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The Red Spirits - Chapter Five: The Hunt
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Mako and Korra get visited by Lin, and she has a clue that turns the tides.


The next morning, Korra and Mako woke up wondering what actually happened last night. But it came back when they read the note again:

Make another move, and you will regret it. We will succeed in our quest for safety, and if you stand again in our way, we will take you down. For good!

After breakfast they didn't know where to go. They were just standing on the dock, looking at the skyline of Republic City. Their peaceful moment was interrupted by a police boat that was advancing fast towards them. On the boat stood Lin.

"Lin, what are you doing here?" Korra asked, surprised by her visit.

"I'm here because we found a crucial clue regarding the Red Spirits case," Lin replied.

"So, where is the clue?" Mako asked, wondering what it could be.

"It's at the police station, but we have to hurry. Get in the boat!" Lin replied, with haste in her voice.

"No, I'm going on my own. It's faster than your boat," Korra said, with a slight tone of "I'm too good for that".

"I'll go with the boat, then we could discuss what the clue is about," said Mako.

Why Mako, what's wrong with waterbending and a strong Avatar? Korra thought, trying to stay calm. If you want to prove that you still have feelings for him, you get on that boat RIGHT NOW! said the tiny voice in her head.

"Wait, I do want to go with the boat!" Korra shouted, realising too late that she was shouting.

"Okay, just get in." Lin said, calmly. With that said, Korra and Mako walked towards the boat and stepped on it.

The boat started its engine, and they left Air Temple Island with a rush. They walked inside a room and sat down on two couches.

"Okay, so what's the clue about?" Mako asked, very curious about the thing.

"It's a map of Republic City with headquarters of some Triads marked, and some times were on it as well. Probably the times of attack," Lin said, while the boat was closing in on the harbor.

"When is the attack?" asked Korra, now curious and ready for action.

"Tonight. If the map is correct, they strike several headquarters tonight," Lin replied.

"Are there any signs of the launch point of the attack?" Mako asked, hoping she had the answer that was positive.

"No, there aren't any signs of the launch point," Lin replied, with disappointment.

"Okay, just wondering," Mako replied, clearly showing his disappointment.

When they arrived in the harbor, Lin, Korra and Mako immediately stepped on the dock and went to Lin's car. They used the car to get to the police station, where they went to a room with a very old map on a table in the middle.

Republic City map

The map where the strategies were planned on.

"Here is it, we can plan our strategies from this map. I think that we should set up barricades for protection." Lin said, while pointing at strategic points on the map.

"Are you sure that they will attack the marked locations," Korra said. "Because it could easily be a trap."

"Do you have any other ideas about taking them down?" replied Lin, starting to get pissed off. "If you do, you should speak up NOW!"

"Okay, okay, jeez I was just suggesting something," Korra said.

Lin said: "I'll be back, just stay here." With that she left the room.

You're alone with Mako, show that you still have feelings for him! said the tiny voice in her head. Okay, okay easy now. I'm sure he doesn't have feelings for me anymore.

How can you be so sure when you aren't hitting on him? Try it out and you will have your answer, the tiny voice replied, making Korra considering the offer.

What can go wrong? she thought, preparing some lines with the secret message: I still have feelings for you.

After the awkward silence, Korra started the conversation.

"What have you been up to?" she asked to Mako, waiting for the response.

"You know, police work and stuff," he replied, still not knowing what's going on.

"Okay, and how's the police work going?" Korra asked, eager to know if he was finding out what was going on.

"Oh, you know, normal. Investigating, writing reports, all the things a detective has to do. Why are you suddenly interested in my work? Do you want to become a detective?" Mako replied, starting to suspect that something was going on.

"No, I just didn't see you for a long time, so I wanted to catch up with you on how you're doing," Korra replied. And if you still have feelings for me!!! she thought.

"Korra, you sound like you're hiding something. What is it?" Mako asked, irritated.

"N-No-Nothing, really nothing," Korra stuttered quickly, hoping that he didn't get angry.

"SPIT IT OUT NOW!" Mako shouted, anger taking over his voice and body.

"I just h-" Korra started, but she got cut off by Lin, who entered the room and said, "I rallied every officer that I could muster, and the TTT are also willing to co-operate."

"What's going on, is something wrong?"

"No Lin, me and Korra were just talking," Mako replied, his voice hinting sarcasm.

"No time to talk, come on!" Lin said, while motioning the two to follow. They walked back to Lin's car and they drove off into the city.

Republic City, the night of the attack

Mako, Korra, Bolin, Lin, metalbending officers and TTT members were hiding behind the earth and metal barricades that were set up. Korra and Mako picked up Bolin in the city that afternoon because he could be useful for setting up traps. Anyhow, they were crouching behind the barricades, waiting for the Red Spirits to show up.

"Are you sure they would attack tonight and right here?" Bolin whispered to Lin.

"We have no other leads, this was the only thing that we could do to stand a chance," Lin whispered back.

"I don't think that they will show up." Korra said, while standing up and giving away her cover.

As if on cue, a man dressed in black with a Red Spirits mask stepped out of the shadows and into the view of Korra. Korra noticed him quickly and motioned the rest to stand up. Mako, Bolin and Lin stood up and faced the man head on.

The man said: "Well well well, look who took the bait. Did you really think that you could plan an assault on us? We have proved to know when and where to strike."

"You there, stand down and we won't have to hurt you!" Lin shouted.

"Me, hurt me? Hahaha, I'm not going to be hurt," the man replied, self-confidence making his words stronger then they were.

"Do you have anything to say for yourself before you get arrested?" Mako shouted now, not very confident.

"Just four words," the man replied, not flinching or moving at all.

"Well, spit it out!" Korra shouted, waiting for the answer.

"Yippee ki yay, motherfucker!"

Lightning attack

The lightning the man shot at the Krew.

That was the last thing the four heard; the man was the last thing they saw before a white flashing light blinded them and a deep sounding boom followed by an explosion happened in front of them.


  • The fact that this chapter took so long is because I was working on another fanon: Destiny of Two.

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