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Chapter 5: The Planning

Today, we begin planning. Sokka had a list.

"Aang, you can go to the kitchens and help the cooking. Katara, Suki and Toph can both go and decorate the seats for the ceremony. Azula, Mai and Ty Lee can do the setup of the reception hall. And Zuko and I can decorate the gazebo for the coronation of Mai after the ceremony," Sokka said.

We all went to get started. Sokka and I were decorating the gazebo and were talking about girls.

"So, uh, what did you do on your vacation to Kyoshi Island," I asked.

"When I arrived, I got a welcome from the people and I went to see Suki and she and I mainly hung out and dated," Sokka said. After about an hour, we had finished the decorating. We decided to see if anyone else needed any help.

Turns out, they needed our help. It took many days to finish the planning and there were some moments of stress. At one point, Katara and Toph got into a screeching argument about how Toph has no clue about wedding planning and how Katara was so quick to judge others. We were all hiding in different rooms hoping for the argument to end while Katara and Toph screeched their heads off. I wound up breaking up the fight by telling them they can't work together if they always end up in an argument like this.

The stress was nearly over when there was another turning point. Aang and Sokka both wanted the title of Best Man. Great. Here we go again.

Author's Note

The fun increases in the competition for Best Man

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