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The Red Spirits - Chapter Eleven: The Showdown; Part 3: Riddles in the Dark
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The Red Spirits





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the 19th of February, 2015

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1,882 words (longest chapter yet!)

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Chapter Ten: The Showdown; Part 2: Match Point

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Chapter Twelve: Reappearance


Korra has entered the Avatar state and fights with the leader. She gets too much Riddles in the Dark while fighting the leader, and eventually, he vanishes.


The wind was roaring over Aang Memorial Island that night. It was silent for most of the evening, until the wind got called towards the island. No one knew why; well, no one who wasn't on the island that is. The citizens from Republic City didn't know what was going on at Aang Memorial Island; Yue Bay was closed because of the recent attacks on the city. But when they heard loud sounds and saw currents of wind gathering at the island, they were wondering what was going on. Nobody in the city (except one) knew what was going on. Some people wanted to find out, but they got restrained by the police, who didn't want civilians to get involved in something they couldn't handle. But when the following happened, they were more eager to know what was going on; a loud roar, impossible to not hear within the city, came from the island, and shortly after, a dot floated up into the sky. Nobody knew who that was or what it was, until five large streams of fire came from her hands, feet and mouth. Suddenly, they all knew what was going on: The Avatar was in the Avatar State, and she would wreak havoc on those who were on the island, possibly destroying the island in the process. Then, a very, very, VERY big wave crashed down like thunder onto the island, while a stream of water came up to the Avatar and joined her arsenal of elements. Last but not least, tremors could be heard all across the city, and a circle of rocks elevated from the surface to the floating Avatar, which she took in with no hesitation. She floated there for a couple of minutes, the people in the city didn't know what was going on, before another dot soared into the sky and she followed it. That was the last thing the citizens of Republic City saw of the Avatar that night.

POV from the island

The leader stood there as Korra ascended into the dark night. He didn't flinch nor budge, as he knew that his fate was upon him and that this battle needed to be fought. He looked around the island, and saw his companions laying several metres away from him. They were knocked out, and he knew that they willingly chose to go with him. He remembered that day like it was yesterday:


"Come on, we are ready! We can go with you and will go with you, no matter what the consequences of our actions are! The earthbender shouted, annoyed that they hadn't left yet for the United Republic of Nations.

"So you know that you have to give up part of your easy life? You know that you will be hunted, possibly captured or even killed? You are willing to give up your piss-easy life to work in the shadows, beating up baddies without getting paid?

She was silent for a moment, thinking about his words. "Yes, I am willing to do that. I've done it before so why not?"

He turned to the waterbender, and said to her: "Are you willing to go with me?"

"Yes I am," she replied, confident that she would follow him until death would part them. That confidence disappeared when the leader spoke the following:

"Are you willing to give up your live, but most important, are you willing to let people suffer? Are you willing to hurt those who haven't hurt you directly? Are you willing to hurt those who aren't really wanting to get hurt? Are you willing to follow me and my other companion to the bitter end, when the times are tough and when the times are joyful?

She had to think about this for a pretty long time. His words made her emotional, remembering her past actions and especially, one specific person came in her mind. She left the living room and went to her bedroom of the shack. She dropped instantly on her bed when she opened the door. She didn't have her mask yet, and she started crying a little. Two, three, four and later eighty-six tears had fallen from her eyes onto the bedsheets of her bed. She remembered the person again, and imagined him talking to her. She made herself strong and got up from her bed. She walked back to the living room, where the leader and the earthbender were sitting on the couch, talking to each other. She went to one of the chairs and sat down. The leader noticed her and looked at her.

"And, have you considered the offer again?" he said to her, calmly.

"Yes, I think I'll do the job. I will join you and your companion on your quest,"

"Good, good. Guess it is time to leave then," he said.

"Yes, finally something is about to happen!" the earthbender exclaimed. She got up and went outside, followed by the leader and the waterbender. She looked back at the shack. It was a small shack, only one story high and made entirely out of wood. The outside wasn't in a very good shape, but it didn't matter. The shack was located just across the border of the United Republic of Nations and the Earth Kingdom. They spend only one night here, but for her it felt like a year. The leader looked back at her, walked towards her and putted a reassuring hand on her shoulder.

"Don't worry, we will return soon."

She looked at him, nodded and followed him towards a Satomobile. The earthbender was already in the car, eager to go. He got in and so did she. They drove off towards the border. However, not the human made border, but the natural border. They didn't want to be recognized so early, it would put their mission in danger.

(end of flashback)

He was taken out of his memory when he heard several loud noises, and looked up. Korra hovered above him, her arsenal totally filled up. The island was wet, he figured that she crashed a wave on it. He, surprisingly, wasn't wet or hurt. He had a solid stance like earthbenders do. The brothers and her companions were washed away. She shot fire at him, and for a second it looked like he was consumed by the fire. But the fire formed a ball around him and he shot the fire back at her! She barely dodged it and was fuming now. Who did he think he was that he could resist the Avatar!?! She shot a compressed air blast at him, which he dodged by switching directions very quickly. She was amazed for a second, but regained her anger and caused such a tremor that the whole island was shaking like crazy. It wasn't that loud to be heard in the city. He noticed the tremor and jumped up in the air, using jet propulsion to gain height. When he was as high as the largest building, he took off towards the ocean. Korra (combined with a thousand voices) yelled at him:

"You're not getting away!"

She started the pursuit, and quickly caught up to him. He noticed and started to turn quickly and zig-zag, which annoyed all the living angry shit out of Korra. She tried to hit him with her rocks, which he dodged by zig-zagging. This went on and on, one never advancing upon the other. At one point, he turned in such a way that his front was towards Korra, and he shot flames at her that she never had seen in her current incarnation. She was hit by it, and started slowing down. The leader, also exhausted, followed her lead. Korra went down towards the ocean and created an ice platform. She slowly descended and stood on one side of the platform, while the leader landed on the other side.

"Stop Korra, this battle is over," the leader said to her, apparently calm.

"Never!" she yelled at him, her voice fueled by anger and hate.

"I think it is. Since you came unconscious in the Avatar State, you will remember nothing. That is an advantage to me, because I'm going to end it..." he said, while taking off his mask. "Now!"

He revealed his real face, and Korra gasped together with her incarnations. This caused such a shock, that she felt weak and went out of the Avatar State, falling on the platform in the process. Her arsenal of the elements lost their control and either fell on the ground or disappeared into the air.

He walked over to her, and whispered in her ear: "Don't you worry Korra, we will return and you can finally beat me. Until then, you will have to wait." He picked her up, put her over his shoulder, and wanted to leave but forgot something. He turned around and picked up his mask again, putting it on. He took off towards Aang Memorial Island, and when he got there, he dropped Korra off and picked up his companions. He then left Republic City, and wouldn't return for a couple of weeks.

Morning, two days after the attack

Korra woke up with a massive headache. She looked around and found herself on Air Temple Island, in her old room. She wanted to sit up, but pain soared through her body, and then she saw it: visions. They were very vague, and she didn't know how she got them. Mako, Bolin and Lin entered her bedroom and sat down next to her.

"W-w-what h-happened?" she managed to mumble out, her voice very weak.

"You went in the Avatar State and left the island with the leader. We found you on the island a couple of hours later, and the Red Spirits were gone. They haven't been spotted in Republic City for two days. I think we scared them away..." Mako said to her. He said more things, but she was remembering something that let her away from Mako's talking. She looked deep into her memory and remembered the following sentence:

"Don't you worry Korra, we will return and you can finally beat me. Until then, you will have to wait."

", like I said, they aren't gonna return ever again!" Mako exclaimed, happy.

"No, they will return," Korra quietly said, almost passing out.

"What did you say?" asked Bolin, but Korra couldn't answer his question. She was gone from her body for now, and wouldn't be back for a long bit.

The shack, two days after the attack

The leader stood on the roof of the shack, looking towards Republic City and the rising sun. His two companions were standing besides him, and they together looked at the destroyed city coming back to life. Repairs hadn't started yet, and the cleaning process wasn't going as planned. The triads were ignorant and didn't want to help anyone but themselves. The Triple Threats did survive after all, only there were now one of the minor triads in the city.

"When are we going to return? Our job isn't done yet," the waterbender said to him.

"We'll wait. When a specific person arrives, we will return," he replied.

"And who may this specific person be?" said the earthbender.

"Asami Sato. She's the one."

Author note

This is the end of Book 1. I will return soon with Book 2, it will contain more adventure and mysteries.

That's all for this note.

Take care,


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