The Portal
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The Warped Unknown


Book 1: Bugs



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February 15, 2014

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Siege Of The Northern Air Temple Part 1

Speaking: Bristaljos

"Sir, everything is ready. We have 10 heavy armor combat experts, all waiting in a gunship."

"Perfect. Open the portal and send them through to a similar location."

"But sir... our strike force died last time we sent them to that location."

"I am aware of that captain. Do not question my orders."

"Yes sir."

"Fire main power!"

A vortex appeared in front of the task force and sucked them in. Sure enough, the portal collapsed with a loud SHHHOOOK!

"Well? Back to upgrading the portal! The Lord wants it done by tomorrow!"

Speaking: Toph, Sokka, Zuko, Cabbage Guy, Bristaljos

Sokka: "This is the side of town where Aang was found."

Toph: "Seems pretty quiet to me."

Zuko: "I agree. There's nothing here, lets move on."

Then, a portal opened up above a large street, and a Bristaljos gunship came out firing. As it rampaged around the street it destroyed several buildings and the people inside them.

Cabbage Guy: "My cabbages!"

Zuko; "What IS that thing?"

The large doors to the gunship slid open and the heavy armor combat troopers jumped out.

Heavy Armor trooper: "Civilians! Put your uh... *Stares at Sokka's arms* put your appendages up!

Toph: "No way lizard-brain!"

Toph stomped her foot and conjured a huge pillar of rock under two alien soldiers, throwing them back. As another soldier heads for Zuko, he shoots fire blasts at him, causing the unwary solider to ignite.

Sokka: "They're combustible! That's their weakness!"

Zuko: "Works for me!"

Two soldiers charge Sokka as he draws his sword, and he engages in combat with them. One draws his blaster and prepares to fire, while the other fights Sokka close-range with his heavily armored tail. As the soldier takes aim with his blaster, Sokka yelled to Zuko:

"Zuko! Get him!"

Zuko fires a pillar from flame from his fist, and the soldier gruesomely burned to death. Just as fast, another trooper engages Zuko from behind. Meanwhile, Sokka continues to fight the other soldier who appears to be very skilled in swordsmanship.

Sokka: "You're almost as good as me!"

In a clean, swift motion, Sokka decapitates the alien.


As they finish off the remaining soldiers, The alien gunship opens fire.

"Look out!" Sokka yells as an ion bolt heads straight for Toph.

Toph narrowly misses the bolt, and fires earth shards at the gunship. As the frags bounce off the gunship like pennies, Zuko takes over. He rapidly shoots fire spouts at the gunship, only to find that it is non-flammable.

"Watch the master." Sokka states with a confident smile.

He unsheathes his boomerang, and throws it at the cockpit. With a reassuring THUMP!, Sokka catches his boomerang just in time to see the gunship crash.

"Was that cool or was that cool!?" Sokka exclaimed.

Zuko: "This is great that we beat them, but more are sure to come. We Must be prepared."

Speaking: Bristaljos General, Bristaljos Drone

Drone: "Sir I have good news and bad news."

General: "Start with the bad news."

Drone: "The strike force was yet again eliminated, and we found all 10 bodies in the Tar Pits."

Drone: "The good news, the portal is complete. It is now capable of transporting a full fledged invasion force."

General: "A force that I will lead myself. I am sick of these repeated failures, so, I will personally oversee the victory of the invasion force, and the destruction of this world."

General: "Assemble the invasion force! I have work to do..."

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