By Gingalover Part of the Book Five: Memory continuity.
The Qishi Infestation


Invasion of the United Republic of Nations


Voronon Resurrection


174 AG


Northern Water Tribe, Fire Nation




El Niño

Forces involved

Qishi species


  • Innocent people hurt
  • One patrol ship destroyed
  • One trading plane destroyed
  • Fire Fountain City flooded
  • Eska sacrificed herself
  • Many Qishi killed
  • El Niño sent back to the Spirit World
  • All Qishi disappear
  • Any altered land returned to normal


First appearance

Ep.1: Renovation

Last appearance

Ep.12: Crashing Waves PT2


The Qishi Infestation is a series of infestations of the creatures under the same name, released into the real world by El Niño. The reason behind it was for El Niño's creations to survive within the world, without the human's word in it.



El Niño was banished to the Taiyin Pool many years before the infestation occurred by Raava. However, thanks to the new spirit portal, El Niño finally managed to escape and took the time to regain his strength before he tried to release his creatures again.

Migrating the Qishi

Upon regaining his strength, El Niño released his Qishi in the Spirit World before starting his assault on the real world. The Qishi were first released in the Northern Water Tribe in order to keep the main authority distracted as the Qishi traveled through the seas to reach the Fire Nation. While El Niño continued bringing the Qishi through, the Qishi attacked passing patrol ships in order to go through.

Infesting the Fire Nation

When El Niño arrived at the Fire Nation waters, he began to release his Qishi in the warm waters. His first priority was to tell the current Fire Lord and inform her about the situation. El Niño told her about his mission and went on his way to do so. His first infestation began back in the Jang Hui River, asking locals about the temperature and currents of the river. When he completed his task, he moved to the west, spreading the Qishi along the way as he went towards the Fire Nation Capital. During the travel, he flooded Fire Fountain City in order to make a breeding ground for the Qishi.

The infestation spread throughout the Fire Nation, from Jang Hui all the way towards Sekitan, much to El Niño's delight. El Niño continued towards the Capital, where he was confronted by Team Avatar and met his defeat.


After El Niño's defeat, most of his involvement disappeared among the world. Fire Fountain's flood soon receded, and El Niño's Qishi all disappeared from the real world. Barely anything was evident within a few weeks afterwards.

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