Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to The Perspective of the Banished Prince in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

The Perspective of the Banished Prince
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Avatar: The Last Airbender

The Perspective of the Banished Prince Edit

Hey! This is Girlygurl97 and this will be my seventh fanon once I have completed And the Lion fell in Love with the Lamb. Hope you all like this once I am finished.

Storyline Edit

Zuko is my most favorite character in the series. As a tribute, I decided to create this. This fanon follows the entire series from Zuko's perspective (hence the title). Like the rest of my fanons, it will be told in first-person narrative. It will go from the day when he tried to capture the Avatar to the day of his coronation. After reading the fanon Zuko's Banished Life and seeing it was discontinued, I decided to create my own.

Main Characters Edit

From the Fire Nation

  • Prince Zuko
  • Uncle Iroh
  • Princess Azula
  • Firelord Ozai
  • Mai
  • Ty Lee
  • Ursa

From the Water Tribe

  • Katara
  • Sokka
  • Princess Yue

From the Air Nomads

  • Avatar Aang
  • Appa
  • Momo

From the Earth Kingdom

  • Toph
  • Suki

Main Locations Edit

In the Fire Nation

  • Fire Nation Capital
  • Roku's Temple
  • Ember Island

In the Water Tribe

  • Southern Water Tribe
  • Northern Water Tribe

In the Air Nomads

  • The Western Air Temple

In the Earth Kingdom

  • Ba Sing Se
  • Lee's Village
  • Song's Village
  • Village Resort
  • Si Wong Desert
  • Full Moon Bay

Main Organizations Edit

  • The Order of the White Lotus
  • The Rough Rhinos
  • The Kyoshi Warriors
  • The Sun Warriors

Book 1: The Quest (Water) Edit

Chapter 1: The Bolt of Light (The Boy in the Iceberg)

Chapter 2: Failed (The Avatar Returns)

Chapter 3: The Second Agni Kai (The Southern Air Temple)

Chapter 4: The Battle on Kyoshi Island (The Warriors of Kyoshi)

Chapter 5: A Clue (Imprisoned)

Chapter 6: The Kidnapping of my Uncle (The Spirit World pt.1)

Chapter 7: The Battle at Roku's Temple (The Spirit World pt. 2)

Chapter 8: Bribing the Waterbender (The Waterbending Scroll)

Chapter 9: The Right Choice (The Storm)

Chapter 10: A Stealth Mission (The Blue Spirit)

Chapter 11: The Bounty Hunter (Bato of the Water Tribe)

Chapter 12: Nearly Killed (The Waterbending Master)

Chapter 13: Achieved my Goal (The Siege of the North pt.1)

Chapter 14: Trapped in a Blizzard (The Siege of the North pt.2)

Book 2: Losing my Way (Earth) Edit

Chapter 1: Brother vs. Sister Showdown (The Avatar State)

Chapter 2: Meeting Song (The Cave of Two Lovers)

Chapter 3: No Longer Royalty (The Swamp)

Chapter 4: The Blue Spirit... Again (Avatar Day)

Chapter 5: Old Memoirs (Zuko Alone)

Chapter 6: Battle at Tu Zin (The Chase)

Chapter 7: Learning to Generate Lightning (Bitter Work)

Chapter 8: A Risky Trip (The Desert)

Chapter 9: Meeting the Freedom Fighters (The Serpent's Pass)

Chapter 10: Into Ba Sing Se (The Drill)

Chapter 11: Showdown in a Tea Shop (City of Walls and Secrets)

Chapter 12: Meeting Jin (The Tales of Ba Sing Se: Zuko's Story)

Chapter 13: The Avatar's in Ba Sing Se (Lake Laogai)

Chapter 14: Metamorphosis (The Earth King)

Chapter 15: Opening of the Jasmine Dragon (The Guru)

Chapter 16: My Honor Restored (The Crossroads of Destiny)

Book 3: Realizing my True Destiny (Fire) Edit

Chapter 1: Father's Approval Achieved (The Awakening)

Chapter 2: The Avatar's Alive (The Headband)

Chapter 3: Vacation on Ember Island (The Beach)

Chapter 4: Discovering Sozin's Past (The Avatar and the Firelord)

Chapter 5: War Meeting or Not? (Nightmares and Daydreams)

Chapter 6: Abandoning Home (The Day of Black Sun pt.1&2)

Chapter 7: I'm Such an Idiot! (The Western Air Temple)

Chapter 8: The True Arts of Firebending (The Firebending Masters)

Chapter 9: Battle at the Boiling Rock (The Boiling Rock pt.1&2)

Chapter 10: Confrontation of Yon Rha (The Southern Raiders)

Chapter 11: Guilt Settles In (The Ember Island Players)

Chapter 12: Aang is Missing (Sozin's Comet pt.1: The Phoenix King)

Chapter 13: An Apology to Uncle (Sozin's Comet pt.2: The Old Masters)

Chapter 14: The Last Agni Kai (Sozin's Comet pt.3: Into the Inferno)

Chapter 15: The War is Over (Sozin's Comet pt.4: Avatar Aang)


Acknowledgments Edit

Thanks so much to the users Lady Lostris, KataraFanBoy, Annawantimes, Cutekittenkatara, and all the other users that helped me edit my fanons. I owe you all a big thanks.

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