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The Rebirth of Revenge
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The Lost Scrolls




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December 24th, 2012.

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The Rebirth of Revenge is the ninth chapter of The Lost Scrolls. The chapter was released on December 24, 2012. Team Avatar head out to recover the stolen Lost Scroll by the Bounty Hunters, but is it a trap?

The Story so Far

The Bounty Hunters, Dai Nero, Arena, Mago, and Shou, have attacked the Southern Water Tribe with help from the Rebels and a Fire Nation fleet. Team Avatar and the Southern Water Tribe warriors retaliated with an attack and managed to drive the fleet back, but at the cost of the Lost Scroll.

The Rebirth of Revenge

~~The Southern Sea~~

Appa roared as the first stretch of land finally appeared in his sight. Zuko, Suki, and Toph breathed slowly as they smiled at the anticipation of land.

"Katara said that maybe Mago has the scroll. He was the last bounty hunter she saw." Zuko explained.

"Then we focus on him." Suki suggested.

"But Arena, Shou, and Dai Nero won't just sit back while we pummel his friend." Toph said, slamming her fists together when she uttered the word pummel. "We're going to have to think this through."

"I agree." Aang said. "The Bounty Hunters could sell the Lost Scroll at the Black Market and we won't be able to find it again."

Zuko scratched his chin. "They couldn't have gone very far. Let's try Whaletail Island and see if they passed through there."

Suki nodded in agreement. "Zuko's right, but it'll be faster if we split up. Maybe they went to Kyoshi Island."

"They're both close to each other. You may not be good at insults, but you're sure one heck of a thinker Suki. No wonder Sokka likes you." Toph grinned.

Suki stared at Toph with a raised eyebrow. "Um, okay. Toph, do you want to come with me? The more the merrier."

Toph smirked. "Sure Suki, drop us off Twinkle Toes. Girl's night out!"

Aang nodded. "Appa, we're taking a little detour. Yip, yip."

The Avatar yanked the reins to the right and Appa roared in agreement, curving his tail to release an extra burst of wind. The bison roared as he flew across the sun.

~~The Southern Water Tribe: Outside Pakku's Tent~~

"Why couldn't you have opened it?!" Katara shouted, pouring hatred into each letter as the ice threatened to crack. "If you weren't so stubborn, then none of this would've happened! What's wrong with you?!"

Pakku calmly stared at her and turned. Some civilians had stopped to overhear the conversation. "Perhaps we should take this inside."

Katara screamed, "Everyone can listen to how you are a horrible old person!"

"Katara, calm down!" Sokka snapped. He was sitting at the edge of the ice, holding a fishing rod. "You're scaring all the fish away!"

Katara sliced her hand across the air. The ice cracked in half, letting Sokka collapse into the freezing water of the South Sea. He shot up, a fish in his mouth. The warrior mumbled something incoherently as Katara returned her wrath to Pakku. Her body was shaking, her eyebrows at a v-shaped angle, and her fists clenched so hard they shook.

"I didn't want to open it to avoid this." Pakku responded after a moment of silence.

"Avoid what? The destruction of the Southern Water Tribe? You almost killed my home!" Katara roared.

"Our home." Sokka squeaked as he kneeled on the ice, twisting his hair to drench the water out.

Katara turned to him with a fire of murder burning in her calm blue eyes. Sokka blinked and slowly walked backwards before breaking into a run.

"The Lost Scrolls are dangerous relics. There is a reason why no one is allowed or able to unearth them." Pakku said.

"Iroh sent us on a quest to find the Lost Scrolls!" Katara protested.

Pakku's eyes grew in shock for a split second, but regained his posture. "Katara, abandon the search. Leave the scrolls before they can cause you any harm. You already show the first sign of their control."

"You make them sound like they're alive." Katara whispered as she slowly unclenched her fist.

"They might as well be. The Order of the White Lotus lost many of their members to greed." Pakku spoke fiercely. He waved his hand and three snow people walked until they came upon a chipped icicle. "Every time a scroll unearthed, they will fight to see who would be able to unearth their ancient secrets." The snowmen started to fight until one managed to kill the others. "Their mysterious title leads many astray until they can't handle the information and go insane." The snowman walked until it turned at seeing its comrades dead and collapsed.

"King Bumi." Katara whispered, her eyebrows losing the v-angle.

"No, he's just naturally crazy." Pakku said. He smirked at Katara. "Being separated from the scroll has changed your attitude."

"What are you trying to say Master Pakku?" Katara asked as her body steadied itself.

"If you seek the Scrolls, you may no longer be you." Pakku said.

~~Kyoshi Island: The Caves of Kyoshi~~

Suki looked around the cave. "This is where we found the Kyoshi Code."

Toph walked to a wall and placed her hand on it. "I've been meaning to ask you about that. Did you manage to uncover its secrets?"

Suki walked further into the cave. "No, it has many drawings and techniques but I don't know how to decipher them. The scroll is filled of ancient battle techniques. I don't think even I would be able to use them."

"Poor, poor Suki, lost in thought." A high-pitched voice vibrated inside the cave. Suki yelped as she was trapped in a vortex of sand. The sand moved so she could face the entrance. Arena smirked as Shou raised an arrow. Toph was nowhere to be seen. "It looks like she was right."

"Who was right?" Suki grunted, but the sand sapped her air away and she was forced to close her mouth.

"Silently, you are more beautiful. Well, not in this case." Shou laughed.

"Where's the other one?" Arena asked. Shou walked into the cave looking around the walls. She stealthily closed the distance in the cave. Toph opened her eyes slowly, glad that her disguise, an armor of rocks camouflaged with the wall, was working.

"We know you're not stupid enough to come here by yourself. Where is the other one?!" Shou shouted.

Suki remained silent as she flashed her eyes at the exit to distract them. "She fled."

Arena and Shou turned. Suki kicked Arena's hand, breaking her control over the vortex. She gasped for air as she landed and rolled backwards on the ground, standing in a battle stance. Arena's hand was covered in sand as she punched at Suki. The warrior spun to dodge it, taking a fan swiftly out and using it to knock Arena off her balance.

Toph broke free from the wall still in her rock armor and slid to Shou. The two collapsed on the ground but Shou readied an arrow and slammed it into a crack of the rocks. The hunter twirled and pressed a button. The armor exploded as Suki screamed Toph's name but she answered with no response.

~~Whaletail Island: Rebel Village~~

"Weird how this search sent us on a whirlwind journey back where we came." Zuko said as he and Aang walked through the burned village.

"I wonder where Yon Rha is." Aang said, looking inside each door they passed.

"Where are the civilians?" Zuko asked.

"You two ask too many questions." A husky voice said.

The two friends turned and shot a burst of flames. Dai Nero jumped inside the door as Aang and Zuko followed. The heroes kicked fire at Dai Nero, but the hunter leaped into the air revealing a wooden beam. Aang jumped in front of Zuko as the beam cracked. He surrounded Zuko and he with a ball of air as the ceiling collapsed on top of them.

Dai Nero smiled as the air bended and Mago appeared with a snap. Aang's hand burst out of the rubble and he helped Zuko up.

"Mago, where is the Lost Scroll?" Aang asked.

Mago took off his hat and pulled out a cane from it. It extended to a weapon with knives on either side.

"He won't talk Aang." Zuko said. "We'll force him to squeal like a hog monkey."

Dai Nero smirked. "But you fell victim to her trap."

Zuko's eyes widened. "No."

"Don't you miss me little Zu-Zu?" A voice said, sending chills down Aang and Zuko's spines like a spider crawling on them. The two turned to see Azula leaning on the doorframe, her nails being the source of the fire blazing on top. She stood upright and shot the flame.

~~Kyoshi Island: Caves of Kyoshi~~

"Now who else are you going to hide behind?" Shou asked, raising an arrow.

Suki readied her two fans and charged at Shout. The archer side-stepped and slammed her down with the bow. Suki twirled to avoid an arrow and jumped on a rock. Arena opened her eyes. Shou shot an arrow at the roof of the cave igniting the rocks and causing them to rain all around them.

Arena rolled out of the way and jumped, kicking sand with her feet. Suki screamed as the particles sprinkled her eyes and forcing them to close.

"Blinded and outnumbered. This doesn't look good for you Suki." Arena laughed.

The rocks stopped and trapped the two bounty hunters in a cage. "I seem to be doing fine." Toph said, blowing the hair out of her face and grinning.

"Toph, you're alive!" Suki said, hugging her friend.

"Not too good with the whole mushy stuff Suki." Toph said, pushing Suki away. "Besides, all I did was went inside the floor and popped out at the mouth of the cave. You were doing okay on your own."

"Okay? I was frightened." Suki said.

"We better get out of here." Toph noted.

"What about them?" Suki asked.

"They escaped while we were talking." Toph revealed.

Suki turned and gasped. One of the rocks was on the floor and faint trail of dust was already fading. "Why didn't you stop them?"

"So they could lead us to the others." Toph smirked. "Come on!"

~~Whaletail Island: Rebel Village~~

Aang leaped into the air as the blast knocked Zuko backwards. Mago jumped after the Avatar, slicing at him with his cane. Azula walked calmly toward Zuko and raised her fingertips, sparking a fire to life.

"Sleep tight Zuko. Sleep, just like mother!" Azula screamed.

A water whip engulfed her hand and yanked her backwards. Katara dodged a knife thrown by Dai Nero and ran down the street. The hunter followed but Sokka leaped out from behind a wall and slammed him back with boomerang.

Azula leaped onto the roofs and raised her hands, shooting lightening at the Water Tribe warrior. Sokka leaped out of range but the force of the blast shot him to the ground. Katara turned the water to icicles and shot it at Azula, but the princess broke them with her nails.

Aang swung his staff, but Mago jumped over the air blast. The magician snapped his fingers and the Avatar was thrown back. Aang covered himself in a layer of air and floated to the ground.

"Katara! Sokka! How did you guys get here?" Aang asked as he leaped and slammed the staff onto the ground. The earth cracked and swallowed the building. Azula flipped into the air and fire erupted as her feet landed on the ground.

"Water Tribe ships can go fast if we bend the water." Sokka said.

Zuko jumped out of the building and kicked shots of fire at his sister. Azula cart wheeled over the attacks and stared at Zuko, her hair undone.

"I got Azula, don't let Dai Nero and Mago get away!" Zuko ordered.

Aang, Sokka, and Katara nodded as they ran down the street.

"Pretty brave of yourself Zu-zu." Azula said, smirking.

"Don't call me that!" Zuko shouted and launched himself at Azula with fire as the fuel. Azula followed suit but she jumped and split the fire in half as she landed. The princess pushed the fire back, throwing Zuko back.

"How did you escape?" Zuko asked.

Azula laughed and used the fire to launch herself into the sky. Zuko followed suit with his feet and shot bursts of flame after flame. Azula spun out of the way getting closer and closer. She kicked upwards, knocking Zuko on a roof.

"It wasn't easy. I'll tell you that, but with patience, practice, and discipline as well as an open cell door, I was able to escape and rebirth my revenge." Azula shouted.

"Your revenge? What is your revenge?" Zuko asked.

Azula shot another blast of fire, but Zuko twirled upwards, a ring of flame igniting and knocking the princess off her feet. Azula lay on the ground, her eyes closed but her lips forming a smirk. Zuko walked up to her panting.

"You're revenge will have to wait. We're taking you back to the mental institution you were locked in." Zuko said. As fast as thought, Azula stood up and kicked flames at Zuko's face. The prince, blinded by the heat, lost his footing and fell on the ground.

Azula jumped at the ground and kicked Zuko toward a building. "I'm going to take your throne. First, I need to collect some allies. Then, I'm off to visit some old friends. Sleep well Zuko." Azula said, shooting lightening at the building so it collapsed on Zuko. The princess turned and started to walk away.


  1. This chapter, along with the next four, were titled under one massive chapter called the Chase. It was split because of increased details. The author also wanted to show the increasing negative effects of the Lost Scroll on Katara.
  2. This was the author's second favorite chapter to write after the Kyoshi Code.
  3. The fight scene at Rebel Village in Whaletail Island was modeled after the one in The Chase.
  4. Toph and Suki were never supposed to enter Kyoshi Island.
  5. Zuko was never supposed to fight Azula one on one but the author wanted a "sweet" part for family time.

Series Continuity

  1. Azula raises her fingertips to attack Aang only to be stopped by Katara amd attacked by Sokka directly mirrored the one in the Chase.

Author's Note

I'm back everyone and I have to say that this chapter is the best yet. I hope you all enjoyed it because it is the spark that ignites my flame of return. Every two weeks, if I have time, another chapter will be posted. To those who read Aang: Story of the Airbender, that fanon has been in a hiatus for a really long time. Hopefully, my laptop will be fixed and that fanon can be written. But, also, I hope to have Book 1 of this fanon completed before any new chapters are released. Thanks for reading and don't forget I'm the ruler of the bison. RuleroftheBisons97(Fanon)

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