Asami Sato
The Perfect Matchmaker
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The Perfect Match



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May 9, 2013

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Chapter 2

The Perfect Matchmaker

"Perfect, it's perfect! Have you ever seen a couple so happy?"

"Congratulations, Miss Sato on your newest perfect match."

"Why thank you, Hiro . What number does that put me at?" I ask excitedly, but undoubtedly unsurprised.

"Well," he says. "You are still TPMD's finest agent. You are our number one agent at 137. That's quite a feat for a young lady at the age of 21, especially for only working here for 3 years. You must've kept yourself very busy."

"Excellent. Yes, I kept myself busy. I still do. This is my life. My dream. My breath. Okay, that sounds a bit weird, but you get my point."

"Yes, Miss Sato. So, are you going to steer away from that computer anytime soon? Lunch break is starting right now," Hiro says teasingly.

I can see right through him. 5 things about him...

  • He's flirting with me.
  • He basically just asked me out.
  • He has a crush on me.
  • He's too shy and timid to admit so.
  • He's clueless that I know so much by what he said.

I open my mouth, knowing exactly what to say. "Sorry, I've got work to do. Plus, I'm not that hungry. You go on ahead without me. Thanks though."

Note: That ladies is how you nicely turn down an indirect young man that you are pretty sure just asked you out.

"Okay. Well, I'll see you later. Give me a call if you need anything," Hiro says with a hint of unhidden disappointment.

"Alright. Thanks Hiro," I say giving him a smile. I turn around in my spinny chair, facing my computer. "Oh and Hiro," I call.

"Yes, Miss Sato?"

I smile with my back turned toward him, then say, "You can just call me Asami."

"Alright... Asami."

I can practically feel him smile through my mind. Someday I will find him his Perfect Match. I silently vow.

I look at the computer screen and begin to search. Search for a Matchee, and their Perfect Match. The same routine.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

You must wonder what it is I do for a living. I am an agent of The Perfect Match Department (TPMD) in New York City. I find people who are single and match them with someone perfect for them. I get the two together and make them a couple. We do it without them knowing of course. If they knew it was set up, everything would fall apart. The point is to be secret. That's why New York and the world knows us as The Poised Millionaire Designs. I know dumb name, but it's better than them knowing what it really is.

Most of the people I match claim they want to be single. They say that they never want to get married. It's most likely because of their past. They got hurt because of love, and therefore don't ever want to be a part of it. That's about 40% of the people I match. 50% of it is those who want to get married and all that stuff. And 10% of the people want to stay single, but it's not because of their past. They're just not interested. That's where Korra Mizu fits. My new Matchee.

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