Air Temple Island
The Prisoner
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I Am the Solution


Part Two - Revolution



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July 1, 2015

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A Letter and a Memory

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Next day, March 29, 171 AG


Iesen climbed up the wooden ladder to reach the old attic of the air temple.

The room was small and a thick layer of dust covered the floor. The only window in it was nailed with wooden boards. The attic now served as the prison for him. The back of the room was separated with rusty metal bars. It was dark, but you could make out the silhouette of a man curled up on the floor.

At the sound of Iesen's voice, the prisoner lifted his head.

His face was now illuminated by a faint light coming from the lamp in Iesen's hand. Long, brown hair was falling on his face, pointing out the dark circles under his eyes. He seemed exhausted, like he hadn't slept for days, but his expression softened a bit when he saw Iesen.

"Hello, Iesen. What brings you here? Not that I'm complaining, I always enjoy company here."

Iesen sat on the floor near the cell and handed Tarrlok a bowl trough the gap, lowering her voice down to a whisper.

"Here, I brought you some extra food, but don't tell anyone. Amon is already getting suspicious to where I'm disappearing every day." Iesen smiled gently. "You don't look very well. Is there something wrong?"

"You mean except for being imprisoned here? No, everything is alright." He tried to laugh, but it sounded more like a bronchitic cough.

"Why did Amon put you here anyway? I know you were the head of the Resistance, but it doesn't make any sense! Maybe I can persuade him to-"

Tarrlok interrupted her with a shake of his head. "No, you can't. But thank you for your concern. Your kindness is the only thing that keeps me hopeful that I'll get out one day."

Iesen checked the time on her pocket watch. "Sorry, I have to go. Amon will wonder where I am."

Tarrlok nodded and sighed heavily. "About that thing you asked me, just trust your judgement, and you will do the right thing. Trust me."

Iesen turned around and smiled. "I will. Try to get some sleep, will you?"

Tarrlok nodded with a sad smile.

Iesen's footsteps echoed quietly as she climbed down.

Same afternoon, March 29, 171 AG

"I'm not sending you back to the battle." Amon's voice was quiet but clear, echoing in the small hallway of the air temple.

"I saw how the last battle affected you. I promised myself that I will never let that happen again." He was nervously walking up and down the hallway, pulling his fingers trough his hair.

"Amon, I'm not a child. I can fight. Spirits, you trained me, you know that I won't die!"

"I don't think you'll die, I think it's going to affect yo-"

"There you go again'' Iesen rolled her eyes. ''I'm not mentally unstable, Amon, I don't have to be kept under a glass bell."

Amon locked his icy blue gaze with hers. "Look, we have a victory rally today. You're going there as security, and you're going to be there where I can keep an eye on you. Is that clear?"

"Crystal clear," Iesen answered sarcastically. She pulled on the mask and goggles over her face and pulled on the electrified glove.

"Come on, I'm waiting for you," she added.

Amon put on his mask, pulling the hood on as he followed Iesen out.

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