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If this is your first time reading The Peace Keepers I strongly suggest that you read the background information on this story and the pilot. Hopefully they will clear up any questions you have on the story.

Story page: The Peace Keepers

Pilot: Peace Keepers Pilot

Chapter 2: The Man in the Mountains

The sun is rising in beautiful colors just over the horizon. We see our heroes wandering through a forest, all of them look very tired, frustrated, and haggered. In the distance you can see large mountains rising above the tree line. Lu Ti fiddles with a map confused.

Lu Ti: Alright guys it looks like there is a small trading post at the base of that mountain, if we get there we can probably get enough supplies to make it all the way to Omashu.

Kio (sarcastically): Psh why should we stop when these nuts Cozmo keeps finding us are delicious.

Cozmo seems to just shrug off this comment and he continues to walk.

Cozmo: So Lu Ti now that we know where to go can you just do some fancy Earthbending slide to get us

Lu Ti: You see I would, But it'll only be another half hour or so before we get there.

The view zooms out of the boys and towards the mountain, where at the very top you can just faintly see an explosion of earth, but you cannot see its source.

Scene 2

The boys are approaching the trading post, the atmosphere around it seems very light and happy, and you can see children playing in the streets and merchants trading, barting and selling goods.

Lu Ti: Well boys looks like we are finally here, start trading and meet back here in 2 hours, and if you see any bandits, well show them who has come into town.

We will first focus on Kio's two hours at the trading post

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