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Chapter 3 - The Prince

Shinn looked at hands, although it was hours ago he was still thinking about what he'd done. He was sat on the porch of the house and by stamping on the ground a small group of rocks came up, suspended in the air. Shinn couldn't believe he'd Earthbended as that was impossible, well except for the Avatar.

That was the problem, Shinn and the rest of the world already knew the identity of the new Avatar, Prince Zukai. Was that why they were after him? Shinn pondered this thought before practicing his firebending once again. He knew if they were after him, He'd be ready for them.

Fire Nation Avatar Temple, 1 day later...

The room was dark and barely lit, the only lights were those of fireballs jetting around the room. They bounced off every surface and so when the boy dodged them, they were already on their way back. They boy continued to dodge, his agility almost limitless. He sensed them even when they were behind him and it came of no surprise to him as he was, of course, the Avatar.

Prince Zukai began to get tired of this simple training exercise and using his firebending extinguished all the flames with one attack. He smirked as he returned to the waiting hall where his master, Xu Ki, was waiting for him.

"Another excellent display my lord" said Xu Ki bowing.

"Your challenges are pitiful Xu, I do hope you increase the difficulty next time" replied an annoyed Zukai.

"You shouldn't push yourself my lord, you are yet to learn another element" warned Xu Ki.

"Yet you have mastered the art of Lightning and refuse to teach me it" said Zukai.

"I have told you my lord, you must master the element before you attempt to-" Xu Ki was cut off.

"That is what you always say!" shouted Zukai. "Very well I propose a new challenge, You against me!".

"My Lord I must object" said Xu Ki.

"You can't my father ordered you to obey me, now come!" said Zukai getting ready to battle.

Both of them removed their weighted training gear before taking opposite spots in the training ring. Zukai charged forward but ran straight into the wall as Xu Ki appeared on the other side of the room.

"What trickery is this?!" demanded Zukai.

"None sire, just skill" replied Xu Ki.

Zukai charged forward and all of his attacks were blocked by Xu Ki who was using only one hand. Zukai continue to attack oblivious to the fact Xu Ki was prepare to strike. He fired a single bolt of lightning at the Prince sending him flying against the wall.

"Like I said my lord, you are yet to master your element" taunted Xu Ki.

"Very well, you've proven your point" said a defeated Zukai

"I am sure you will beat me eventually my lord" replied Xu Ki.

"Very well Xu Ki, come we must speak with my father" said Zukai walking out the hall.

Fire Nation Throne Room, 5 minutes later...

"Ah my son, how did you training go?" asked Fire Lord Zuang.

"Fine father, Xu Ki is a formidable opponent in battle" replied Zukai.

"Glad to hear you're doing your job Xu" said the Fire Lord.

"I will retire now father" said Zukai as he walked out of the room.

After Zukai was a good distance away the Fire Lord banished the servants from the chamber and came down from his throne to speak to Xu Ki face to face.

"You assured me the boy was dead" said an angry Zuang.

"Your soldiers clearly didn't do their jobs" replied Xu Ki.

Fire Lord Zuang sent Xu flying back with a bolt of lightning and as he fired again it met Xu's retaliation and both bolts faded.

"Remember your place Xu, you may be powerful but you are yet to surpass me" declared Zuang.

"Yes...My lord" replied Xu Ki.

"You will go to the Earth Kingdom and finish him yourself, I don't trust your 'Doctor' fellow from ending this by himself" said Zuang.

"At once, My Lord" said Xu Ki before bowing and leaving.

Shao Household, about the same time...

"Try me Shinn!" shouted Liu charging.

Despite his appearance Liu was an expert Earthbender and was a decent sparring partner for Shinn as they were able to counter each other's moves flawlessly. Shinn jetted up into the air and shot down towards Liu who even setting up multiple Earth barriers couldn't stop him. Shinn had won for a fifth time as they'd been fighting for hours.

"You're good Fire-boy" remarked Liu.

"Not so bad yourself Rock-head" replied Shinn.

"Still no ideas on who those idiots who attacked us were?" asked Liu.

"No, If I did I'd tell you" said Shinn turning away.

"You know don't you?" said Liu.

"How would I?" asked Shinn in an uninterested voice.

"Well every time I ask you either don't take notice or dodge the question" replied Liu who had observed Shinn's responses when asked before.

"Alright I may know who they are...I think they're Fire Nation" said Shinn.

"Look I don't mean to invade your privacy, but when it puts me and my sister's lives at risk you have to understand" said a cautious Liu.

"Alright I guess I could tell you..." replied Shinn.

What is Shinn's dark past? And How did he know the people that attacked him? Find out Next time!


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