Explosion at Northern Air Temple
The Red Spirits - Chapter Eight: Boom Boom Pow
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Chapter Nine: The Showdown; Part 1: Battle on Aang Memorial Island

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Please beware that the image isn't in Republic City, but that's irrelevant. It's about the explosion. Anyway, enjoy the long chapter! It's one of the longest (if not the longest! Nope, isn't the longest :'() chapter I've written. I'm trying to increase the length of the chapters, but some long and some short ones is a good balance (at least for me!). Put in the comments down below if you prefer long, short or a mix of both.


Korra, Bolin, Mako and Lin hear explosions all over the city, and they investigate them. They find a letter that will determine their fate in this conflict...


Republic City under attack

Republic City smoking.

They all clutched their ears when the explosion took place. They looked in horror to the city, where a large ash cloud covered the sky and painted it black. Not a single cloud was in the sky, so the sight was astonishing but terrifying to look at. After the first explosion, the city was calm again, or so they thought. Korra, Mako, Lin and Bolin decided that they should go to the explosion site to see if they could help. They walked to the connection of the bridge and the city, but froze on the spot. Another deep boom raged through the sky, almost breaking the sound barrier and this time a large fire blazed up high in the early afternoon sky. And if that wasn't enough, another explosion was happening, this time debris was falling from the sky. The leader was right that the police would pay the price tenfold, because two of the three explosions were at the police headquarters. Korra, Lin, Bolin and Mako however didn't know that yet. They would find out soon.

They started running towards the city and found a large group of running civilians coming towards them. Most of them were screaming and everybody was running to safe ground. Nobody was this scared since Kuvira invaded the city with her giant mecha suit. Nevertheless, they were running like crazy. The four found a couple of abandoned Satomobiles and Lin broke one of the windows, opened the car and got in. The others were a little startled, but regained their composure quickly and got in too. They drove off towards the fire, in the opposite direction of the civilians who were running away from the fire.

Toph's statue

Toph's statue was the only thing still standing.

As soon as they reached the centre of the city, they saw what blew up; The police station was burned down to the ground, with nothing but the statue of Toph left. Her head and left arm were blown off, and the sight wasn't anything but horrifying. The officers that were outside (the ones that actually survived the explosion!) were heavily wounded. Lin got out of the car and walked to one of the surviving officers.

"What happened?" Lin asked, not really wanting to know the answer.

"It happened out of nowhere Chief. Suddenly, a man was taking over the radios, saying:

Wait for it...

Then the lights went out, and an explosion occurred. I had enough time to get out, but most officers didn't survive the blast," the officer said, sadness taking over his voice while tears were welling up inside his eyes. He started to cry silently and nobody thought that it was stupid. Even Lin, who often stays in her tough role, couldn't resist to his silent cries. If she didn't have anything to do, she also would cry silently.

"Shit, that leader didn't exaggerate when the police would pay tenfold the price we would pay," Lin said, realising what they unleashed upon the police. So much lives lost for just one thing. She was a bad person and she knew it. She insisted that officers would watch the scene. And now all those people are dead. It was all her fault.

"What have we done?" said Lin to no one in particular.

"All we can do now is go towards the other places where the explosions went off and save as much people as we can. We must move on, we cannot linger," Korra said, helping a shocked Lin to the car. Mako and Bolin were right behind them. They all got in the car and drove off towards the second burning ground.

Lin had a mental and physical breakdown when she saw the remaining pieces of the second exploded building. It was the storage/communication building, all the equipment of the Metalbending Police Force was stocked in this building and all the assets of the police force were controlled in this building. After the battle with Kuvira, the police force grew so much they had to expand the building, and the storage and communication were moved into this new building. And now, it was all gone, because of her! After she saw the headquarters burned, she had little hope that the police would survive this attack. Now, she had none.

"I feel dead inside," Lin said, defeat and sadness the only emotions being used in her voice.

"Come on Lin, at least the airships are still u-" Bolin started, trying to comfort Lin, but he froze - like the rest of the Krew - when they saw that the airships were going down one by one, like popping balloons with something sharp. One airship nearby exploded with such a blast, that it rained metal and more noticeable, bodies. An officer landed -his face first- just a few feet away from Bolin, who immediately jumped away from it. His body was burned badly, and he was dead for sure. As the body and metal shower continued, Mako shouted to Korra: "We got to get out of here."

"Same here. We got to go to the last bomb site, check out what the damage is there," Korra said. They quickly grabbed Lin and Bolin and got to the car they used. When they got in, they thought that they were safe; they were wrong. A large chunk of metal descended on them, cutting right through the roof in between the driver and the one next to the driver. They were all terrified when they saw the chunk in the car, but Lin didn't care. She didn't care about anything after she saw what happened to the police force, her police force! She was sure that Toph would be disappointed when she hears about the force. How they all got blown up and that only a few survived. And who would be blamed? Lin Beifong, the almighty Chief of police, great successor of the legendary Toph Beifong. Who was she kidding, she fucked up bad.

The car followed one of the many smoke screens and they arrived at the third bomb site. They got out and looked; the headquarters of the TTT, it vanished. Only small fires and some burned wood was left of the HQ. Nothing more, nothing less. Just that, small fires and burned wood. No bodies, those were already ash. They found a half burned note:

You saw our power, and you don't want to see more. Time to finish it.

Come to Aang Memorial Island by nightfall, no jokes, just us.

Mako, Bolin and Korra looked at the note, and nodded to each other. Lin didn't respond, she was too much broken down to even go with them. The three of them decided that Lin should go to Air Temple Island to rest. They would go to Aang Memorial Island to wrap up this story.

Korra tears up

The woman silently releasing two tears.

A woman stood on a hill, facing Republic City. The city was burning, and several ash clouds were hanging in the sky, making the mood grim. The sun couldn't penetrate the black clouds, so it was pretty dark in the city. Tears were starting to well up in the woman's eyes while she watched the city burn. She let one tear escape her eye, and it rolled down her cheek. She didn't start sobbing, nor did she wipe away her tears. She just stood there, waiting for that one tear to let go of her face and be one with the ground. While the tears were still welled up, she slowly and softly spoke:

"I'm sorry Lin, I'm sorry for this mess. I wish it could go any other way, but it had to. I'm so sorry." Another tear left her eye, and rolled softly downwards. She shivered lightly. The tear didn't let go, but she decided that it didn't matter. She turned and faced her two companions.

"Ready to go?" the man said to her.

"Yeah, let's get this over with," she replied. She walked with them towards a Satomobile. They got in and drove off towards the docks, not at a fast nor a slow speed. Just casual like everyone else. But nobody knew that in that one and only Satomobile were the members of the Red Spirits, and they were about to end the first book of their journey.

"Time to finish this."

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