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First Things First
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The Red Spirits





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Chapter Thirteen: First Encounter

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Asami learns about the Red Spirits, while Korra, Mako and Bolin go on an investigation using Asami's necklace. What they find, isn't something they expected or wanted to find.


She tried to talk, but she couldn't, due to the blankets still covering her mouth. When the leader noticed that she was trying to talk, he bent down and removed the cloth. When it fell down on the ground, she started to pant, and not just slowly, but 'out of breath' kind of panting. The leader only looked at her, without saying anything. When she caught her breath again, she spoke in the same soft voice like the leader spoke to her some moments ago. However, the leader's teeth didn't cringe like Asami's did.

"Why did you do this? Why me?"

"Hmmmmm, that is an interesting question. But to answer it, you need to answer some of my questions. First of all, who is Amon?" the leader replied, using the same soft voice that he used earlier.

"Why plays Amon a role in why you kidnapped me? That guy is dead for over FIVE YEARS for fuck's sake!"

"Amon doesn't play a role, his ideologies play a role. You didn't answer my question. WHO IS AMON?" the leader replied, his voice rising while repeating his question. You would think that his anger took over his body, but he could restrain himself before it happened.

Asami sighed heavily, and her eyes almost teared up. Amon was not something she liked talking about.

"Amon was a waterbender who wanted equality by getting rid of bending."

"Correct. Now, do you think that he was right or wrong?"


"Compare Amon with us," he said, which made Asami gasp. That was not a question she expected. This made her think. She heard the whole story from Mako, and honestly, they had a lot of similarities: both parties wanted equality, both used force, both attacked the police, both fought with the Avatar and both parties' main focus was on non-benders. But there were differences: Amon wanted total control, which the Red Spirits didn't want. Also, Amon wanted to totally get rid of bending, whilst the Red Spirits only wanted to make it easier for non-bending civilians, and a lot more. This left Asami kind of stunned, but she was still angry about why they kidnapped her.

"Well, nice information, but WHY DID YOU KIDNAP ME?!" Asami yelled.

"How do you fight Triple Threat Triads, without your bending friends, your technology and with only knives, swords or duo dai swords? Tell me that," the leader said, TOTALLY ignoring Asami's question.

"I-I-I...would....use my hands to knock them out," Asami replied, stuttering at first but regaining her composure at the end.

"Remember, these aren't the usual dumb and untrained triads. These, are actual fighters. They won't allow you to get so close to them that you can actually use your hands. What is your answer now when you know this?" the leader asked. Now Asami needed to think. What could she do? Try to bend? Aw HELL NO! Wait! Suddenly it hit Asami. THE SWORDS! She could use those!

"I could utilise the swords," she answered, feeling her confidence coming back.

"But could you actually fight with them?" the leader retorted.

"No....." Asami replied, her head hanging down. She didn't think of that; without proper training, she would be killed as easily as when she would use her hands.

"That's why we kidnapped you. To teach you how to use knives, swords and finally, duo dai swords. We kidnapped you to train you in the art of swordsmanship, and since you probably wouldn't cooperate when I asked the nice way, I needed to use the hard way. We kidnapped you, so that when a situation like I described happens, you'd know how to defend yourself."

There was a silence on Asami's end. This was not the answer she expected when she first asked the question. However, this answer did make Asami wonder something else.

"Wait! What does thing have to do with the mission that you have? You know, more safety for the non-bending citizen?" she asked.

"Well, if I can train you, why can't I train other non-bending citizens as well? If they can defend themselves from bad benders like Triple Threats, then our mission is complete and I can finally pick up my real life," he said.

"Let me tell you something," he said, while crouching down in front of her, "I may be a bender, but I know how it feels to be tyrannized by benders. I'm doing this, to teach you and moreover, to let you not feel the way I did. Now, do you want to be trained or not?"

"I think--" Asami started, but she couldn't finish her sentence since Korra, Mako and Bolin burst through one of the supporting walls, causing a tremor. The walls of the cavern cracked, but none of the Red Spirits even budged; they had experience with these kinds of situations.

"Let's go!" the leader shouted, while he took Asami over his right shoulder and ran away together with his companions.

"ASAMI!!!!!!" Korra yelled, while she tried to engage with the leader, but when he turned around, she saw visions that she hadn't seen in a couple of days. She collapsed on the floor, her head flooded with questions. All she could do, was cry. And that was what she did. She lay there, and cried.

During Asami's conversation with the leader, Asami's mansion

Seeing Asami's necklace made Korra tear up again. It was just too painful for her. But this pain also caused something else to grow inside Korra besides tears; something that became bigger and bigger every second that she looked at her beautiful necklace, and that something was determination. And this new determination made Korra sharp like she was when she first came to Republic City: full of energy and a short temper. She was ready to save Asami, and the necklace would be her clue. She got out of Asami's bed, walked over to Mako, took the necklace out of his hand, motioned the brothers to follow and walked together with them out of the house. Using Lin's officers to clear the path, they got through easily and were on their way to Air Temple Island within 10 minutes.

Air Temple Island ferry

Korra, Mako and Bolin on the ferry.

Arriving at the shore of Air Temple Island, Korra had informed the two guys about her plan; Naga would sniff at the necklace, picking up Asami's scent which they would use to track her down. When the ferry was slowing down, the three of them wasted not a single second and jumped out of the boat before it even had stopped moving completely. While Korra would get Naga, Mako and Bolin would clear every possible point of takeoff so that they could leave immediately in any direction possible. So that is what they did. Korra, enhancing with airbending, sprinted to her room where Naga was laying. When she opened the door to her room, Naga raised her head, getting excited to see her owner. Korra patted her pet, and showed the necklace to her. She looked at it with pure excitement, while Korra whispered softly: "Find her, Naga. Find her." Hearing that, Naga started sniffing, and when she caught vague parts of her scent, her eyes went wide and her nose went straight to the floor. Sniffing around the room, she caught the direction in which Asami's scent was going, and signaled Korra. She, in turn, signaled the brothers by shooting a fireball up in the air. They noticed immediately and within merely seconds, they were on Naga's back who was swimming now.

Naga followed Asami's scent all over Republic City, but when they arrived at her mansion, she suddenly stopped. Like a robot, she systematically started sniffing in all possible directions, and before either Korra or the others could react, she caught the most recent, and therefore strongest, scent of Asami and took off towards the mountains. Her passengers were startled for a couple seconds, but when Korra noticed what Naga was doing, she wanted to pick up the pace more and Naga did so. Only this 'pick up the pace' thing didn't suit Mako and Bolin well; they still hadn't adapted to being on Naga's back, but it was decent.

Arriving at the foot of the mountain, Naga pointed to the wall in front of them, meaning that Asami was behind that wall. The three benders got off Naga's back and Korra said to her, "Stay here, girl." After saying that, she looked to both Bolin and Mako, who both nodded. She focused on the wall in front of her. Don't worry, Asami, I'm here for you.

After tearing down the wall, she quickly scanned the room and found Asami right next to someone else. She heard his voice, and for a second she thought that she heard that voice. That voice only matched that person. And it was indeed that person, and when she saw his mask, vague flashes of him standing on ice raged through her head. Before that happened, she yelled, "ASAMI!!!!!!" but it was a lost cause. She collapsed after she saw the visions, and everything she did the next, eight hours or so, was crying. She laid on the cold stone floor and cried. Nobody engaged her, and nobody asked questions. She cried like she would if Asami died.

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