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The Reclamation of Arein
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The Snowbold


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Storms of the Future Cycle

Reclamation of Arein is an adventure about the next Air Nomad Avatar after Aang. This story will finish the Storms of the Future Cycle.

Plot Edit

Reclamation of Arein is about the tumultuous life of the Avatar succeeding Lirin. Arein is born into a world of chaos, and must heal the wounds brought on by his predecessor while also preparing for the future of the new world.

Characters Edit

  • Arein Rohan: The young Air Nomad and current Avatar is a young master seeking to learn earthbending. He is surrounded by a chaotic world where the old ways have failed.
  • Esl Qatil: Arein's airbending master and best friend, Esl is Arein's closest mentor and the one who has been with him the longest. Arein looks to him like a brother.
  • Amir: This powerful earthbender was the last in a line of great lords from the past.
  • Serin Shirayuki: The ruler of the Northern Kingdom. This powerful and cunning man is more than meets the eye.
  • Dozmek: The brutal warlord of the Southern Empire. This popular and cruel man has savaged the borders in lust for power.
  • Agri: The dangerous and cunning lieutenant of Dozmek. What Dozmek lacks in subtlety, Agri makes up for and more, silently holding his master's empire together.
  • Eyan Kotei: Descendant of Lirin and Fire Lord. This honorable but strict man seeks what is best for the Homeland.
  • Ryuu Kotei: Son of the Fire Lord and Crown-Prince of the Fire Nation. He believes change is necessary for the world to move on from the great turmoil that has befallen it.
  • Lirin: The previous Avatar is ever present in the mind and dreams of Arein. His legacy on the world is everywhere.
  • Nishamori: Firelord Eyan's right-hand man. He is the most loyal supporter and most trusted advisor to the Royal Family.
  • Higashi: The criminal syndicate boss of the Red Sun.
  • Peshmar: The Commander of the elite Death Guard.

Organizations Edit

Red Sun: A powerful crime Syndicate that has reach throughout the world.

Qatil Clan: A clan of airbending assassins that raised the Avatar.

Chapters Edit

Here is a little music to get you in the mood for Reclamation of Arein when it comes out. It is Sail by AWOLNATION.



Book I: Chaos Edit

The world has been embroiled in chaos in the wake of Avatar Lirin's death. His empire has fallen apart as factions seek to fill the vacuum of power left behind. The Avatar has been reborn into the Air Nomads and his location or existence has been kept the greatest secret in the world, for no one knows anymore.

Prologue: Judgement

  1. Chapter 1: Refugee
  2. Chapter 2: Rogue
  3. Chapter 3: Ghosts
  4. Chapter 4: Dark Roses
  5. Chapter 5: Doyen
  6. Chapter 6: Divulgence
  7. Chapter 7: The Plan
  8. Chapter 8: Abscond
  9. Chapter 9: Mists of Illusion
  10. Chapter 10: Madonna
  11. Chapter 11: Syndicate
  12. Chapter 12: Playing the Stakes
  13. Chapter 13: Purge
  14. Chapter 14: Brothers

Book II: War Edit

All-out war has taken the world as great powers seek to conquer the world for themselves. Avatar Arein must bring balance to a fractured world and heal the wounds of his predecessor.

  1. Chapter 1: Alliance
  2. Chapter 2: Temple
  3. Chapter 3: Tensions
  4. Chapter 4: The Fall
  5. Chapter 5: Hunters and Prey
  6. Chapter 6: Lussuria
  7. Chapter 7: Shades of Relevance
  8. Chapter 8: Broken Star
  9. Chapter 9: Defiler
  10. Chapter 10: Strikeforce
  11. Chapter 11: Secrets of the Lair
  12. Chapter 12: Eminence
  13. Chapter 13: Swarm
  14. Chapter 14: Wanderer

Epilogue: Hope

Notes Edit

  • The Reclamation of Arein is a redemption story to follow and fulfill the tragedy of Rise of Lirin.
  • Arein is meant to be an opposite to Aang, showing the variety and call needed for action.
  • Arein is in conflict with himself for both his past and his upbringing.
  • Unlike the previous installments, Reclamation of Arein will deal less with the far past and more of the future.

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