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The Outcome is the ninth chapter of Avatar Phoa series, written by AcerEvan.


Eastern Air Temple Courtyard, 05:06

Beyond the horizon, the golden flecks of the sunshine shone through the bamboos, while the clouds cover the mountain where the Eastern Air Temple located. The flying bison flies over the mountain, the birds are chirping, while the dawn start to climb the sky. Almost blue, the clouds spread over the sky, full fill the covered mountain while Avatar Phoa start to practice her airbending skills.

"Whoa... Very beautiful sunrise! Ratih! You should watch this!" Phoa said.

"Wow..." Ratih fascinated. "What about your airbend? How far you mastered them?"

"Still like yesterday, but today I mastered Air shield. Still in-training..." Phoa whispered.

"Let's see what do you do." Ratih ordered.

"Haiiiyat...!" Phoa yelled. "See, what do you think?"

"Still need some fix, probably. But, thus far it's interesting." Ratih said.

"Thanks, master."

"No, the master is Monk Kiki and yourself, Phoa. Don't act like you're master-maniac." Ratih joked.

"Hahahaha...." Phoa laughed. "Let me show you the another."


Eastern Air Temple Yangchen Temple, 06:00

The clock shows to 6 o'clock a.m. that order the twos take a bath and get their breakfast. When enjoy the delicious corn-soup, the Avatar went to Riyuki Mountain near the Main Temple, as the Order of White Lotus stayed. She walks on the upstairs, jumped onto the roof, and hear the conversations between Monk Kiki and the leader.

"So, what do you think about her?" Monk Kiki asked.

"She would deserve it. But, it was too fast if we gave the announcement now."

"What about.... Ian? He is very skilled in firebending and would mastered airbending if he get the training." the others said.

"I should ponder him for now. Phoa's better." Monk Kiki answered.

"Ummmm.... Ian is very gallant, skilled, smart, agile, and polite, ma'am."

"I can't teach two Avatar at once. But, how do you think he is the right one?"

"Phoa always show that she can't. So, we search the another one and we get him."

"It can't be!" Monk Kiki yelled wisely. "As the master of airbending for the past Avatar, you can't assumed that she can't. Avatar Xiethou just ask to me for teach the right Avatar. And..."

"What the evidence?"

"Sister Lio says, she and the friends saw Phoa entered Avatar State a day ago."

"It could be a lie, ma'am."

"Wait, someone hear our talk." Monk Kiki said and get out from the aisle and take a look on the roof. But, fortunately, Phoa can hides from the peoples, and she ran away to the Main Temple.

Eastern Air Temple Main Temple, 10:09

The wind swept the leaves, the water flows through the pond, when the Avatar cried out in the garden. Surrender, she ran to her room. Fortunately, Ratih calms down Phoa before the Avatar entered the Avatar Sate.

"What happened again, Phoa?"

"I... I... Ian and I are compared by the Order...." Phoa cried.

"Don't like a little baby, Avatar! You're the Avatar! You show me and you'll be the fully-realized Avatar!" Ratih confront her.

"Alright... Hiks... Alright..." Phoa calmed.

"Phoa, what're you doing?" Monk Kiki entered the room. "You shall to practice your airbending skills!"

"But how dare you compared her with someone else? Why?" Ratih yelled at the aged airbender.

"Be calm, my dear. They just don't believe that she's the Avatar. But I believe." Monk Kiki said.

Suddenly, an aged earthbender entered the Eastern Air Temple, gave the Avatar a letter.

"It's for you, Avatar." Monk Kiki said.

Scratches the letter, she read it and suddenly yells, "Whooo! I invited by Tasya for join Bending Battle! Ratih, Joy, and Fansha invited too! Whoo hoo!"

"No. You couldn't. The training still in-progress, but you wanna to join it? No, before Oblivia and the other Oblivia caught you." Monk Kiki said coldly.

"What? It's an adorable battle! I just- I - I wanna to join it!" Phoa said stammered.

"Yeah, Phoa. But, how if Phoa follow the training and join the arena?" Ratih asked expect.

"But you must prove that you can." Monk Kiki answered wisely.

"Yippie!!" the twos yelled happily.

Earth Kingdom Territory, 13:45

"You should to know this!" Phoa said on the way to Bending Battle, transported by Nnawan.


"The requirements, the prizes, and the.... What the amazing day is this!" Phoa screamed joyfully.

"But, how about your airbending?" Fansha confronted Phoa.

"Rrrr.... I should prove that I can join the battle and the training."

"But it makes your training can't be focused. Remember what the Magicus Pishogue do last day?" Joy interrogated.

"Oh, yeah. Mmm.... Probably the Avatar State can scared them." Phoa answered casually.

"Look, the arena!" Ratih yelled.

Nnawan stopped by the guards, as they should pay for enter the arena. After paid the guards, they sign up on the information for creates a group on the arena. But....

"The maximal member just three. Just three, YOU KNOW?!" the information lady yelled fiercely.

"What? I.... Argh...!" Phoa screamed madly.

"Be calm.... Phoa?" Ratih said.

But, it's too late. Phoa just ran through the information boots, and creates firewall through the arena. The fire devours around the boots.

"Phoa!" Joy screamed at her. The little firebender extinguish the fire, but a ripple thin of oil was dropped and booms the fire.

Fortunately, Fansha calms down the Avatar, and extinguish the fire. After gave apology, Fansha, Ratih, and Joy walk back to Nnawan while the referee just excited with the Avatar.

"It's very amazing firebending ever! Write her name and her friends on the list! They'll fight Raven Eagle tomorrow!" the referee said excited.

"Thank you, mister! Thanks!" Phoa said.

Bending Arena Stadium 1, 18:53

The lamp shone through the arena, and the noisy spectator full fill the stadium. Beyond the Horizon, the clouds spread over the sky, show that the rain will be come down. The thunder shattered, echoing onto the room. The Raven Eagle fought against the Viper Bat, the pure waterbender team. Finally, after the Viper Bat confronted by Freshia, the time's up. Raven Eagle won, and Viper Bat get Bronze Belt.

"Raven Eagle won!!" The referee yelled.

"Whooo hoo!" the spectator screamed all at once.

"Yaay!" Ratih yelled happily. "Let's send Sister Lio message that we should stay for a week, and then go back to temple!" she continued.

"Alright... Alright... Calm down. Diony, come here! Sent to Eastern Air Temple, Sister Lio, young airbender, woman. Go, go, go, go!" Joy ordered.

Finally, Phoa realized that she choose Bending Battle and the airbending practice, but how they could save the world before the starving dead-eaters Magicus Pishogue stick around the world? See the next chapter, Magicus Pishogue Revolt.

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