Aang Memorial Island
The Red Spirits - Chapter Nine: The Showdown; Part 1: Battle on Aang Memorial Island
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The Red Spirits





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the 13th of February 2015 (Friday the 13th!!)

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Chapter Eight: Boom Boom Pow

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Chapter Ten: The Showdown; Part 2: Match Point


The two sides fight the battle they were supposed to fight when their destinies clashed.


Aang Memorial Island, nightfall

The man stood with his two companions on Aang Memorial Island under the statue of Aang. They looked towards the city. It wasn't burning anymore, and the civilians returned to their homes. The police headquarters was destroyed though, and that would be the same for a couple of days. The police (what remained of it) was busy with clearing debris, so no one would watch the island as they did before. Air Temple Island was the temporary HQ, it was anything but strategic. Ferries were going to the Island every twenty minutes, because the officers had to report in person. The man's gaze was attracted by a boat that was becoming bigger and bigger by the second. He murmured:

"I'm sorry Aang, but it's going to hurt."

He motioned his companions to stand by his side, and as they did, they looked at the docks, where the boat was gradually slowing down. The boat was docked a few minutes later and Korra, Mako and Bolin were walking towards them. Bolin shivered a second, as he saw the three people in detail for the first time. He recovered quickly but was still scared for a bit, because he knew what damage they could inflict. He let the thought stay in the back of his head while the two groups of benders stood under Aang's statue.

"So, we stand face to face again. I hope you aren't going to fuck it up like last time," the leader said.

"Oh, I'm sure I won't fuck it up. Because you're going to get fucked!" Korra yelled, whilst pulling a metal knife from her sleeve and throwing it towards the leader. Its speed was incredible, but that didn't matter. Before the knife could hit his mask (and his ... face underneath), it stopped. It stopped like the second attack of the Red Spirits, the metal was just floating in the air, not within Korra's control. As it turned out, the woman to the right of the leader (so the earthbender) had the palm of her hand in the direction of the metal. She clenched her hand into a fist, and the metal fell onto the ground. It lay there for a few milliseconds before Korra shot multiple air streams towards the masked benders. They, however, moved out of the way like a natural airbender.

How did they do that? Korra thought, while Mako and Bolin thought the same.

Like they caught their thoughts, the leader said: "Yeah, didn't expect that did you? Let's do some more things that you didn't expect!" He pulled a device out of his robes while the earthbender and waterbender made walls using their elements. They took cover behind the walls, whilst the Krew started their organized attack on the defences. The strange device was a glove with something attached on top. The leader put some wires into his arms, probably for the device. It made a rumbling noise and the device was activated. A tattoo was at the tip of the kind of gun that was attached. He started to breathe in and out heavily, while Mako, Bolin and Korra were tearing down the defences.

"I need a little more time, strike at them to slow them down or knock them back!" the leader said, still breathing heavily. The two benders nodded and started to chuck rocks and shoot ice daggers at the Krew, who had to back up to defend themselves for another attack. They took cover while the two benders held their positions. They stopped when they saw the leader nodding, the signal that they should stop. The leader was almost ready when they started to attack again. They broke through the ice wall, but they were blasted back as the leader stepped out with his device. He breathed in and, when he breathed out, a combustion blast came out of the device. Korra, Mako and Bolin didn't react in time as they took the hit head on. The three stood up, pain rushing through their bodies, as the rest of the Red Spirits came out of their hiding place. The leader of the Red Spirits didn't attack them; instead, he stood there watching as the Avatar and her friends were slowly trying to bend, but they couldn't. They were too weak, and all three of them passed out after a couple of minutes.

"What should we do with them?" the waterbender asked. She had a kind voice, and most people wouldn't imagine a kind woman doing such things like beating up Triads and later the Avatar. What almost everybody wouldn't expect is when a kind and caring woman like her would blow up parts of the city!!! You're talking about blowing things up for fuck's sake! Who would think of a person that blows up parts of a city, and imagine a kind and caring woman? I bet no one does! But, you can't change the truth, and the truth is she was there when everything happened.

"Heal their wounds. The battle will continue on, but not now. We'll confront them with another battle here," the leader responded, showing slight hints of compassion towards the Krew members.

"The battle will continue."

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