The Rebirth
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The Legend of Yautoo




The Dark Avatar



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November 8, 2016

The Rebirth

It was as I had been awaken. I stood there in a field that had this glow over it, I looked around and saw spirits flying above my head and crawling over the glowing grass. I heard a voice calm and soothing. I turned around and saw a man, at least a head taller than what I, his hair as much as facial hair was long, gray and greasy looking.

“I am Zaheer, and I have summoned you here because I have an objective I can’t fulfill from here.” His voice was a pitch higher but still with a calm sense to it. “What is this place and how did you bring me here.”

“I know you must be confused, this is the spirit world and I did not bring you here, I called upon you and you answered by coming here yourself. And that’s what I want to talk to you about.” He looked down on me and smiled “Come sit down we have a long way to go, I have some tea brought to me by Iroh he is the best tea maker in the spiritual world as in the material world.” He sat down in a lotus position and started pouring steaming hot tea up in two cup. I just stood there and looked down on the cup the steam was visible so I knew the tea was hot.

“Sit down and drink your tea while it is hot”

“Okay you have talked a lot about where and how I came here, but why have you called me and how I am able to travel into the spiritual world without going thought a spirit portal. I mean I was not even close to the one Republic City or the poles.”

“I will explain everything but first things first I need you to sit down relax and listen to me, I have a lot of things to cover and your body is lying in your bed unprotected and unguarded so we don’t have a lot of time” I sat down opposite side of him. I looked him in the eyes.

“You had a lot to tell me then begin and about my body its safe it is safely put away in a cave with my friends sleeping right next to me.”

“Good, then we have a little time and a lot to talk about.” I took a sip of the tea and looked up at him again.

“This tea is the greatest tea I have ever tasted you got this here in the spiritual world?”

“Yes like I said the man who makes this is the greatest in both worlds However, I will just lay it on you, you have a power you yet have to discoverer you were born the day after the Republic City fight between Unalaq the dark avatar and Korra the avatar, you are the reincarnation of the dark avatar. I know this seem somewhat far-fetched but think about your life I know the last Dark avatar Unalaq has tried to connect with you."

“What are you talking about there cannot be another Dark avatar he got killed when she did that spirit stuff.”

“Yes official the Dark avatar would be dead under these circumstances but the Red Lotus had seen what Unalaq was up to, and they saw an opportunity to fulfill our dreams of natural order.”

“So you are telling me that you will use me to destroy the world.”

“I will not use you to anything I am here to tell you to unlock your hidden power.” I drank the last of my tea it was almost cold but it send my mind away and, I saw what I could become. It was like a daydream, I saw myself stand on top of a mountain of people, dead people I looked down and saw a sea of blood I saw this Zaheer and some people I did not know, they were on an airship looking up on the other me. I looked over at my face and saw the smile of a demon he looked at me with death, it felt like I was ready to fly and kill myself. I spat out the tea, woke up, and looked over at Zaheer.

“When do we start training?” He smiled and then I woke up in the cave. I first thought it was a dream then I was smacked in the head with a boulder it was Yin she had been awake for a few minutes and had already started making breakfast. She must have seen me wake up she usually only throw with rocks when I am awake. In a second, she was standing in front of me with some fried bread and some beans, she looked at me and smiled. She always did that, looked me in the eyes and just start smiling, and it followed a few seconds where we just glance at each other and the world would disappear, there were only her and me. Boom and then the reality hits me like a boulder, it was Yin's twin brother Yan he always did that when he entered a room and saw me, I then usually send it right back but I was kind of busy  at that moment.

“Ha hahah, I got you, you elbow leech haha.”

“Yan you little hog-monkey, I will get you back for this. See man there rocks in my breakfast you know you shouldn’t throw rocks at a guy with food in his hand I could accidentally start a food brawl.” Then I bended the rocks in the food and threw them at Yan’s face. It hit him and the beans smashed so hard that it flew all over his face, he wiped his face and sent me flying.

I was thrown out of the cave and landed on the sandy ground, I got up on my feet, and then he walked all high and mighty out and looked down on me. I quickly shoot four sand whips at him, he tried to evade but were thrown into a spin and hit the ceiling he fell down on the ground, mate a twist and stretched his arms and a lot of rocks came flying through the air, I twirled and spin to maneuver passed the rocks. Yan was standing up now I waved my hand and moved the ground he was standing on I sent him out in the dessert, in one throw he flew almost a mile out. I made a sand platform and all easy and casual I pushed the sand bow up to the caves entrance.

“Yin are there any more breakfast I am still kind of hungry.” I made a grin so that she did not think I was like serous.

“Yes, I will fix you another plate before he comes back. So have you considered it, I think it sounds like a great idea.” She asked while pouring up some of those beans, she then walked over and sat next to me.

“I know but going back to republic city, a lot of trouble will come out of that. You know we can’t show our faces again the Triple Threat Triad will kill us.”

“I know but the world have changed the last couple years. Come on we could go see the spirit world and Yan could go back and work at the workshop, I don’t want you guys to live out here because of what I did.” she were interrupted. By her brother there just walked in the cave. I quickly looked down and started eating so that if he were to throw another boulder I would have eaten my food.

“Don’t you think like that sis if anything happens to any of us we stick together, even if we need to leave the low life of Republic city.” He said while walking towards her.

“Thank you brother but I mean we have been living out here for three years now why aren’t we just moving in to another city, Yautoo and I have been talking about this for a long time.” I heard my name and looked up. I could see Yin, Yan were standing two feet from each other’s face, and you could see the lightning between their eyes. I knew she had just sold me out so that there could start a fight again. However, between those two and that is something to see, but afterwards there will not be a cave let alone a mountain.

“YOU CANNOT BE SERIOUS WEE CANT GO TO ANOTHER TOWN BECAUSE?” When Yan started yelling, I needed to get as long away as possible. Moreover, that is what I tried to do but Yin made a rock ring and tied my legs down and I fell right on my nose. I turned my head around and I could feel the heat all the way over here.

I quickly recovered and went sprinting, right when I jumped out of the cave I could hear cracks and stone on stone explosions. Living in the desert for earthbenders, was not the most difficult thing. I learned sandbending as a kid, and Yin and Yan quickly picked up the skill. Bending the element of earth has always come easy to me, I learned metalbending in the streets of Republic city. However, the weirdest thing I ever encountered was a lavabender named Bolin. He tried to teach me it because I told him my story and wanted to see if I could pick that up as well. I did not learn while I was in Republic city, and was being taught by Bolin, I learned it when we fought some sandbenders and a volcano burst up from the ground and shoot lava every were.

However, Yin was a metalbender and Yan was not, and when those two started fighting no one in miles where safe. I was still running not looking back, but I could hear the roars of Yin and Yan while they were fighting to see who the strongest was. I ran on to the sea and picked up my fishing pole, I knew I could not go back for at least an hour, so thought fishing would be a nice way to spend my day.

The first hour went by pretty fast, I was thinking of the god times we had I Republic city. The best memory was when Yan got his first paycheck, and we went out and bought us self some fancy close and went to dine at Kwong’s cuisine. We ate like kings that day, because Yan had made a lot of yuan’s that month. We had a good time back then, only 16 years old and we thought the world was in our hands.

After another hour I could not hear the fight any more, I knew Yin would go out and look for me, while Yan probably started to build us a new cave.

“YAUTOO, YAUTOO Where are you at, YAUTOO.” I could hear Yin yelling after I did not want to answer jet, I enjoyed the waves and the sun licking my face, beside I had a fish on the hook and it was a fighter.

“YAUTOO answer me, you dimbweed” the last part sounded like she was real close, I was been spotted.

“Yautoo, I have been running around screaming my lungs out, and you have just been sitting here fishing. We need to get back, Yan said something about a cannon, I did not understand, but he said you would.” I flew up of the chair I had made, and then I took Yin’s hand and ran as fast as I could.

“Are you sure he said cannon?” I said while running I could feel she was getting a little nervous.

“Yes he said Cannon, what’s wrong should I be ready to fight or flight.” She said in a tone that sounded more nervous than her hands.

“Don’t worry at all we just have to get back, and we have no time to waste.” I had stop to say this. I thought if I looked her in the eyes, she would not be worried. Cannon was our way of saying that there might be something going down any minute, but I could not say that because then she would be worried about Yan, and we had no time for that.

“You sure” there was an explosion not far from our camp side I knew he was in trouble.

“Yin, stay here.”

I catapulted myself in the direction of the blast, and when I got in close, I could see Yan fighting what from the sky looked like sandbenders, but when I got closer, I realized it was the Triple Threat Triad. I landed not far from the fight, and started whipping up a sandstorm, then I skated towards them, I picked up some big boulders and made a lot of sand whips. When I got close, I send the sandstorm all around them, then hitting them with Boulders and whips. I could feel the heat from the firebender beside me he had spotted me and send a few beams of fire against me, Yan made a wall that got smashed when they hit, I was still sending whips against the three in the middle, they got thrown up and down and all around. Just when we were about to send them packing, an airbender joint them and blew my twirling sandstorm away.

“Yan, let's dig.” I had gotten eye contact with him, and we both knew we could not beat this airbender. We started spinning like a drill and got underground, our tunnels connect with another tunnel, we had never been down here and it was right under our feed this whole time. The tunnel was glowing with some kind of crystal.

“Yautoo, where is my sister? Is she any were close to them?” he had taken a firm grip on my shoulders, and looked my deep in the eyes with a serious facial expression.

“No, no don’t worry she is almost down at the fishing spot, so let dig out and go find her. Shit, man, how did they find us? I thought they’d never go into the dessert.”

“Well they were here and now I don’t know where to hide, we cannot stay in the dessert.”

“You are totally right, listen Yin and I have talked about maybe we should take one of those ships, and then I don’t know we could go see the fire nation huh?”

“I kind of knew we at some point needed to move on, but I really thought I would find our new home. You know what I even pictured our future in those caves.” He laugh at that, it must have been pretty funny that picture.

“I cannot imagine our future here. I would like us to find a nice city with some few good people, whom appreciate their cities culture, but still have evolved with the rest of the world. Yin thinks that what we can expect in the fire nation, and I thinks she might be right.”

“Well I guess that’s where we go next after we find and exit, I feel like we been walking for miles.”  

I then crossed my arms and began pushing a hole almost straight up. When we came out, we realized that we had been going in the wrong direction, with that discovery we started running. We needed to come first. I was not shock to see two Triple Threat Triad laying in the sand, almost dead from fighting Yin. 

“What happened here, are you okay.” It was the first words I said after we had hugged. I knew what have happened but I think I needed her to say it.

“Yes, yes its fine but how can you guys just leave me like that, those two said that my brother and boyfriend aren’t coming to my aid this time.” Her eyes teared up a little, and she gave us another hug.

“I thought you were dead or worse captured, I don’t know what I would do without you guys.”

We had a long talk about the adventure Yan and I had talked about down in the tunnels. We needed to get some money, a boat and some supplies. The night came and we had the boat ready to sail all night, we knew we could not take a brake on the sea, and we needed to get away to night.

We were out on the blue sea we could not see land in any directions, but we had a map and a compass. While sailing I looked up on the stars, I could hear Yin and Yan talking, but didn’t care the stars were so beautiful. Suddenly everything changed it was like if I had fallen asleep and woken up in a dream, I was no longer at sea but in a field, the grass seemed so bright and the trees almost looked like they were glowing. I remembered this place I turned around and saw him, it was not the same person as before. He had Northern Water Tribe close on and he did not look like he was here it look as if I could see threw him.

“I am Unalaq, you probably heard about me and the things that I have done. I was wrong to try to force the world into something it was not ready to endure, but I know I made a huge mistake on the day of harmonic convergence. I tried to make the world follow me, and that’s not how balance work, balance work when light and dark work together. I thought that I was distend to make a new world order, with the spirits and people living together but it was not my destiny. I have been trying to connect with you for at least 5 years but you never listened, but now you are ready, I give you this knowledge to do with as you please, and I give the ability of waterbending now you have to master it. Your mission is to go to the fire nation and find the original firebenders and learn the art of firebending, you must do so before learning to master waterbending.” I opened my eyes and I was back on the boat we could see the Fire Nation's shore I did not believe what I have seen and heard, all I knew was that this had been a long and weird day.

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