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This fanon series is completed, meaning all expected chapters have been released.
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The Phoenix Estates
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Avatar: The Last Airbender

The Phoenix Estates is a Fanon Rockjaw Grang is working on. It takes place 20 years after Avatar Aang defeated Fire Lord Ozai. Peace has been established, but when several cities leave the Fire Nation, that peace is threatened.


This story is about a war that takes place when several cities decide to leave the Fire Nation. It mostly follows the lives of the offspring of Team Avatar. The following events have taken place since the shows end. Aang and Katara have gotten married, as have Zuko and Mai and Sokka and Suki. Azula has regained her sanity, however her views on the world have not changed. Aang has used Energybending on the people of the Northern Air Temple, granting them Airbending abilities.


Chapter I: The Secessions Several cities leave the Fire Nation, and Kumaro goes to the Northern Air Temple to tell Aang of this.
Chapter II:The Northern Air Temple Kumaro arrives at his destination, and Azula is released from prison.
Chapter III: The Journey Kumaro and Aditi travel the world, Mainyu leaves his father, and the war begins.
Chapter IV: The Western Air Temple Kumaro and Aditi arrive at the Western Air Temple, and when there, confront Bharato.
Chapter V: Ba Sing Se Kumaro and Aditi arrive in Ba Sing Se, where they meet Wei.

Chapter VI: Wei's Journey

We find out kow Wei got to Ba Sing Se.
Chaper VII: The Fire Ruby Kumaro and Wei train, and Mainyu gets the Fire Ruby.
Chapter VIII: Battle for the Northern Mountains The Earth Kingdom gets involved in the war, and is aided by Kumaro, Wei and Aditi. Bharato and Mainyu return to the Phoenix Estates.
Chapter IX: Retaking Gaipan The forces of Toph and Saif attempt to retake the Earth Kingdom town, with the help of some new friends.
Chapter X: End of The Earth Front The title says it all.
Chapter XI: Desert Tales Blade and his friends crack down on Alden
Chapter XII: The Northern Water Tribe, Part 1 Kumaro and his friends arrive at the Northern Water Tribe, and when there, face the forces of Mainyu.
Chapter XIII: The Northern Water Tribe, Part 2 Picking up form where Part 1 left off, Aditi and her friends try to free Kumaro.
Chapter XIV: The Water Sapphire More is revealed on the possible weapon the Water Tribe possesses, and a defeat strikes fear into the hearts of the Fire Nation
Chapter XV: Return to the Northern Air Temple The group returns to the Northern Air Temple, and the ultimate weapon is put to the test.
Chapter XVI:Ember Island Zuko and the other people of the capital flee to Ember Island, where they meet Aang and company.
Chapter XVII: Saif's Destiny Saif confronts his father's killer.
Chapter XVIII: A New Friend Hammer meets a new friend on Ember Island.
Chapter XIX: The Plans and The Training, Part 1 Azara makes a new friend, Kumaro enjoys being back with Neza, and leaders decide what to do with the troops they have to lead.
Chapter XX: The Plans and The Training, Part 2 Continuing from Part 1, the outcome of the sparring match between Azara and Adva is revealed, Aang and Zysor arrive at the factory, and Hari meets an old rival.
Chapter XXI: Origin of the Gems We finally find out where the gems came from.
Chapter XXII: The Rescue A group of people lead a rescue mission on the Sun Generator.
Chapter XXIII:Getting Ready The forces prepare for the inevitable.
Chapter XXIV: Battle for the Fire Nation, Part 1 The fight for the Fire Nation begins.
Chapter XXV: Battle for the Fire Nation, Part 2 The epic battle concludes.
Chapter XXVI: The Burning Island Ember Island is fought for.
Chapter XXVII: Obas Mainyu attacks a Fire Nation town, and Kumaro must protect it.
Chapter XXVIII: Landing in The South Sokka and Suki lead and attack mission on a portion of the Fire Nation coast under the control of the Phoenix Estates.
Chapter XXIX: The Capital Zysor helps Mai and Katara take back the Fire Nation capital.
Chapter XXX: Behind Enemy Lines Kumaro, Aditi, Wei, Neza, and Hari infiltrate a Phoenix Estates city.
Chapter XXXI:The Valley The forces of the Fire Nation and Earth Kingdom fight to retake several farms in the south.
Chapter XXXII:Rhinos Scouts from the Fire Nation and the Earth Kingdom vanish under mysterious circumstances.
Chapter XXXIII:The Factory The southern Fire Nation army arrives at a Phoenix Estates factory, and they must combat a new war machine.
Chapter XXXIV:The Mind of Azula Bhatato takes over the Phoenix Estates, and sends Azula to help Mainyu fight Aang and Zuko.
Chapter XXXV:The Jungle, Part 1, The Tribe The southern army encounters a mysterious jungle, and some of its members go in, hoping to find a shortcut.
Chapter XXXVI:The Jungle, Part 2, The Chosen One Since the scouts have been missing, Sokka, Suki, Toph, Lo Gan, and Rin go in looking for them. Zysor notices Azara is missing. Kumaro trains Takumi.
Chapter XXXVII:The Jungle, Part 3, Maxitaotie Takumi faces his destiny, and confronts Maxitaotie.
Chapter XXXVIII:The Resistance, Part 1 Lee and La Sei are captured, the Leaders of the southern army leave the jungle.
Chapter XXXIX:The Resistance, Part 2 Lee and La Sei are saved froma public execution, Nov Sol is attacked.
Chapter XL:Aggni, Part 1 Zuko and Aang attack Aggni, but the defense is too strong for them.
Chapter XLI:Aggni, Part 2 Mai and Katara arrive at Aggni, and catch up with Bharato.
Chapter XLII:Aggni, Part 3 Following the battle, the leaders decide what to do next, while the soldiers mourn over their fallen allies.
Chapter XLIII:Return to the Air Temple While hunting Bharato, the Fire Nation airship stops at the Western Air Temple, and Aang obtains the Air Topaz.
Chapter XLIV:The Airship The leaders talk about what should be done when they catch up with Bharato.
Chapter XLV:Ba Sing Se Bharato is stopped as he enters Ba Sing Se's agragarian zone, and Aang obtain's the Earth Emerald.

Old Characters

  • Aang- The current Avatar, lives at the Northern Air Temple, age 132.
  • Katara- The wife of Aang, lives at the Northern A'ir Temple, age 34.
  • Zuko- The current Fire Lord, working to right his family's wrongs, age 36.
  • Mai- The wife of Zuko, still a gloomy, mostly emotionless, woman, age 35.
  • Sokka- A warrior from the Southern Water Tribe, lives on Kyoshi Island, age 35.
  • Suki- Leader of the Kyoshi Warriors, wife of Sokka, age 35.
  • Toph Bei Fong- A commander in the Earth Kingdom army, lives in Ba Sing Se, age 32.
  • Iroh- Owner of the world's finest tea shop, lives in Ba Sing Se, age 84.
  • Azula- The main antagonist, bent on revenge, lives in Aggni, age 34.

New Characters

  • Kumaro- The first son of Zuko and Mai, traveling the world, age 14.
  • Azara- The only daughter of the Fire Lord, twin sister of Mainyu, age 10.
  • Mainyu- The younger son of Zuko and Mai, well read and very smart, age 10.
  • Aditi- Daughter of Aang and Katara, first to join Kumaro, age 14.
  • Lee- Lived in Aggni, forced into the army, age 25.
  • Wei- A young firebender, traveling to Ba Sing Se, age 16.
  • Haruka- Wei's sister, earthbending girl, age 13.
  • Hari- The son of Sokka and Suki, left Kyoshi to fight in the war, age 15.
  • Lo Gan- Male waterbender, skilled in healing, age 16.
  • Rin Female waterbender, impressive fighter, age 16.
  • Neza Female firebender, childhood friend of Kumaro, age 14.
  • Zysor Male firebender, admiral in the Fire Nation, age 32.
  • Atenar Male firbender, glider pilot, age 30.
  • Altair Male firebender, skilled with explosives, age 30.
  • Hideki Male firebender, skilled in unseen movement, age 30.
  • Saif- Swordsman in the Earth Kingdom, very skilled, age 32.
  • Pallav- An archer in the Earth Kingdom, under the command of Saif, age 27.
  • Aknur- A relaxed Earth Kingdom soldier, under the command of Saif, age 25.
  • Ila- Female Earth Kingdom soldier, under the command of Toph, age 27.
  • Kun- Female earthbender, serves with Ila, age 25.
  • Kavi- Male waterbender, replaced Pakku as Waterbending instructor, age 40.
  • Et Dah- Female firebender, glider pilot for the Phoenix Estates, age 28.
  • Bharato- Former governor of the city of Aggni, A firebending prodigy, age 40.
  • Savas- A firebending prodigy, royal guard, age 30.
  • Yudo- An elite warrior, works with his twin Savas, age 30.


Although this Fanon has a similar name to the Phoenix Chronicles, this was not intentional.

I would like to use this section to thank the following people for their help on the fanon.

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