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Juji's fine. He comes back to life in the end when the doomsday device shifts the polarity of the Earth. Oops. Spoiler. Sorry.

Warning! This page contains spoilers for The Phoenix Chronicles.

Below is a list of the chapters in the The Phoenix Chronicles.

Book 1: Phoenix

Chapter One The Southern Prince The Main Characters are introduced, as the grandchildren of Team Avatar. The world is at peace, but they soon find out otherwise.
Chapter Two The Island

Mian and his friends head out to South Eagle island to stop further raids of the Water Tribe settlement, there.
Chapter Three Counter Attack

The team heads off to attack the enemy base, along the way they meet some friendly bombers.
Chapter Four Bomb Strike

The team are ambushed in the middle of a meeting with Admiral Min, they stop by at the Air Nomad Islands.
Chapter Five Rock Hard Mian practices Earthbending, while everybody else watches a play at Abuki Theater.
Chapter Six Battle for the South Part 1 Team Strike reach the Southern Water Tribe and begin their part by attacking the airships
Chapter Seven Battle for the South Part 2 Mian faces a very traumatic situation, which forces him to reach an uncontrollable state
Chapter Eight Within the Shadows Team Strike go undercover in the Phoenix Islands
Chapter Nine Masks Mian and Zura find out a very interesting fact.
Chapter Ten Guardians Mian and Zura discuss a plan about what to do now that they are guarding Zhen
Chapter Eleven To the North! Hai's loyalty is finally revealed, and he invites them to come to his hometown.
Chapter Twelve The Clans of the North Mian begins firebending training while, Jeong plans revenge.
Chapter Thirteen Inner Flame Everyone relaxes, while unknown to them an old enemy is very near.
Chapter Fourteen Ugly Revenge As the members of Team Strike enjoy the rest of their relaxation time, they find themselves ambushed by Jeong and his allies.
Chapter Fifteen Messages Everyone is shocked to hear that the Island might attack the Fire Nation. Zura immediately prepares to leave, but what will Mian say?
Chapter Sixteen Tense After arriving in the Fire Nation, the team finds that it's worse than they thought. And the worst part of it all is that there might be traitors...
Chapter Seventeen Winds of War Team Strike prepares for the now inevitable war.
Chapter Eighteen Operation Eternity, Part 1: The Game of War When the Islands attack, the Fire Nations must fight to survive.
Chapter Nineteen Operation Eternity, Part 2: Eternal Blaze The Climatic Conclusion to Book 1!

Book 2: Rise

Chapter One Governor Hoshizu is cheated out of the Governorship of the Fire Nation. The Phoenix Islands are slowly yet steadily overpowering the weakened Fire Nation Resistance.
Chapter Two Sanpai Team Strike finds themselves in an abandoned city, from millennium ago. However, despite their feelings on how close they are to civilization, the reports of Colonel Mao seem to not agree, but is he trustworthy?
Chapter Three Visions Mian has a strange Vision from a mysterious young man...and his uncle? Meanwhile, the Fire Lord is more and more suspicious of Mao's actions.
Chapter Four The Wall The Entourage arrives at Omashu, and begin preparations of defense for a rumored attack. Another Prince arrives at Omashu to help with the defense, and he carries more tales of woe.
Chapter Five The Meeting Table As the enemy approaches, Mian and his friends must organize an early defense system against the Phoenix Islands.
Chapter Six The Long March The Islanders are in for a surprise when the enemy strikes before they do. This might be a harder fight than expected.


Siam Valley As Mian and Sky return to Omashu, they realize all the new changes. Tia's got a new boyfriend, and the Armies have a new leader. The End Result: A disastrous battle, that results in disaster.
Chapter Eight Taken Mian's been kidnapped by Jeong and is taken to an unknown, long forgotten, village. Kai orders out the Scouts to search for him at once. Also, we catch up with long forgotten enemies.
Chapter Nine The Leader Mian's gone, and Team Strike is now fighting amongst themselves. How will they rescue their leader?


The Spirit TBA
Chapter Eleven The Lost Order TBA
Chapter Twelve King of Kings TBA
Chapter Thirteen The Overlord TBA
Chapter Fourteen The Dragon's Chamber, Part 1 TBA
Chapter Fifteen The Dragon's Chamber, Part 2 TBA

Book 3:Shadow

Chapter One The Other Prince TBA
Chapter Two Gentle Fist TBA

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