Phoenix King Ozai coronation
The Phoenix Spirit
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The Final Avatar




Chapter 17

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May 12, 2011

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While resting at the Western Air Temple, Zaru hears of a legendary Fire Nation Spirit. He goes back to the Fire Nation, and discovers that not all is as it seems.


Three friends were resting in a temple. Just kid named Zaru, his great uncle (also a Fire Lord) Erus, and the big dragon named Draco they met the other day. They were just resting there, when Draco poked his head up.

"What is it Draco? Is there another assassin, or a military attack or something? Well?! Well?! What is it?! We want to know!"

"Calm down Zaru!" Erus said.

"No," Draco said, "It's a messenger hawk. Can I eat it? Please?"

"No eating messenger hawks. That's really the last thing we need," Zaru said.

Draco was right. A messenger hawk came flying down towards them. It had a message attached to it. The hawk landed at Zaru's feet. Zaru took the message, looked at it, and read it out loud:

Dear Zaru and Erus,

There is amazing news at the Fire Nation. A fire spirit has ended its thousand 
year sleep, and it's come to our world! You must come immediately. It's amazing!


"We've got to go! If anyone should be there, it should be the Avatar!" Zaru said.

"Wait!" Draco said, "If you guys go back to the Fire Nation, what'll I do?"

"Live here!" Erus said.

Zaru and Erus then realized they have no way to get there. Then, Erus had an idea.

"Draco? How would you like to be the Avatar's animal guide!"

"What? That's a dragon! I repeat, a DRAGON!"

"Roku had a dragon," Erus said.

"That's before they were all killed!"

"Come on!" Draco said, "I need a home!"

"Fine! We'll take the dragon!"

They mounted Draco, and flew off. They flew to the Fire Nation capital, and landed at the celebration on an island. They saw a bird-like man. When everyone saw a dragon swooping down, they ignored the spirit and all gathered around the dragon. It took much shouting from the Phoenix Spirit to get their attention back.

Phoenix King Ozai coronation

"I have returned from the Spirit World!" This was met by cheering.

Zaru approached the spirit.

"Hello Avatar!" Something about him seemed familiar.

"Have we met?" Zaru asked?

"Yes! Avatar Peeloko and I used to work together!"

"Peeklo was..."

"A Fire Nation Avatar! Just like yourself!"

Zaru decided to accept the story, and continued with the celebration. They celebration lasted for hours until...


A wall blasted apart. A bunch of Firebenders came out from the rubble. Zaru took one look at them, and saw they weren't just Firebenders. They were Lightningbenders. Zaru looked up, and expected Azap, their leader (and Zaru's grandfather), but instead he saw Gios, the second in command.

"Where's Azap?!" Zaru yelled, "He still has a death sentence I'm willing to give out!"

Gios smiled. "Azap is taking a... how would you put it? Extended vacation?"


Gios blasted a fireball at Zaru. Zaru caught the ball, and threw it back. Then, all the Lightningbenders shot fire. The Phoenix Spirit jumped in the way. He raised his arms, and the fire vanished.

"Spirits can bend?" Zaru asked.

"Yes! Of course! Fire spirits Firebend. Earth spirits Earthbend. Spirits of Avatars bend all four elements. I've even met a spirit that can Facebend! That's another story though."

Zaru, Erus, and the Phoenix Spirit began to attack the Lightningbenders. Eventually, lightning was being blasted everywhere. It was hard enough to keep everyone alive, let alone hold them back. The Fire Nation army arrived, but Firebenders can't do much against an army that can bend fire and lightning. Zaru thought they were doomed until the Earth Kingdom army came along. Usually, this would be very bad, but Zaru saw opportunity. The Earth Kingdom would just as happily take the Lightningbsnders. Zaru was happy about this until...

"Soldiers! This is head general Cholu! Do not attack the Lightningbenders. Work with them!"

Zaru couldn't believe this! They teamed up!

"Retreat!" Erus shouted. Everyone ran from the powerful army. Zaru and Erus flew Draco. The Phoenix Spirit used fire to fly away. Well... they don't call him the Phoenix Spirit for nothing. Anyways... the earth soldiers ran after the Fire Nation army. A few hours later, the earth soldiers gave up on the chase, and went back to regroup with the Lightningbenders.

"What now Fire Lord?" a Fire Nation general asked after they landed.

"Umm... Zaru? What should we do?"

"I don't know! Ask Patola!"

"Hi! Patola said.

"Patola?!" Zaru and Erus said at the same time.

"When did you get here?" Zaru asked.

"About five minutes ago!"

"Okay Patola. You can help," Erus said, "Now, let's regroup at our military base in the capital, and discuss there. They did that, and began planning the next morning.

"General!" Erus said. "What is the level of the problem?"

"They've captured six islands," the general said.

"All in one night? Those Lightningbenders are powerful."

A messenger hawk landed on the general's shoulder. He took the message, slapped the bird when it pooped on him, and then read the message.

"Sir. All seven islands of the Fire Nation's 'tail' have been captured." He laughed on tail. "Man! I love calling it that!"

"This is bad," Zaru said. Then, the door opened. The Phoenix Spirit walked in.

"I would like to help my nation in its moment of peril."

"Thank you kind spirit," Erus said, "We will make sure to give you a spot in this."

They sat and discussed. They were only interrupted when the bored Zaru started throwing things at Draco.

"Okay," Erus was saying, "Here's the plan. We will take two thousand Fire Nation soldiers, and send them to all seven islands. They'll bombard the shore with canons, then the tanks will roll in, and take everything down. Zaru, you and me will personally go and take down Gios. It appears he's killed Azap, and anyone who can do that is a threat. Is this agreed?"

The generals all shouted their agreement. The plan started an hour later. They were about to board their ships, until...

A hundred explosions went off at once. Half of the ships were blown apart!

"What was that?!" Zaru asked.

"It appears... a combination of blasting jelly and... lightning."

Then, the Lightningbenders and earth soldiers cam out. Even the Dai Li came out! They only go on big missions. Then, a huge battle erupted. It wasn't much of a battle though. The Fire Nation army was overtaken in the first five minutes. Fortunately, the other side took casualties too. It was a draw in the end. Zaru was happy they weren't defeated... at least until the Phoenix Spirit stepped in front of him. He began to do sift swishing movements. Zaru recognized this just in time. He jumped out of the way as the Phoenix Spirit shot lightning at him. At least this is the last time we have to call Azap that. Azap shot more lightning. Zaru ducked, and shot fire in return. Then, Azap turned, at hit Erus in the stomach with lightning.

"NOOOOOO!" Zaru went in to the Avatar State.

"I really haven't learned my lesson with the Avatar State," Azap muttered. He could only run as Zaru flew into the air, and raised the ground around him. Zaru was about to crush him, but the Dai Li interfered. The shot the wall down, and launched their gloves. Zaru knocked them aside, and blasted the Dai Li with the ocean. They were washed away as Zaru lifted Azap into the air. Zaru wasn't in total control, and he was about to kill Azap. Then... Gios (who was still hanging around from the battle) shot lightning and hit Zaru in the back. He fell to the ground. He was dying. The Avatar State went off. Then it turned back on. The water flew onto his back, and healed him.

"How..." Gios asked.

"You're WEAK!" Zaru shouted, and the entire city was flooded. Then, Zaru lowered. Azap and Gios boarded a boat, and left. Patola worked on healing Erus.

"He's going to live, but he's going to be down for awhile," Patola said. Patola then swept around, and sent the water back into the ocean. Then, they went back to the palace, hoping this would end.

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