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The Protester in the Park
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I've heard about the Equalists, and they aren't a threat to be taken lightly. There are many more members of the Equalists than any gang in Republic City, and they wouldn't hesitate to strike, like Zolt had.

Rumors have it that their leader, Amon, can take away someone's bending for good. I don't believe that, of course, but if there are only rumors, this guy is definitely mysterious.

I hiked to the trolley, in defeat. One day wasted, and I'd barely gotten anywhere. The only thing I had managed to do, was expose my identity as one of the last remaining airbenders; and I could only hope that the Triple Threat would keep their traps shut about it. I sat down, and looked out the window into the night. The trolley pulled up near my stop, so I got out and headed home. I walked into my room, and collapsed onto my bed, wondering what to do from here.

I guess I must have drifted off to sleep, but I didn't remember any of it. Instead, I woke up with the sun shining in my eyes. I sighed, I barely knew what I was doing, and I didn't know any airbending. I still could move air, and being an airbender I was naturally agile and could avoid attacks. However, most of the whole airbending thing, I was clueless about.

Amidst my frustration, I decided that I should go and get some fresh air by heading to Republic City Park. Instead of taking the trolley like I usually do, I decided to stretch my legs and walk. The park was one of the few clean and pretty places in Republic City, and I always liked that it was clear and free of Satomobiles.

Suddenly, I heard the squeak of a megaphone starting, and then shouting.

"Join Amon! End the tyranny of benders! Stop being deprived and join forces with the Equalists!" I followed the sound of the voice, and saw a protester standing before an Equalist poster. I thought I'd seen him here before, but previously I'd never really took much notice to him. Now I joined the crowd of people standing before him, listening to what he has to say.

"What do we want? Equality! When do we want it? Now!" I heard him and the crowd around me chanting. I pushed past others in the crowd to get a better look. I saw a young man with black hair, wearing an odd looking hat with large sideburns. He began handing out little flyers to each of them, and they all left.

"Hello there, my fellow citizen! Would you like a flier?" He asked me, not using the megaphone.

"Sure." I said, taking a flyer. "But I'm afraid I don't know too much about the Equalists." I said, hoping for him to tell me more.

"The Equalists are dedicated to bringing balance to the world through equality. Benders are being unjust and using their power to oppress others! Under our leader Amon, and his chi-blockers, we will tear down the benders, and bring equality to the world!" He said, using his megaphone again.

"I see." I said. "What are chi-blockers?" I'd heard the term before, but I still didn't know what it meant. The protester pulled the megaphone away from his face, and began to speak.

"Chi-blockers can temporarily remove someone's bending by hitting specific pressure points in their body. Too bad it's only temporary."

The thought startled me, that someone could remove the bending inside one's body. Even though I didn't bend much, the thought still gave me the chills.

"Um, fascinating," I said, pretending to be interested, hoping that he'd tell me more. After an awkward pause, to keep the conversation going, I asked,

"Are they, born with that ability? Or is it-"

"There are secret chi-blocker training centers hidden throughout the city. The closest one is under a bookstore not to far from here." He interrupted me in a whisper.

While he was talking, it hit me. It would be the perfect disguise, pretending to be a chi-blocker, while secretly getting closer to the Equalists, and my sister. I could also learn however it was that these guys fought, and learn how to defend my self from them.

"Where would I locate one of these facilities?" I asked him.

"So you want to join the Equalists and become a Chi-Blocker, eh?" He asked me. "Well, the closest one to here is underneath a bookstore. If you want to enter, go up to the librarian, and ask if he has "The Great Wars of Our Time". He will present you with a book, but do not accept it. He will then ask you if you like history, and what Nation you think is the most fascinating. Say "Earth". Then he will recommend you a different book. Exactly as I say it, you will respond, "No thank you, I've already read it and it was quite dull. Perhaps I should go to the back and receive a different one." Then he will lead you to the cellar and welcome you.

"Thank you!" I said, ready to take off.

"One more thing." He said, before I left. "Go at night, that's when they tend to train."

I bowed, thanking him, and I left his stand to enjoy the rest of the park.

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