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The Red Spirits - Chapter Seven: Return the Favor Under Kyoshi Bridge
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the 5th of February, 2015

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Mako, Bolin, Korra and Lin are going to Kyoshi Bridge at night for a meeting with the Red Spirits. What they face there, however, isn't what they expected. (Or is it....?)


Water under Kyoshi Bridge, night of the meeting

Korra, Mako, Lin and Bolin were aboard a boat that was travelling towards the water under Kyoshi Bridge. When they got there, the leader of the Red Spirits was standing on water. As they closed in on him, they heard the man's muffled shouts. The shouts were muffled by the traffic that was on top of the bridge, making his shouts only hearable for those who were on the water.

"Stop the boat, and enter the island where I'm standing on," he shouted.

"But there ain't no island h-" Korra started, but got cut off by a rumbling noise. They looked into the water, and an island was slowly rising from the sea, with the leader standing on it. For the rest was the island empty, as there was nothing more they needed.

"Go stand in the front, about ten metres away from me. Otherwise there will be no talking at all," he said, now more quiet.

Korra, Bolin, Mako and Lin did as they were told. The four of them stepped on the island and they walked towards the leader. They stopped ten metres away from the leader, like he said. Korra was the first one to speak:

"Why are you doing this?"

"Haven't you got the message yet? We want safety," the leader replied.

"Safety for who?" asked Lin, curious to know with what he would respond.

"Safety for the everyday non-bender citizen. We protect the citizens from the Triple Threats. Why? Because the police doesn't have the time/manpower to do it. And if they do, they only fight crime when they get called or when they see it. But the reason you don't get called, is that the citizens who watch these crimes happen are also oppressed by the Triple Threats. The reason that you fail to fight all the crime, is because crime happens everywhere around you cops. But you don't see it. If you don't see it, you won't do anything and if you won't do anything, they can just go on. That's where we come in. We fight the crime that you won't see, and you will never see until you clean the streets of Republic City from the Triple Threats and other Triads. Until that day comes, the day that every last Triad has left the city, we will make sure every non-bender citizen is safe from their wrath. And anyone who stands in our way, will face the consequences. But you already experienced that, didn't you?" the man responded, and the four benders needed some time to process everything he said, and sadly, it was true. Everything he said was true.

"But why would we stop you?" Bolin said, and Mako facepalmed himself.

"Didn't you know? DIDN'T YOU FUCKING KNOW THAT YOU WERE THERE IN THE AMBUSH TO STOP US?!?" the man snapped back at him, making Bolin shiver and tears started swelling up in his eyes.

"The reason that you would stop us, is that what we do isn't legal," the leader said the last word with an irritating voice, which made Mako snort.

"Don't you blame legal on this madness!" Mako shouted, while he started to heat up.

"Oh, what would you do? What would you do when people get intimidated, threatened or even worse hurt? What would you do when you walk past an alley and people are beating up innocent non-benders? WHAT WOULD YOU FUCKING DO?!?!?" the man yelled, making Mako heat up even more. He was ready to strike if the leader would say anything more that would insult legality.

"What would you do when-" he started, but he got cut off by Mako. "FUCK YOU!" he yelled while he started moving his arms in circular motions while sparks gathered at his fingertips. The rest stepped back a few steps for safety.

The rest stood back while Mako had a long stream of lightning and was ready to shoot it at the man. He didn't move nor flinch, while Mako took aim and shot it right at him. He caught the lightning with one hand and redirected it into the sky. The thunder roared through the night sky, while everyone in Republic City could see the lightning up in the sky, it went that high. When the lightning had dissolved, the leader whistled. The waterbender ascended from the water, and the earthbender lifted herself out of the water with a slab of earth.

"Do it," he said, and the waterbender made such a large wave, it could easily be caused by a tsunami. The earthbender however first made a tremor from the slab to the island, which nobody could stop. After they regained their balance, the wave hit the small island, stunning everybody in the process. For everyone, the lights went out. And they didn't turn on for a long time.

Kyoshi Bridge, the following morning at noon

Lin was the first one to regain consciousness, but she wasn't on the island. She was on Kyoshi Bridge, which wasn't filled with Satomobiles, for some reason. She looked to her right and she saw her officers restraining reporters and citizens, who were eager to know what happened. She stood up, still dizzy from the wave that hit them. Her sight was blurry, and she tried walking towards a blur, which was officer Saikhan. However, she almost fell and had to grab the railing. Saikhan came walking to her, saying: "Chief, are you alright?"

"No," she said, her sight slowly returning. "What happened after we went down?"

"We found you unconscious on the bridge, so we cleared the bridge and started restraining the citizens and reporters," Saikhan replied, relieved to see the chief awake.

"Where are the Red Spirits?" she asked with a raised eyebrow, which disappeared after she saw the disappointing look on Saikhan's face.

"We don't know where they are, but they left a note," he said.

"Bring it to me," she said. Saikhan nodded and walked away. Lin turned around and saw the others waking up.

"Where are we?" Korra asked.

"What happened?" Bolin said to no one in particular.

"Where are those bastards!?!" Mako exclaimed.

"Easy now, your questions can be answered soon. Not now," Lin said, while Saikhan returned with a piece of paper in his hand.

"Here it is," he said, handing the note.

"Good, wait for my orders," she replied, while she took the note.

"Copy," he said. He walked away.

"You got to read this," Lin said, while holding the note. They got up and walked over to Lin. They peaked over her shoulder to read the note.

This stood on it:

I told you, don't involve police. They will pay for it tenfold. Wait for it......

Then, they heard an explosion.

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