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Genesis and Rev were playing energyball when their father summoned them to the central plaza of The Sanctuary.

"What do you think Father wants?" Rev asked as they neared the plaza.

"Don't know and to be honest, don't wanna find out." Genesis answered as they rounded a corner. When they reached the plaza they noticed that just about everyone had gathered in the plaza, as well a number of new comers, new comers clad in red and green armor. The Fire/Earth Alliace had found them. As Genesis and Rev maneuvered their way to the front of the group they overheard their father arguing with the guy in charge.

"Look Quin, for the last time we will not become invovled in your war." their father told the man, keeping a steady voice. "We came here to avoid the conflicts. We're not joining either side, so if you would please leave peacefully."

"You don't seem to get it Cal, so let me make it simple. Either you and your community join the great Fire/Earth Alliance or we burn your homes to the ground and take any survivors we find." Quin said as smoke began rising from his hand.

Cal quickly raised an open palm pointing at Quin as a ball of green energy formed in his hand. "I asked you to leave peacefully once. I won't ask again." Cal said as every person in the plaza readied themselves for a fight. "So what's it going to be?"

Choy's hand immediately went to one of his katanas when the energybender raised a glowing palm. He could smell the tension in the air as he waited for the fighting to start, waited to see who would back down first. He had a feeling it would be Quin, sure if he ordered the attack right now they would probably win, but he would definitely be killed first. Choy slowly began to slide his sword out of its sheath when Quin raised a hand.

"Pull out men." He ordered, "We're leaving."

"Figures." Choy muttered as he turned to leave.

The unit was escorted out of the cave by a party of four energybenders. Once they were outside of the caves the energybenders told them to never return. Quin responded by blasting one in the chest with a fire ball. Coward, does no one believe in honor any more? Choy thought as he drew his katana and moved toward another energybender. Choy knocked the energybender's hand away from him, just as a great beam of energy shot from his palm, and drove his blade through his enemy's stomach. He quickly pulled his sword out and spun it around before sheathing it. The Energybender moaned in pain as he clutched his stomach. "You'll live." Choy said as he wrapped a bandage around the wound to stop the bleeding. As Choy finished his first aid he looked around to see that the other three energybenders had been killed.

"Good job Choy, you got one alive." Quin commented as he walked up to him. "Alright men, get ready. We're going to have to use Plan B."

Choy started down the cave with a grin hidden behind his mask. Let's see how powerful these energybenders really are.

Genesis and Rev sat on the roof of their home when the Recruitment Officers left. Genesis could tell that Rev wanted to say something, but couldn't figure out how to put it. "Let me guess." Genesis said getting his attention. "You think we should've joined them."

"Yeah I guess so." Rev said, "It's just now we're gonna have to move. We've lived here our whole lives."

"If we had joined them we would've had to move anyway." Genesis pointed out.

"Yeah but then we would have done it willingly Gen." Rev countered. "I guess I just wanted to join the war one way or another." he finally admitted.

"Eh just another two years and you can." Genesis said in an attempt to reassure him.

"I'm going for a walk." Rev said as he left the roof. Genesis remained on the roof for another hour or so before a strange smell roused his attention. He looked around until he saw a pillar of smoke rising in the distance. Soon there was a loud explosion that shook the entire cave and sent Genesis falling on his behind. The war had come to them.


The reason this chapter is so short is because it's what I call a buildup chapter. Builds up to a greater conflict.

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