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This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

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Warning! This page contains spoilers for The Phoenix Chronicles.

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The Phoenix Chronicles
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The Phoenix Chronicles is a Fanon following the adventures of Avatar Mian and his friends.

Production History Edit

The avatar gained the idea for this story when he started thinking of what would happen after the series, with the descendants of the team. He knew there would never be total peace in the world, and began thinking of the possibilities. One of his favorites was the possibility of a new nation, stemming from World Politics Class. The avatar knew that aboriginals often tried to rid themselves of their old rulers, and set out on their own. This made him think what would happen to all the former Fire Nation colonies.When he heard that Avatar Wiki allowed fanon, he considered writing it. Originally doubtful, after reading others such as Kyoshi Revolts, Better World, and Wanted he began to write.

Unlike most fanon stories currently on Avatar Wiki, The Phoenix Chronicles was created after Avatar Wiki and Avatar Fanon Wiki were merged. The avatar started the story around the exact time he began editing seriously. He remained dedicated on the fanon, and soon finished several chapters. As time passed, the quality improved radically. Recently, the story has taken part in the Special, it's subsequent sequels, and has been thought of as a very well-known story. The Fanon soon won Featured Fanon for the month of November 2009.

Story Development Edit

The avatar has most of the plot finished, and just needs to flesh it out. Chapters are released generally on a weekly basis, though there are occasional interferences.

Overview Edit

Follow the adventures of the current Avatar, Mian and his friends. The new nation, The Phoenix Islands, has declared war on the Southern Water Tribe, Mian's tribe. He, as the Avatar, makes it his job to stop them. But, he is not going in there alone, with Prince Zura, Princess Tia, Nomad Ami his best friends. They, go undercover at the islands, and wait for the Invasion that is inevitable. Follow their journey by reading Chapter 1.

Chapters Edit

Main page: The Phoenix Chronicles Chapters

Book One 70 years after Avatar Aang saved the world, his Grand-Nephew, is the new Avatar. The world is in a state of peace. However, a new nation has arose. And they want revenge.
Book Two Team Strike retreats out of the Fire Nation to Omashu. After a crash landing, they make it to the City, only to know their old enemy is back to take over their temporary sanctuary.

Characters Edit

  • Mian - the fun-loving Avatar proceeding Avatar Aang. He is determined to keep peace between the five nations.
  • Tia - the slightly spoiled and sarcastic Princess of the Earth Kingdom. She accompanies Mian on his Avatar journey.
  • Ami - a nomadic and very entertaining Airbender, a descendant of Avatar Aang.
  • Zura -the current Crown Prince of the Fire Nation, a descendant of Fire Lord Zuko.
  • Hai -A new ally to Team Strike; Hai is from one of the northern clans and does not like the state of his country
  • Sky -Leader of The Phoenix Bombers; an organization who doesn't like the current rule of Phoenix King
  • Jeong -The former Protector Captain of the squad Mian and Zura were in. After they betrayed him and defeated him, he lost his job. Now, he's back for revenge.
  • Hoshizu - A traitorous Fire Nation General who has betrayed the Nation to the Phoenix Islands.

Reception Edit

"Wow, Avatar, this is really awesome."
Waterkai, of Kyoshi Revolts

"Wow... nice build up chapter. This battle will be intense."
The Bos, of Avatar: Guardian

"Good chapter Avatar, I'm actually doing something similar.."
Twilitlink, of Avatar: Wanted

The Phoenix Chronicles has gained reception ranging from "great" to "fantastic". One user, Firelord Hangh, took a great interest in the story, and even offered to help guest write a chapter. However more recently as chapters have higher quality, reviews are getting better. The Fanon also became the Featured Fanon for November 2009. Most Fanon Authors are regular readers and have high praise for the story. Recently, the story and some of its characters have been nominated for the Fanon Awards. The Fanbase of the fanon, is also experiencing growth.

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