By The avatar Part of the The Phoenix Chronicles continuity.
Capital harbor
The Phoenix Islands
Physical information

South Western hemisphere


Capital City

Form of Government

Absolute Monarchy; formerly Monarchy

Head of State

Phoenix King

Religious authority

Fire Sages


Phoenix Island gold piece


Phoenix King

First appearance

The Island, Bomb Strike, etc.

The Phoenix Islands are a newly-created nation in The Phoenix Chronicles.


Once, an island of ancient tribes led by chiefs, there was much war. Even the Avatar, and all others, could not bring peace. The strategic location of the Islands, resulted in mass invasions by the Fire Nation, Water Tribes, and "Peaceful Occupation" by the Ancestors of the Air Nomads. After time, nations began to withdraw, and the Islands were taken over by the Fire Nation. Soon they became a Colony (Principality of the Phoenix Islands), headed by the Crown Prince, to test his leadership capabilities. Several small Islands were still, however, occupied by the Air Nomads and Southern Water Tribe. Fire Lord Sozin, eventually used this as a main base for invasion of the Southern Air Temple and Southern Water Tribes. With the sudden death of Fire Lord Azulon, and the proclamation of Ozai as King, rather than Crown Prince Iroh, the Islands were forgotten. After The War ended, they were granted freedom by Fire Lord Zuko. With vast resources, they began to modernize their culture, and eventually took on a militaristic policy.


The Government of the Islands, originally a confederate monarchy, became an absolute monarchy after a coup by the current Phoenix King. He was known for being an aggressive man and imitated The Phoenix War

Armed Forces

The Armed forces of the Phoenix Islands consist of the Navy, the Army, and the Domestic Guard. The armed forces structure are almost exactly like the Fire Nation. At the top of every armed forces is the Phoenix King, who controls all armed forces.

The chain of command follows:

Army Navy Domestic
High General High Admiral Chief Guard


Admiral Lt. Chief Guard
Colonel Captain Guard Captain
Lieutanat Sailor Guard

Notable Soldiers


The Islands are similar to the Empire of Japan, an island nation with a quickly industrialized and booming economy with plans for Military Expansion.

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