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The Coming Evil Part One

Last time on T.L.A.T. Baizken shows his courage and Finosa took a stand. But, what has happened to Gatton? Authors Note: This chapter is concurrent with the previous.


Gatton rushed toward the temple; he used airbending to enhances his run as fast as he could. He passed the hills, rivers, beneath the moonlight on the dark night. He ran, never feels rushed in his whole life. Arrived on the temple, hoping he was not to late. He passed the guards who were just acting like normal sages. Discussing philosophy and what not. They attempted to talk to him, but he said he was in a hurry.

In another part of the temple. Talking through the vents can be heard.

"Are you certain they are on to us?" asked a figure in the shadows.

"Yes, my sage. I know it will be only a matter of days before the discover us, sir," said a cloaked man.

The second sage beside the first said, "This means this must happen post haste, the time we still have, we can not waste."

"Yes, my lords," responded the cloaked figure.

"We can not afford any more failure. One more elephant-rat and this operation has failed and we will all die on the very spot. That lady should have been discovered more quickly. That may decide our fate tonight," said the shadowed figure.

"Tonight, sir?" asked the man.

"You dare question my authority?" the shadowed figure yelled.

"No, sir it is just that..." the man began to say.

"Question us you now do. Fear us you will have to do. Now leave handy man." said the other figure.

He left there presence and went to tell the opposition that the coup would happen that night. He spread the news to all of the conspirators, not a one of them did not here the message.

Gatton walked through the temple, looking for the killer, his attempts were futile, but he decided to go to the kitchen where the sages who lived in the temple resided. He look around and they were all just talking amongst themselves quietly. He got a komodo-chicken sandwich with cabbage leafs and flaming hot chilly peppers with a side of fire flakes made fresh by the cook. He sat down when a man approached him.

"Hey, what is the code?" asked a sage.

To humor the man Gatton told him the code,"Five, two, and nine."

"Alright, here is what is going on tonight, Gramps. The Big Boss has moved the plot to tonight. He said that he his afraid one more day and they will smell us out. Man, he actually blames my buddy for this. It probably my fault that this failed. I am going to let you in on somethin'. I am the assassin who failed to kill Halios," said the assassin.

After a face of shock and horrible regret was the look on Gatton's face. Before the murderer could say anything else, Gatton earthbended him out of his chair and launched him clear through the roof. It took awhile for him to hit the ground.

"Oh my providence. Who the Koh are you?!" asked the assassin.

Gatton then made a fire arc straight to the assassin's head. The assassin dodged it with ease and launched a dozen stilettos. Gatton use airbending to block this. He, then, drew all the water out of the cups at his table and froze the man to the wall. Everyone looked at the two with blank stares.

"You're the bloody Avatar!" the assassin exclaimed.

"Yes, I am the Avatar. Now tell me who is your leader." Gatton's expression went serious. Really depth, never left a sight at the assassin.

"I would rather die. Our men are in this room," the assassin/sage said. He took out a dagger.

"They will capture you and you shall die!"

He stabbed himself; after an instance of yelling, he was dead as any spirit. He knew even if he had escaped alive his superiors would have killed him for his stupidity. Some men in the crowd looked at Gatton.

"He has killed our brother. Capture him!" yelled one.

They chased Him for sometime before the Avatar was out of breath. He ran into a line of fire benders, and finally he was cornered. He prepared to go into the Avatar State, but then he realized that the cycle would end if they killed. He wondered if that would be a good thing, but he thought better of it. Now he used earthbending to try to push them out of the way. They were barely got off guard and simply jumped. They threw ropes around him, yet he burned them with fire bending.

"Give up yet?" asked Gatton.

He then was hit by a pot in the back of the head thrown by the cook. He muttered something to the effect of, Even the cook.

He awoke in an led box that was very thick.

"You have enough air in that cage to last you for hours if you choose not to waste your energy," said the figure which talked earlier.

The man's laughter rang through the iron safe. News spread quickly about the Avatars capture. Fearing that his family might notice his absence. They sent a note to his house calling for his children presence at the temple. All the witnesses were told that Gatton went insane and was a murderer. They went on with their normal lives.

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