the ambush

Mako woke up with a pain stinging like hell. He looked around him and said: "Shit, look at this place!" The buildings behind him were destroyed, and large boulders and piles of debris were scattered all over the place. The last fires were put out by some waterbenders, and several civilians were evacuated from their homes. The lightning also destroyed an apartment complex nearby. The complex was burned down to the ground. Apparently, the residents got enough money to buy for themselves a new home. The medics were helping wounded officers and TTT's by healing them, and Mako was looking for his brother.

"Bro, where are you? Come on, Bo! Bo! Bolin!!!!" he yelled in the sky, while looking all over the place trying to spot Bolin.

"Calm down, my head hurts like I have been through hell and back!" Bolin said, while rubbing his head. He was being healed by a nurse.

"Thank the Spirits you're okay, I thought I lost you," Mako exclaimed, hugging his brother firmly.

Mako and Bolin share a hug

Mako hugs Bolin.

"Okay, ouch, ouch, OUCH!!" Bolin screamed from the pain that was coming from his back. "These burns aren't going to disappear soon."

"No, they aren't," Korra said while walking up to them. Mako went in for the hug, which made Korra blush a little. "I thought I lost you too! I don't know what I would do if you weren't here anymore!"

Korra started to blush harder, making Bolin snicker.

"What's so funny bro?" Mako asked to Bolin, which was still snickering.

"Nothing, nothing," he said with a grin on his face.

Mako decided to drop the subject, which was a relief for Korra, since she then stopped blushing. They walked over to Lin, who was being healed.

"So, what's the new plan Chief? Are we going to sit back and watch?" Korra asked, being dead serious.

"I guess so, we have no other options. We're out of clues and we have no idea where they are or where they operate from. This is it, we're almost out. Only patrolling can be useful, but other than that, we're out," Lin said, the shame of defeat hanging in her eyes like smoke in a closed room. It was trapped and you couldn't let it out.

"Officer Saikhan, start cleaning up the rubble," she commanded.

"Yes, Chief!" he replied, and walked away. He went to the nearest house and started moving boulders and debris. Until he found something.

"Chief, you want to see this!" he shouted, while walking to them. He had a crumpled note in his hands.

"I found this under debris. Looks like we got a clue!" he said excited. Lin however wasn't excited at all. The last clues they had on this case were either false or of no relevance to catching the people who were responsible. He handed her the note and then left the group.

She read the note and then handed to the rest. Her look was worried, and they knew that the note then couldn't be any good.

The following was scribbled on the note:

To the Avatar and her friends,

We told you to not stand in our way, and sadly you paid the price. However, if you fuck up the following, you will pay double for you idiotic actions.

Come to the water directly under Kyoshi Bridge at the next midnight. A small island will be there. Don't bring any police with you, or they will pay the price tenfold that you will pay.

See you there, and hopefully for you, only the ones I expect.

The Leader of the Red Spirits

Bolin starts to doubt

Bolin is scared by the note.

"Do we have a choice?" Bolin asked, scared by the note and the message on it.

"I don't think so, if we want to solve this mystery, we have to use every clue we have," Mako said.

"Kyoshi Bridge at midnight it is."

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