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Avatar: The Lost Earthbender





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March 12th, 2016

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Omashu Academy

Fire, Air, Water, Earth Someday, The Lost Earthbender will bring balance to the world.

Everyone prepared to leave to the Earth Kingdom, Asami approached Jing to wish him good luck.

"Jing, it was a pleasure you came to Republic City," said Asami.

"Oh, it's nothing, Asami," replied Jing.

Asami was holding a box and gave it to Jing to wish him good luck to find his parents.

"Take this," Asami said.

"What is it?" questioned Jing.

Asami explained the mysterious box as Jing opened it; it was a Water Tribe necklace.

"This necklace was Korra's. As a relic, you should have it. Sure, me and Korra were best friends, but it's time to give it to the next generation. Good luck, Jing."

Jing looked at the necklace and saw visions of a young Korra and Asami, Korra took her necklace off and placed it in Asami's hand.

Korra said to Asami, "Take it, to remind yourself that you've been there all my life."

The vision stopped and Jing gave Asami a hug and Jing said, "Thank you, Asami."

Team Avatar watched, and Chang cried loudly.

"How beautiful was that!?" said Chang.

"Chang, Grow up!" said Luli.

Everyone rode on Lu-Pan, as Jing watched Asami wave goodbye, Asami's hair was flowing in the wind as a reminder of what Korra and Asami were.

Team Avatar finally arrived in Ba Sing Se, a city full of graffiti and skyscrapers.

"I can't believe this city had no skyscrapers twenty years ago," said Luli.

"It's a new century, Luli," replied Bo.

They all arrived at Ba Sing Se's finest hotel which had been recently refurbished to wait on some news about Jing's parents. Jing walked towards the owner of the hotel and said, "Hello, I'm the Avatar. I need a room to await some important news."

The owner replied, "The Avatar eh? The last Avatar that came to this hotel was an airbender, Aang, who made a great fight in here, look at that hole on the wall. Sorry, Avatar, you're banned!"

"You can't ban him just because one of his past lives made a brawl," Chang said angrily.

"Unfortunately, I can, sir. Good day," said the owner.

Jing stopped the owner from walking away by using earthbending on the owner's feet.

"Let me go, Avatar! Otherwise I will ban your future lives after you and after that and after that..." said the owner.

"Jing, stop! It's not even worth it!" said Bo.

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