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Chapter 10: The Reception

In the hall, the reception began. The buffet table was all laid out with exquisite cuisines from all four nations. The dance floor was cleared out for the couple's first dance. The dance was to begin now. I held out my hand to Mai.

"May I have this dance?" I asked. She smiled and took my hand. I led her to the dance floor and we did the waltz back and forth. Then, I saw Aang take Katara's hand, Sokka take Suki's hand and my friend Ling take Ty Lee's hand. Then, other couples came to dance as well. It was the most exciting moment.

When we were done the dance, we went to the buffet tables and had our dinner. The fruit pies that Aang had made were very well made, the five flavor soup that Katara had brought was exquisite in taste and I could see why it was a favorite Southern Tribe dish, and the komodo chicken with fresh Earth Kingdom veggies that Toph had brought were also well made. Everyone enjoyed the foods.

After the food, two veiled Water Tribe female dancers came and performed a dance while singing a song about a man's love for a woman and how the love for the woman was like daggers piercing her heart. Well, the song was supposed to talk about my love for Mai but my love wasn't that intense. The lyrics, however, were beautifully written and sung and the dance was very well choreographed. After their dance, Aang and Katara came and did the Waterbending dance they had done while disguised in the Fire Nation. The dance was very well done and the music was really suited to the moves. After that, a teenage girl from the Earth Kingdom came and sung a beautiful love song just with her voice, no instruments. After, a hilarious Fire Nation comedian came and did a show. His jokes were pure comedy. It was really the best reception anyone could have.

"Zuko, it's nearly time for your honeymoon," Aang said. I followed him into my room where I got changed into some beach clothes. When I came out, Mai had changed into a sleeveless red beach dress. We boarded a boat ready for Ember Island. The crowd waved goodbye as we sailed to Ember Island.

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