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The Phoenix Bombers
General information
  • Sky
  • Fang
Notable members
  • Sky
  • Fang



South Eagle Island


Team Strike, The Phoenix Islands (People), Southern Water Tribe


To dethrone the current Phoenix King

The Phoenix Bombers are an organization in The Phoenix Chronicles. They are a tight-knit group of male teenagers, who hope to dethrone the tyrannical Phoenix King.


Not much is known about the History of The Phoenix Bombers, but what is known is that they were found by Sky. They established headquarters in South Eagle Island, and began to raid Phoenix Island bases. There goal is to rid the world of the current Phoenix King. Their main leader seem to be Sky and Fang.

Current Activity

After meeting Team Strike, The Phoenix Bombers journeyed with them. After losing at the Attack at the Shore, they went to Air Nomad territory and rested. They then helped the Water Tribe win the Battle for the South. Then they helped rebuild the tribe. After Team Strike left, they remained at the tribe to help. Soon, their leader Sky (Disambiguation)|Sky]] went to help Team Strike and deliver them a message about the current events outside the islands. He left Fang, his good friend, as the temporary leader.

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