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The Red Spirits - Chapter Four: Assault
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The Red Spirits





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the 23rd of January 2015

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The image used isn't the actual hospital, but I couldn't find anything else. Still, enjoy the chapter!


Korra and Mako receive two messages, and start the assault.



The hospital the triads were treated in

Mako and Korra arrived at the hospital that treated the injured triads. When they went inside, the journalists turned around and started taking pictures of Korra. She and Mako waded through the sea of journalists until they reached Lin. She was standing behind a row of officers, and when Korra and Mako passed the officers, she nodded slightly. The officers started pushing the journalists back, giving Korra and Mako time to regain their breath and talk to Lin.

"Follow me, I know where they are," Lin said. "Walk up the stairs and take the first door on your left. You should find the man with the message there."

"Thanks," Korra replied, and she and Mako walked up the stairs leading to the leader of the Triads that were attacked. When they entered, the leader sat up in his hospital bed. His chest had a large scar covering his upper torso.

"Oh, it's you," he said, his voice hiding a slight sarcastic tone.

"Yes, it's me. Are you going to tell what you know or what?" Korra replied, annoyed by his tone.

"Does it look like I can do anything else?" He said, his voice dripping with sarcasm and annoyance.

"Don't get all sarcastic, I can hurt you until you stop if you continue now!" Korra said, her voice filled with anger.

"Okay, okay, sheesh," he said, now with a calmer tone.

"The man - a firebender - said that you should stay out of their way, or you would face the consequences."

"WHAT?!?" Korra shouted. "Who do these people think they are, threatening me like that!"

While Korra was getting furious, Mako had a puzzling look on his face. How did they know that the Avatar was coming to Republic City? He thought.

Korra noticed his look and asked: "What's wrong?"

"Nothing, nothing," Mako quickly replied, giving away that he was hiding something. "Come on, we're done here," he said, motioning to the door.

They left the room and later the hospital, with assistance of the police. The day went over quickly, with Korra and Mako talking to people who saw the Red Spirits, and questioning some Triads about them as well.

When the sun was setting, they decided to call it a day but needed a place to stay. "What about Air Temple Island? I'm pretty sure Tenzin could give us a place to stay," Korra said, while they were walking through the busy streets.

"Okay, that sounds like a plan," Mako replied, and they went to Air Temple Island. When they arrived, the sun had set and the stars lighted up the sky. They went to the main yard and shouted: "The Avatar has returned!"

A second later, they heard a window open, and a groggy Tenzin popped out and said: "God damnit, who is shouting? It's fucking 1 o'clock in the night!"

"Sorry Tenzin, I was wondering if we could stay here," Korra replied, with a slight tone of shame in it.

"Sure, just go to your old sleeping place, it's empty," Tenzin said, while yawning.

"Okay, see ya tomorrow!" Mako said, while Tenzin closed his window while muttering: "I wish they didn't come here!"

Korra and Mako went to the sleeping quarters and they both went in their separate rooms. Korra immediately fell on the bed and went out like a light.

Korra looking out

Korra looking out the window for someone

She awoke when she heard her name. She went to the window and opened it. It was about 4 o'clock and she looked down. A woman stood underneath her window and said: "Catch this!" When she said that, an ice spear emerged from her coat and struck the top of the sealing above her, just missing her head. She stumbled back, falling on the floor in the process. When she stood up again, the woman was gone. There was a note attached to the spear, which she grabbed.

When she opened it, this stood on it: Make another move, and you will regret it. We will succeed in our quest for safety, and if you stand again in our way, we will take you down. For good!

She was taken aback by it, and went immediately to Mako's room. He also had received the message, and said to her: "What are we going to do?"

"We're going on the assault. And start the hunt of the Red Spirits," she replied, before she went back to her room and thought: I hope I can stop those maniacs, or else...

With that last thought, she went to sleep.

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