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January 26, 2012

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The Rebels is the fourth chapter of The Lost Scrolls. The chapter introduces new foes as Team Avatar fights for their freedom.

The Story so Far

Aang finds a Water Scroll at the Southern Air Temple and heads to Ba Sing Se where Iroh informs them about the Lost Scrolls, sacred scrolls that reveal everything about one nation. Only a master can open the Lost Scrolls so Team Avatar heads to the Southern Water Tribe, after a quick detour to pick up Suki at Kyoshi Island. Now, the team heads to Whale Tail Island...

The Rebels

Appa soared through the sky. Aang laughed while Momo chased mini tornadoes. Katara, Toph, and Zuko watched as Momo failed to catch the tornadoes. Sokka and Suki were sitting on Appa's neck.

"Hey, I think Appa's tired." Sokka said.

Aang disbanded a tornado as Momo leaped onto it. Momo lifted his paws and sighed in disappointment.

"How can you tell?" Aang asked.

Suddenly, the sky picked up. Team Avatar flew into the sky. Aang grabbed on to Appa's saddle as he caught Katara's hand. Toph hugged Zuko as he held on to the other side of the saddle. Sokka grabbed Suki and the rein at the last second. Momo flew up to Appa's face and saw the sky bison snoring peacefully.

"What's happening?" Toph yelled.

"Appa fell asleep!" Sokka shouted.

Team Avatar screamed as Appa fell through the sky.

A young girl ran through the streets. Heavy rain poured from the sky. Clomp! Clomp! The girl turned into an alley and stopped dead in her tracks. An earth wall popped up in front of her.

"Don't try to run." A man yelled, wearing a guard uniform.

The girl leaped over to the side and rebounded over the wall. She screamed when three mongoose dragons destroyed the wall behind her.

"She's ours." Arena smiled evilly as she shot sand at the girl.

Team Avatar sighed in relief.

"We're alive!" Sokka shouted and started kissing the ground.

"You kiss that mouth." Toph teased Suki.

"Thankfully, Appa opened one eye and was able to land safely." Aang said as he scratched Appa's side. Appa roared and rolled onto his back. Momo flew down to Appa's stomach and curled into a ball.

"Now what do we do?" Suki asked. "We can go see how Whale Tail Island is doing now that the world is at peace." Zuko said.

"Whale Tail Island?" Katara asked. "No, we have to leave!"

"What's wrong, Katara?" Aang asked.

"Help!" A girl shouted.

Team Avatar turned to see a girl with brown hair. She was wearing green clothes with a belt around her hips. The Bounty Hunters showed up behind her.

"Arena!" Suki shouted.

The girl ran behind Team Avatar as the Bounty Hunters stopped in front of them.

"Hand over Ulti!" Dai Nero shouted.

"Who?" Suki asked. Sokka gasped, looked at the girl and turned back to the Bounty Hunters.

"Me" The girl said. "Th-these men just came out of nowhere and attacked me!"

"What do you want with her?" Katara asked.

"None of your business." Arena said and bended the sand from under Katara. She shot the sand straight at Katara's eyes. Dai Nero jumped but Aang shot a blast of wind straight at the hunter. Dai Nero flew back, knocking over Arena as he went.

Mago jumped and went straight through the earth. He jumped out from behind Ulti. Sokka turned and threw his boomerang.

"When did you get that?" Zuko asked.

"Toph found them." Sokka answered.

Toph kicked the earth. The reaction pushed Mago away. Boomerang flew back and hit Mago in the face. Mago smiled and vanished in a flash of light. The mongoose dragons ran away.

"You're the Avatar!" Ulti shouted.

"Yes, now why where they chasing you?" Aang asked.

"I think you better come with me." Ulti said and walked down the path. "Oh, and it's great to see you again Sokka."

"You know her?" Katara and Suki asked.

"Once, when I left the tribe to look for meat. I get lost and Ulti helped me find my way. She was also the one to get the meat." Sokka explained.

Ulti nodded and lead Team Avatar into a cave. Suddenly, people jumped from the walls and lunged at Team Avatar.

"We failed, Yon Rha." Dai Nero said as the Bounty Hunters bowed.

"Ulti must be stopped." Yon Rha shouted. "Why did you fail?"

"The Avatar and his friends arrived." Arena said.

"Who are they?" Yon Rha said.

"A Water Tribe girl and boy, a blind Earthbender, the Fire Lord, and a Kyoshi Warrior." Dai Nero explained.

"Capture them as well." Yon Rha smiled evilly.

"Stop!" Ulti shouted.

The attackers grabbed Team Avatar and pinned their arms behind their back.

"Why Ulti?" One man asked.

"Because, Ken Yi, the Avatar is going to help us take over Whale Tail Island!" Ulti shouted.

"What?!" Aang asked. "I never agreed to that."

"You will if you don't want her to get hurt." Ulti yelled and grabbed Katara. She pushed her to the ground and took out a knife.

"Why are you doing this?" Zuko asked.

"The Fire Nation took my parents!" Ulti screamed. "And a Fire Nation slime is living right here on Whale Tail Island."

"Yon Rha?" Katara asked.

"Be quiet!" Ken Yi shouted and took out a knife.

Aang blew a gust of air at Ken Yi and sent him flying at Ulti. Aang flew back and did a back flip. The Avatar sent everyone else away as he helped Katara up. "We have to get to Appa!" Aang shouted as they ran outside.

Ulti ran outside the cave and threw two knives at Katara. Sokka jumped and knocked them away with his sword. The warrior threw his boomerang but Ulti knocked it away and jumped, sending more knives at Sokka. Sokka jumped and grabbed boomerang as Ken Yi and more rebels came out. The rain started picking up.

The rest of Team Avatar arrived at a town. Katara, Toph, and Zuko turned a corner as rebels kept popping out of nowhere. Aang gasped and stopped in his tracks. Dai Nero smiled as he stood in front of Aang.

Suki dodged a knife as Sokka threw boomerang again.

"Sokka, why don't you join me?" Ulti asked. "I love you."

"I'm with Suki!" Sokka said as boomerang knocked her out. Sokka grabbed Suki's hand and ran after his friends.

"What are you doing here?" Aang asked.

Dai Nero bowed as Arena ran up. She launched herself from Dai Nero's back and bended two sand whips. She shot them at Aang. Aang stopped the rain and froze it blocking Arena's attack.

Zuko shouted and shot a wave of fire at Arena. She swiftly moved out of the way as Mago got out dice. Toph and Katara entered the opening from an alley and dodged a net. In an alley, Sokka ran. He turned around to see Ken Yi. Sokka bumped into something and fell. Ulti smiled as she took out a knife.

Aang shot blasts of air but Arena deflected them with sand. Arena created a sand vortex and shot it at Aang. Katara summoned a water whip from the rain and shot it at Mago. Mago jumped and threw the dice he was holding. They landed at Katara. The dice opened up, creating a net. Katara quickly froze a raindrop and shot it at the net. The net broke. Mago jumped, barely dodging an attack from Zuko. Toph turned and ran down an alley.

Sokka rolled to the left, dodging a knife. Suki ran up behind Ulti and kicked her feet. Ulti fell with a thud but rolled over, shooting knives at Suki. Suki ducked and grabbed Ulti's foot. Ken Yi smiled and took out a sword. Sokka got up and drew his meteorite sword. The two locked swords but Sokka thrust Ken Yi's toward the ground and kicked him.

"What is happening?" Yon Rha asked. He looked outside and saw fighting between rebels and citizens. Yon Rha summoned fire and smiled.

Dai Nero threw stink bombs at Aang. Aang kicked it up with Airbending and set it on fire. He shot it at Dai Nero with a powerful blast of air. Dai Nero tried to jump but the stink bomb exploded.

Katara and Zuko ran up to Aang as Arena and Mago followed. Arena shot sand into a ball and threw it. Zuko shot flames at it. Mago snapped his fingers. The sand ball hardened into a boulder and knocked Zuko into a building. The building collapsed with another snap of Mago's fingers. Katara closed her eyes. Mago shot cards while Arena bended a vortex of sand. The attacks headed for them. Aang summoned an earth wall to block the attacks. BOOM! Aang blinked as a card-knife almost struck him.

Sokka parried an attack and sliced at Ken Yi. Ken Yi dodged but Sokka blocked his sword and threw it up. Ken Yi smiled. His sword spun down. Ken Yi grabbed the blade and struck Sokka's stomach with the hilt. Suki dodged a knife and jumped over Ulti. Ulti gasped as she fell into the earth.

"I'm so good." Toph said.

Toph slammed her foot on the ground, creating an earth pillar. The pillar struck Ken Yi on the back and shot him into the sky. "Let's go."

Katara opened her eyes and clenched her fists. Mago and Arena were frozen.

"Katara, you froze them with the rain?" Aang asked.

"Yeah, I did."

Aang smiled and leaned in for a kiss. Katara closed her eyes. Their lips barely touched when-BOOM! The two turned to see Zuko Firebend the house he was trapped in.

Sokka, Suki, and Toph ran back but many rebels surrounded them.

"There's too many." Katara said.

"Of course." Yon Rha said, appearing out of nowhere.

Yon Rha shot a fire ball at Katara but she shot a wave of water up. Aang and Katara blasted the water at Yon Rha and the rebels, shooting them away. The rebels got up and ran toward Team Avatar. ROAR! Appa flew down and slammed his tail on the dirt. The rebels screamed as they were sent even further back.

"That's it." Aang said.

"We better go." Sokka said. Sokka, Suki, and Zuko climbed into the saddle as Aang and Katara watched the sunset.

Aang hugged Katara but she turned and kissed him. Toph smiled as she watched with her feet. On Appa, Team Avatar looked in the horizon. The unforgettable shape of an iceberg loomed into view. They were at the South Pole.


  1. The characters of Ulti and Ken Yi were thought of before the series began.
  2. The Bounty Hunters were not supposed to be in this chapter.


  1. The title is a reference to Jet as the episode was originally supposed to be call that.
  2. Yon Rha makes an appearance since his debut in The Southern Raiders.

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