The Painted Lady of a Different Dimension
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Time Chamber

Ozai was having a meeting with his royal advisers.

He told them, "Five years ago, the Fire Nation army built a giant metal smelting factory on edge of the Jang Hui river. The factory spews its entire waste out into the river, polluting the water and destroying the only supply of food for the village of Jang Hui."

One adviser said, "Yes, sir."

He stood up.

"These days, the local fishermen are lucky to find a few shriveled fish and some dirty clams. The shops in the center of town are mostly boarded up and closed. Without clean water, food, and medicine, many poor, sick villagers are left to suffer on the streets."

"The villagers need our help. What must we do?"

"Remove the factory, provide the villagers with food and medicine, and clean up the pollution is the best recommendation."

"See to it that this is done and as immediately as possible."

"Very good, sir."

The adviser bowed in reverence before the Fire Lord. The advisers left the royal chamber, leaving Ozai to his sovereign solitude.

Within four days, the village of Jang Hui was restored to the thriving and prosperous fishing community it once was, all thanks to the support that they had from Fire Lord Ozai.

Unlike in the dimension of Avatar: The Last Airbender, Ozai is popular.

He is a sinister and cruel man who aspires to conquer the entire world.

Zuko is surrounded by women and girls and he finds them crazy. Zuko only ever feels happy when he's with Ozai.

The military officers and palace servants all agree that Zuko "is definitely his father's son."

The dark side of the Force is strong with the Fire Nation Royal Family.

Zuko's father has it. Zuko has it. Zuko's sister has it.

Zuko has a pearl dagger.

Azula has an Earth Kingdom doll.

When Azula goes to sleep, she asks Ozai to kiss the doll goodnight.

Ozai is the Fire Lord, but the one thing he fears is his queen. There are some things even the Fire Lord is afraid of.

Ozai refuses to kiss the doll.

Azula threatens to tell Ursa.

Ozai kisses the doll goodnight. After he's gone, Azula turns to the curtain.

"Did you get it, Zuko?"

Azula said, dropping ht edooll ot th egorund.

Zuoko grinned and held up the painting he had been drawing in the curtains. of Zuko is watching and paints

Ozai and Ursa were talking. Zuko called his father.

"Hey, Dad. You wanna see how Azula feeds turtle ducks?"

Ozai said "Okay."

Zuko threw a load of bread at a baby turtle duck.

Ozai said "That's my boy."

The mother turtle duck attacked Zuko.

Ursa stopped the mother turtle duck and placed it back in the pond.

Zuko said "Stupid turtle duck! Why'd she do that?"

Ursa said "Zuko, that's what mums are like."

She put her arms around Zuko.

"If you mess with their babies.."

She made a biting sound effect.

"They bite you back."

Zuko laughed. Ursa hugged Zuko.

Ozai walked away. Zuko held his mother's arms with love.

Later that day, Ozai sat on the Fire Lord's throne. His wife and their kids sat before the flames.

Ozai said "Zuko, you and I can spend time together. In fact, we can spend a whole year together in one day."

Ursa asked "What do you mean?"

Ozai said "In the Si Wong Desert there is a hidden library, underground in fact. According to legend, it was built by the great knowledge spirit, Wan Shi Tong, with the help of his foxy assistants."

Zuko asked "And the legend is true?"

Ozai said "Indeed, it is. Wan Shi Tong and his knowledge seekers collected books from all over the world, and put them on display for mankind to read. And they built a chamber in their underground library, a room of spirit and time for benders and warriors to train."

Azula said "A room of spirit and time?"

Ozai explained "This chamber squeezes the time span of one year inside the room into a single day in the real world. It can only accommodate two people at the same time. Zuko and I can us it for training. We can increase our strength and fighting ability from this experience."

Zuko smiled happily.

He asked "Please, Mum. Can I go with Dad?"

Ursa smiled at him lovingly.

She said "Sure, sweetie. Go ahead."

Ozai said "It's a really good way for a father and son to get to know each other."

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