Republic City streets at night
The People with the Masks
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The Red Spirits





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the 11th of January 2015

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The Legend of Korra

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Chapter Two: Visting an Old Friend


Triple Threat Triads are getting beat up in the night by strange people.


Republic City alley

The alley the two people stood in.

It was a rainy night in Republic City. The sun was setting and the people who were wise where returning to their homes, as in the Triple Threat Triad territory, it was not safe at night. But in an alley - the kind of alley you get mugged in - way back at the end stood two people, totally dressed in black with their hoods so far over their heads that they were covered completely.

-"Do you think he has the intel to pull this off?" A woman said.

-"Have you ever doubted him?" The other said. "No, but you never know. These Triad members are hard to track down, even harder to predict their next move."

-"I know, but he has some sources that might give him the information he needs."

As they spoke, a man was walking towards them, so silent that even the smallest creature in the alley couldn't hear him. He was so sneaky that even a single light beam could not cover a tiny part of his black clothes.

-"Good evening ladies, I presume the plan for today's trip is all set," he said.

The ladies didn't even flinch when he spoke, because they were used to the sneaky approach. "Everything is set, only we miss the last piece of the puzzle. We were hoping that you have the piece."

"As a matter of fact, I do. According to my source, the Triple Threat Triad is going to visit a music shop right across the street. Our plan is to strike when they have not entered yet." The man was 100 percent sure of the plan.

"How are we going to handle the members? They sure aren't going to be defenceless," the first woman asked.

-"I have thought of that. As we are not yet known, I shall handle them alone to express our power," he explained to the women.

-"And so that you can show off your sword fighting skills," the second woman said, with a grin on her face.

-"Very funny, but no," he said.

With that he left the ladies and at the right time the Triad showed up. He approached them, and said: "Excuse me but do you know where the restroom is?"

One of the members turned around and responded with: "How about I kick your ass?"

"Wrong answer," he replied and he gave the man a punch in his stomach. The man groaned and fell down on the ground in pain. "Aww shit, you are in trouble now," a fellow gang member said as he made a stone pillar and kicked it right to the man in black. He stepped aside to dodge the pillar and gave the attacker an uppercut which broke his jaw. Before the last member could do anything, the man attacked him with a series of attacks which were the following: a kick in his stomach, two punches in the crotch and finally a kick in his forehead that knocked him out cold.

While he was fighting the members of the Triad, Mako was walking at the other side of the street. When the last member fell, he sprinted to the man while shouting: "Police! Stop where you are!"

The man said: "No, you will feel the wrath of the Red Spirits. Not yet, but soon." He turned around, and he revealed his face.

"A Red Mask!" Mako said, and two seconds later, he was gone.

How am I going to stop these maniacs? Mako thought. It looks like a new threat has appeared in Republic City, and I will need the Avatar to stop it.

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