Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to The Poisonbender in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

The Poisonbender
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Gather round, little ones, and I'll tell you a tale. I'll tell you a tale of misery and dread, faith and hope. I'll tell you of differences are what makes us the same, and of how friends are always there, when sometimes family isn't. Friends are friends for a reason, but family is forced to know, and to at least pretend to love you. I'll tell you a tale of mystery, of high spirits, and joyful endings. I'll tell you a tale of happiness and hate. And finally, I'll tell you a tale of how things can stretch farther than bending. It's cold outside but warm inside, here near the fire. I may just be a stranger, but you can trust me. Why should you trust me, you ask? Because I am the Teller of Tales and Weaver of Dreams.

The First Occurrence

"Unghh!" Aang mumbled, panting and tugging at the chains that held him. He had been searching for medicine for Katara and Sokka when he got caught by Admiral Zhao of the Fire Nation. The door opened creakily. Aang looked up. It was Admiral Zhao. He smiled grimly.

"Abandon hope, Avatar," He whispered in Aang's ear, "Your friends won't come."

And with that he stalked out of the room.

But as the door closed behind Admiral Zhao, another hand caught it. Aang didn't notice that someone else was in the room until a dark purple substance slid gracefully over his right handcuff. He looked up to see a cloaked figure bending the substance on the lock on his handcuff. The person didn't look up. Within a few minutes his right handcuff's lock dissolved entirely and the manacle dropped off. The person moved to his left manacle, bending the purple substance onto that handcuff's lock. Soon Aang was free. He rubbed his wrists but before he could look up and thank the mystery savior, the figure had vanished.

The Second Occurrence

"Hurry up, Katara! We're almost there!" Shouted Aang, running ahead. "Don't get so excited over this, Aang. It's JUST A CAVE," said Sokka, walking at his own slow pace. "Yeah, Aang," Katara added, "Sokka's got the right idea. Even if we do reach the mouth of the cave by sundown, it's not like we'll make it all the way through before night falls." Aang slowed down. "I guess you're right, Katara," Aang said, sighing, "We can visit the city of Omashu tomorrow." Aang's pet flying bison, Appa, plopped down immediately and started rolling in the dust. "Well, I better go foraging. We're all out of food," said Katara, shaking the supply bag upside down, and promptly headed into the nearby woodlands. Suddenly, something ran by in the woodlands and disappeared. There were whispers coming from behind them. Appa roared uneasily. Then there was silence. "Phew," Sokka breathed, "It was probably just--" His sentence was cut short by a voice. "Well look who's here." Out of the darkness stepped their arch enemy, Zuko, banished prince of the evil Fire Nation. Zuko smiled evilly. "If it isn't my old friend the Avatar."

"Give up, Avatar. We've got you surrounded!" Zuko demanded. "Never!" Zuko smiled sinisterly. "Could you take that chance?" He said and motioned for the platoon, "Guards, bring the prisoner." Pushed outwards from the ranks was Katara bound, but confident. She said calmly: "Don't give up, Aang." "I...I..." Aang mumbled, stuck between the choices. "Surrender! It's OVER!" Zuko shouted. The ranks started closing in when a voice rang out clearly. "It's only just begun." There was a short silence and then suddenly a long whip snaked out of the cave. It lashed at the guards and then magically formed a dome around Aang, Sokka, and Katara which burst, sending the guards into the woodlands. Sokka quickly cut the ropes holding Katara and the three of them, Appa, and Momo ran into the cave quickly, expecting someone to be in it, but there wasn't the slightest sign anyone had ever been there.

The Hooded Figure

"Ahh, this is the life, guys," said Toph, grinning happily as she laid down in the shade of a cliff overhang.

A small stream bubbled along nearby. A butterfly fluttered along lazily. Momo tried catching it. The group had only been sitting there a few moments when Toph sat up suddenly.

"Guys," she said, "There's someone on top of the overhang."

Sokka abruptly perked up, saying:

"Oh, no! It's gotta be sparky sparky boom man!!!"

"You mean combustion man?" Katara corrected.

"No, it isn't him," Toph answered, "It seems to me like someone and a beast slightly smaller than Appa.

"Well, whoever it is, I'm sure we can take 'em in a fight," said Sokka, "I mean we are Team Avatar!"

"Sokka, shut up," mumbled Katara.

"Yeah, Sokka," Aang said, "You don't even know if they're enemies or not. Besides, the war is over."

"Hey, I'm just sayin'," Sokka replied, "the war just ended so weird stuff can still happen."

"Well, we better check just in case," Katara said.

They headed out of the shaded area and Toph earthbent stairs into the cliff wall. They climbed up. On top was a girl in a hooded dark purple cloak with a pitch-black colored fox-like beast with dragon wings. Appa immediately flew up and licked its nose. It sneezed in Appa's face. Momo landed in the beast's head. But the person didn't move when they approached, as if unimpressed. Katara approached.

"Um, Hello?" she said.

The girl looked up. They all gasped.

On her forehead was an airbender tattoo.


Aang kneeled down in the grit and held his head in his hands. He said:

"Ohhh-kay. This is really, really, weird."

"I understand your situation," she said, taking off her hood to reveal a long black-haired braid, "I was surprised to see the Avatar out here, too."

"Wait, wait, wait," Sokka said, puzzled, "how do you know he's the Avatar?"

"Well, according to everyone in this world, the Avatar is the only airbender left," she reasoned, "plus, you don't look like any airbender I know."

"What do you mean by 'this world'?" Toph asked, "and you know other airbenders?"

"I survived the past hundred years trapped in the Spirit World," the girl said, "so did many other airbenders."

She sighed.

"Being trapped in the Spirit World is kinda like a long, boring, game of pai sho. But being in there for 100 years gave me time. Lots of time. And that's how I came to inventing poisonbending."

She drew her two forefingers in mid-air and came down with a dark purple water-like substance.

"That looks a little like waterbending," said Katara, interested.

"Hey," Aang realized, "you're the person who saved me from Admiral Zhao!"

"And you're the person who saved us from Zuko!" Sokka shouted.

Toph looked unimpressed.

"Well, I have no idea who you are."

The girl shook hands with everybody.

"My name's Lonna. The beast is my flying fox named Peregrine. You must be Aang."

She smiled.

"Gyatso would be happy to see you."

Aang's jaw dropped.

"Are you saying that Gyatso is in the Spirit World?!?" he questioned and shook Lonna by the shoulders, "Are you sure it's the Gyatso? Monk Gyatso?"

"Um, well... he did always talk about kicking your butt at pai sho back at the Southern Air Temple," Lonna answered, "is that enough evidence?"


Aang jumped up and did a merry little jig.

"It's gotta be Gyatso!!!"


"Aang, calm down," Katara soothed, "It's not like you can go see him now, anyway."

"But this is Gyatso!" Aang said, so excited he formed an air-scooter and started riding it around.

"Hey, sugar queen's got a point, twinkletoes," Toph said, crossing her arms, "don't get too excited."

"Yeah," Lonna said, "Plus, you should get to training."

Aang stopped and the air-ball dissolved.

"But why? The war's already over," Aang asked.

"Um," Lonna mumbled, "You see, that's the problem. I've been basically everywhere in the world and..."

"And what?" Aang interrupted.

"You know the dai li?"


Lonna sighed.

"They formed a small resistance of earthbenders and a few firebenders. It's a secret of course. I think they're planning to burn down the air temples in a month or two. Something vicious and totally stupid," she said, "and the Avatar needs to master all bending right? That includes water, earth, fire, air, and poisonbending. Don't forget that there's also metal, lightning, and bloodbending, too."

Aang said, "Um, I think I'll stick to the original four... but does poisonbending really work with poison?"


"Oh," Aang replied, "well then poisonbending doesn't sound too bad... will you teach me?"



"Okay," Lonna started, "This might be slightly harder for you than the other elements because the Avatar is only born to train with the original four."

She pointed at their surroundings. Nothing fancy. Just a dusty clearing next to the cliff overhang and the stream.

Lonna said, "Now, the first thing you need to learn about poison bending is that it can basically penetrate anything. Block my attacks."

She made a poison whip and slashed it at Aang. He took water from the stream and made a frozen wall. The whip sliced right through it.

"Think differently!" Lonna shouted.

Aang created a thick wall of stone, but the poison blasted right through.

"I said differently!" she yelled.

Fine then, Aang thought, I'll think way differently.

He created a wall of air, expecting the whip to go straight through it but instead the whip touched it and disintegrated.

"Good work, pupil Aang," Lonna said, impressed, "I developed poisonbending from airbending, and therefore I can take poison from anywhere but it cannot penetrate its own element. Moving on, try to create poison."

"What?" Aang said, surprised, "We just finished one exercise and you want me to poisonbend right away?"

"Aang, remember, poisonbending is just another version of airbending. It is based off airbending but feels more like waterbending because that's what poison is. It is perfectly balanced on a thin, fragile line. If you let the poison get out of control, it can be more destructive than fire," Lonna said, cutting Aang's wrist with a sharp slash of the whip, "but to every poison there is an antidote, so therefore poison can do nearly anything when controlled correctly," she added, letting the poison drift over the cut and healing it.

Aang stared at his smooth, uncut wrist.

"That's amazing," he said in wonder.

"That's not all," Lonna added, "poison can also become any element: water, earth, fire, or air."

She waved the poison into a simple shape, a boulder. The poison solidified into rock.

She said, "And even though the poison is a completely different substance now, you can still bend it because it is still poison, just in a different shape."

Lonna melted the rock back into poison.

"I'm ready to try it," Aang said confidently.

"Wait, there's still one more thing you need to know about poison. Poison is balanced," she said, drawing a line with her left hand's two forefingers from the tip of her arrow tattoo to the end of her nose, "Even though poison can do many different things at once, it is a complete whole."

She whipped it off in many directions, showing off her skills.

"But if separated," Lonna added, putting both hands together, "it becomes air again."

She separated both hands and the poison whip disintegrated.

"Alright, now you can try it."

Aang stood up straight.

He took a deep breath.

He closed his eyes.

Leaning to his left side, he drew a line up with his two forefingers and opened his eyes.

"Aw," he breathed.

No poison, no success.

"Maybe we can try tomorrow," reasoned Lonna, "it's getting close to sundown."

They headed back to camp.


"So, how do you know about the dai li turning evil when it's obviously a secret?" Aang asked Lonna.

Lonna answered, "Well, first of all, when the war ended, the dai li never really turned...good. Plus, Peregrine and I have been basically everywhere. But I have no idea who's the one leading them so don't ask me."

"What if the dai li find us?" inquired Sokka, "I mean we are in the middle of the Earth Kingdom!"

Lonna sighed and said, "Sokka, remember, this is supposed to be a secret operation. Don't you think a bunch of mysterious guys in Earth Kingdom robes wondering around everywhere and doing everything simultaneously is suspicious and above all obvious that they're up to something?"

"She has a point," Toph said to Sokka.

"Yeah, and anyway--," Lonna was cut short a blast of lightning struck the campfire. It was followed by insane laughing.

"Ahahahaha! You thought I'd gone crazy, slipped away from reality, you thought I'd gotten weaker!" the voice screeched crazily, "Now you'll find out just how wrong you were to lock me up in prison!"

Lightning exploded on the campsite. Dai li agents stepped into the fire's light.

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