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The Red Spirits - Chapter Fifteen: Keep Her Going
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Asami starts training under the tutelage of the leader, while Korra has another (but this time smaller) breakdown.


They were panting when they entered another cave. This time, there was plenty of light. The room was quite big, with crystals providing the light which was quite excellent. After the Red Spirits were inside the cave and the area was clear, Asami was put down on the ground again. She was pissed, and the leader would pay the price.

"WHY did you have to carry me? It was not like I was in danger. My friends wouldn't hurt me or anything!" Asami yelled. She was angry and for a good reason. Everything changed so fast these past two days. She was kidnapped first of all, she met the Red Spirits in person for the first time and when she had to make an important decision, Korra burst in which made them travel for another whole day. They didn't even have the chance to see real light! The only light they had was from a flame that the leader carried in the palm of his hand. Nothing more.

"My apologies. I knew that your friends wouldn't hurt you, but the possibility was present and I wanted to prevent it. I'm sorry," the leader replied, his head hung down. Asami knew that he really was sorry. However, another thing was wondering around in her head.

"Okay, but why did you carry me through all those other caves even though the danger was gone?" she asked, slightly annoyed.

"Didn't you enjoy it, not walking?" he replied, hiding a small smirk under his mask.

"Touché," she said, knowing that he was right and that she lost. There was a disturbing silence in the room. Nobody spoke or did anything, they were all deep in thought. Well, not all of them. The earthbender was bored, so to break the silence, she coughed a couple of times. Since it didn't work, she coughed again, only this time adding a tremor. And that did it. They all snapped out of it, and realized that they didn't bring any food with them. As if on cue, four stomachs were rumbling at the same time, disturbing all the peaceful sounds of the small creatures in the cave.

"Let's eat!" the leader said, while he and the other Red Spirits went to one of the outer walls. They were outside in the open air without realization in mere seconds, thanks to two small movements. They all felt the clean breeze slowly creeping up at their faces, and the fresh air embraced their bodies like your best friend giving you a hug; it is very lovely to feel. The fresh air raised their spirits, and Asami felt all the pressure and hurt fly off her body like the wind. They were sitting in a circle for the next hour or so, eating berries, other kinds of fruit and pieces of meat. There was a small fire in the middle, and it was cozy. Having the fire warming up the air around them, the cold breeze wasn't cold anymore, but more cool like. After eating, they decided to get back inside and start with the training. Asami thought that the Leader would start with easy exercises; oh she was WRONG!

A dagger was tossed to her, and because Asami didn't expect that, it fell on the ground. When she picked it up, she saw the Leader, who was running towards her, his dagger in his right hand, which was in such a fashion that he could throw it right at her. And, what do you know, he did exactly just that. Asami could get killed instantly, but she dodged the dagger by just mere centimeters. When the dagger flew past her and ended in one of the walls of the cave, which cracked when the dagger went into it, she yelled:

"What the FUCK! What are you doing?!"

"I believe in learning on the job," he said, while he grabbed another dagger from his sleeve. He charged at her with quick jabs and Asami could barely handle his fury. This 'training exercise' was supposed to take five minutes, but it turned out to be thirty seconds. What happened was that Asami only blocked with a certain movement, and when the Leader found a way to use that movement against her, it was finished quite fast. Asami needed some time to recover, and when she calmed down, anger was the only emotion present.

She lay in her bed, shivering and sweating, tossing and turning. She was dreaming, but not a very pleasant dream.

Korra was ready. She would rescue Asami, and they would go home together. She blasted through the wall with brute force, causing a cave-in. Pillars came falling down, so did many loose rocks from the ceiling. The whole cave was shaking, and cracks, coming from the wall destroyed by Korra, were spreading through the cave like a contagious disease. While the cave was going down, Korra spotted Asami in the center of the cave. However, a man was standing before her, with his back towards Korra.

"ASAMI!!" Korra yelled, charging at the man, hoping to rescue Asami before the falling pillars or the man would kill her. She braced herself for the coming fight, and she wanted nothing else than saving Asami and declaring her love for her again. However, no fight or something else took place. Still, Korra would end up on the lost side of the fight. So, what did this 'man' do? Well, he took off his mask, and stared into Korra's eyes. Korra, however, didn't stare back directly into his eyes. This was because she couldn't see his face, it was only a blur for her. This blur forced her to her knees, and she could only watch how a big part of the cave crashed down on the man and Asami. And before she started screaming and sobbing, she could hear the man chuckle. Then, he said the words that made Korra wake up: "I'll be back."

Korra shot up from her pillow, screaming a little bit at first, but after some seconds, those screams became sobs. She was laying in her bed, in her room on Air Temple Island, and this was her worst experience since Zaheer. She couldn't bear the idea of Asami not being with her right now, even though she was fine with it before Asami returned to Republic City. This breakdown made her more lesbian like, meaning that her attraction to for example Mako was becoming less. But that wasn't really important for her now. All she wanted now was her Asami back.

"Now, have you learned anything?" the leader asked, after Asami had regained her composure a bit.

"Yeah, that I shouldn't trust you!" she yelled back. This was not the first time that she got in a near-death experience, but this time she got tricked, and that was the part that angered her.

"That's true. You shouldn't trust me, because I am some guy with a mask that calls himself the leader of the Red Spirits. Actually, I don't want to teach you," the leader said, while he shouted a language foreign to Asami to the earthbender of the Red Spirits, who was standing bored in the corner. After she had walked over to the two, the leader said:

"Please escort our guest to the exit."

With that said, the earthbender had lifted the ground on which Asami was standing on, and she had moved it to the exit of the cave, which appeared out of nowhere.

"Follow the tunnel and you will find yourself back in Republic City within two days," she shouted after her.

"I will!" Asami yelled back. And with that, Asami disappeared from the sight of the Red Spirits.

Asami was walking through the tunnel, and she was kind of.... happy. She was free! She was thinking about escaping since the first moment she was in a cave together with the Red Spirits for the first time. That was making her think. I mean, who wouldn't? Those people are sick in their heads with their plans and such. Training me in the art of swordsmanship....HA! I'm relieved that I am away from them. Just two more days until I'm back in Republic City, and then I can pick up my life again. But... their mission was quite good... What am I thinking?! I'm leaving them. What I should think about is how Korra is doing. Is she alright or did she have another breakdown?

Her bad feeling had changed a bit, and it was into a better feeling. That could only mean one thing: Asami managed to escape!

This raised the hopes for Korra, and even though she was still in pain, she got up from her bed and opened her door. She crossed the hall and went into Mako's room. Fortunately, he was in there with his clothes on, and the sight of Korra moving made him smile. He walked over to her and she said: "Asami has escaped! I can feel it!"

Hearing the good news made Mako's smile grow even wider, but he was still concerned about Korra's well being. After all, she spent the last two nights alone in her bed, so much movement could seriously hurt. And it did. For Korra, moving a single muscle was already hurting so much like tripping over a rock with the speed of 20 kilometers per hour. So walking and talking were actions that she was trying to avoid. But now that she knew that Asami had escaped, pure joy took over the pain and made it less, making Korra walk and talk easier. The pain wasn't totally gone though, and after a few minutes, Korra went back to her room to rest. She fell asleep in her bed with a good feeling, a bright feeling.

After half an hour pondering, Asami had made up her mind; she would go back and help, not only her, but indirectly every non-bender in the whole world.

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