Sunrise at Eastern Air Temple
The Patola Mountains
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The Great Walk



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October 13, 2013

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The Desert

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~~The Beach~~

As I stepped of the small boat I gazed upward and saw these huge pillars, these massive chunks of stone that pushed into the sky, seemingly unending, as the clouds covered their peaks. As I looked back I saw the small boat leaving the shore, and advancing into open waters. I knew, that that boat was my only means of getting of this massive island, and that it was gone. I was stranded here, on this what seemed an god forsaken place, yet I was happy to be here, I was closest to my new home that I've ever been before. I saw a narrow path leading up the mountains. Before I started the final part of my journey I filled my flask with water from the nearby river and was amazed by the calmness of the island. Everywhere I looked I saw mountains and plants, no people, no noises just the voice of nature.

~~The Patola Mountains~~

I started walking on the narrow path, that from my point of view seemed endless. As I walked for about fifteen minutes I saw a small statue a few feet away. As I approached it I could see the exquisite handwork, the wonderfully angled edges and a handle? I approached the handle and twisted it, opening a small wooden door, that was covered in moss at the back of the small statue. I pushed the door further to the side, to that it was completely opened and entered the small room.

~~The Secret Room~~

The room was dark and crowded with all sorts of things. Several crates filled up the room as I opened one of them I could see Air Nomad clothes and various equipment. As I looked around the room for anything useful, I saw something in the back, behind a large crate. It was an Air Nomad Glider Staff with a note attached to it. I opened the note and started reading.

~~The Letter~~

"If you are reading this, than this means that the Fire Nation attacked our people:For several years the other Monks and I saw the carnage that the Fire Nation is causing. Several great Earth Kingdom cities have already been overwhelmed by the ruthless Fire Nation Army and I fear that we are their next target. As the news about Avatar Roku's death spread around the world we feared the consequences it meant for the Air Nomads. As the new Avatar was born into our society we started preparing for the imminent. For the battle for our lives.

Fire Lord Sozin's ambitions are sure no smaller than the complete annihilation of our culture and people but still many Monks don't believe in our cause, to defend our Air Temple, saying that we are abandoning our traditions and customs and were no better than the Fire Nation for doing so.

As more and more storm clouds gathered over our nation High Monk Pasang, Mong Gyatso and I decided to act. We carved several rooms like this all around the Patola Mountain Range, in order to supply our men in battle and the survivors after it. Times are hard. And as we face this challenge we are reminded about the challenges our people faced in the past and the challenges our people will face in the near and far future. Even with all the might that Fire Lord Sozin will receive when the Great Comet arrives I personally believe that he will not prevail.

He will not defeat us.If you are reading this, than this means that you are one of the lucky ones. You survived. In this room you will find all that you need to survive. From clothes to kitchen utensils, from tools to books, everything you need is here. Be reminded that you now hold the beacon of light that is the Air Nomads. You have the power to resettle our society and preserve our culture. Best of wishes: Monk Tashi."

As I finished reading the letter I was stunned by the information I learned. I decided to leave with a small souvenir, the Glider Staff and left the hidden room and continued my journey.

~~The Mountain Path~~

As a few hours passed, I was no way near the peak of the mountain and it was getting dark. I decided to call it day and set up my camp in a small cave.

~~The Cave~~

I gathered some Firewood and made a fire, took my tea cup out and started making my tea and broke a small peace of my Flat Bread. I couldn't believe how long the Flat Bread lasted. I had it since I crossed the Serpent's Pass and I still had almost half of it. Believe me, if it had any better taste I would have eaten it sooner, but luckily it didn't. As I ate my bread and drank my tea I looked out the cave and saw a glimpse of the moon. I was exhausted so I fell asleep instantly. Again I had the dream of the Family and their Flying Bison, but this time it was different. I was at the edge of the path and I, as usual, saw them flying pass me, about a hundred feet under me. But this time I didn't stand still and watched them but I jumped. As I awoke in horror of my demise I looked around and saw the calming interior of the cave. I didn't care where I was at the moment, just that I was on solid ground. Safe from falling. I went back to sleep, still a little shocked about my dream.

As I woke up the next day I could see the calming sunlight that was entering the cave. I got dressed, prepared a cup of tea and took a little bread. After I ate my breakfast I started walking again. The next few hours passed by without anything interesting happening. I walked and walked and the journey seemed to be endless. As several hours passed I finally reached the top of the enormous mountain. The view that I saw was beautiful. The Southern Air Temple. But everything changed when I reached the very top of the mountain. The Southern Air Temple was on the other side of the island. There were numerous other mountains separating me from the Air Temple. It took me three days to get this far but I wasn't even close. There had to be at least five mountains in my way, and from the looks of them they were taller and steeper that this one. I knew that it would be hard, but I wasn't sure if I had enough energy left in me to finish my journey. I sat on a rock, that was situated only a few feet from the edge of the steep mountain.

As I sat down and started drinking some water from my flask a strange and unfamiliar noise appeared. I went close to the edge of the cliff and could see the Flying Bison and the group of people from my vision. They were still several hundred feet away from me, but they were approaching really fast. I went even closer to the edge of the cliff and started shouting and waving my arms but they didn't hear me. Finally in my frustration I started jumping up and down, trying to get their attention. Bad Idea! As I landed the earth started to shake. I didn't have time to run, as several feet of the earth and rocks started to crumble and fall down the mountain. I didn't know what to do. Then it hit me. It was a crazy idea but it was better than just sit there and await my doom. I managed to open the Glider Staff and just threw myself off the mountain, aiming at the Flying Bison, which was just under me. I wished for the best.


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