Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to The Other Side in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

Intro To The Other Side

I thought that the Legend of Korra was kind of "weird"... So I made this Fanon Story about Lano, I will explain HER name...

Her parents were expecting a boy, but had a girl, but they weren't creative enough to think of a good girl name. Too bad for them.

ANYWAY Lano was born in the Southern Water Tribe (like Korra) and luckily for ME and hopefully lots of other people...


Yay! I hope that whoever is reading this right now agrees with me. I decided that skyscrapers and cars were pointless, stupid, and would ruin my story, Soooo...


Well like our ancient explorers the Avatar explorers thought that their world was flat, well, they were kind of right, instead of a flat-flat world, it's a thin flattish cylinder. The other side the Dark World. Not unlike the real Avatar this Avatar's job is to help restore balance, but this Avatar restores balance to the Dark World.


The Dark World isn't evil, it just has a lot of pollution.

The normal Avatar world in my story is called the Light World, and the other world is called the Dark World.

The normal Avatar in my story is called the Avatar, the other Avatar is called the Dark Avatar (Doesn't that sound a bit evil?)


You must think I'm crazy by now right? WRONG! I'm Insane!

Light Avatar Lano Southern Water Tribe
Animal Guide Riwa GIANT Turtleduck
Pet Morph Pinkish-Orange flying blob with eyes
Teacher (Air) Kyla Had to learn Airbending from her bison
Teacher (Earth) Yuan Has a VERY different style
Teacher (Fire) Wang Fyre Can't Firebend
Dark Avatar Fenbao Stormbender
Animal Guide Azuni Large Black Dragon
Pet Dahei Ravencrow
Teacher (Plant) Zhiwu Gardener/Plant Shop Owner
Teacher (Shadow) Yinla Sculptor
Teacher (Woven) Sicou Hair stylist

The Four New Bending Elements

Storm Bending

Basically, Stormbending is the controlling of weather and temperature.

Silk Bending

Silkbending is the manipulation of knots and anything woven. And VERY few people can "Skinbend" which can control people a bit like Bloodbending.

Plant Bending

Plantbenders can control dead plants and alive plants. Plantbenders can make plants bloom, wither, grow etc.

Shadow Bending

This bending art is the ability to control anything's shadow, as long as it doesn't move that often, ex. branches, rocks, trees, etc. Shadowbenders can levitate and reshape things.

The Rune Dragon

The Rune Dragon is a nearly invincible dragon that is older than lion turtles...

And it's more powerful than the Avatars combined.

Ran and Shaw

Ran and Shaw look like rune dragons, but the rune dragon is completely black and has noticeable scales

Hatching Time 1,000 years The eggs are the eyes of a dead rune dragon
Total Life Span 10 million years The adult is about a thousand times bigger than the baby
Diet Fish and Meat When the dragon dies, it's eyes fall out and the rest of its body turns into fish and other oceanic creatures
Habitat The Oceanspan[) This dragon is a shapeshifter, so it can appear as a sardine if it wants to, the dragon can swim as fast as lightning
Defense Poisoned tail, tongue, saliva, and teeth Also has killer claws and razor teeth, not to mention the eyes, if you look into them, you will be unable to move

[)The Oceanspan is the thin round surface between the Dark World and the Light World


The dragon's only weak spot is it's eyes.

Rune dragons look like bluish-blackish Chinese dragons

The Bubble Dragon

The Tale Of The Turtle Duck

One day, but not just any day, it was Lano's birthday, she was going to turn sixteen at sunset, and have a feast. But right now she was walking down Kaixing beach. Yes, BEACH. The warmest place in the South Pole, and the only place with grass and sand and NO SNOW OR ICE!!!!

She was bored, like I am right now, so she started to daydream.


Lano jumped at the sound. She looked at the horizon and saw a baby turtle duck.


"What? I thought that turtle ducks only lived in the Fire Nation."


Lano happened to have some bread so she ripped it in half and gave it to the turtle duck.

"Kwa? Epepepepep! OMPF!"

The baby turtle duck bit into the bread and looked up. That's when Lano noticed a complex symbol

on the turtle duck's head. So while the turtle duck was distracted, Lano touched the symbol.

"Hello, I am Avatar Aang."

Lano noticed she was floating in the clouds.

"Ummm... What does this have to do with me?"

"You are the next Avatar."

"...You're kidding right? You can't be serious."

"What? No! You think I'm joking?"

"Uhh... Sort of..."

"Uggggg....Just wait until your birthday feast. I'm sure the Watercasters will come to tell you."

Aang faded away. Lano blinked, then a feathery butt of a turtle duck can into view.

"Kwak?" The turtle duck was perched on her nose, looking at her innocently.

"Awwww... I think I'll be keeping you." Lano gave the rest of her bread to the turtle duck while getting up.

"Kwakwakwakwakwak!!!" The turtle duck finished the bread and waddle close to Lano as she walked back to her village.

The Tale Of The Feast

When Lano got home to her village, her friend, Kala, came to greet her.

"Hi Lano... Where, did you get that...Turtle duck?"

"On the beach."


"Long story."

"Oh Lano, we were looking everywhere for you!" The girls turned around to see Lano's mom."It is time for your birthday feast."

Lano, her mom, and Kala walked over to the feasting area.

"Today, my daughter Lano is sixteen, and of marrying age!" Announced her father.

Lano waited throughout the whole feast and celebration for the Watercasters to come, but they never came.

Well then, Avatar Aang was wrong, I'm not the Avatar.

And Lano settled down to sleep.

But her business about Avatars wasn't over yet.

In her dream, Aang appeared...Again.

"This is awfully strange, I know that you are the next Avatar."

"Maybe you made a mistake?"

"Impossible! You have an animal guide already."


"Your turtle duck, he is your animal guide."

"You mean that baby turtle duck I have?"

"Of course! Do you have any other turtle ducks in the south pole?"

"Well no..."

"Then what else could I be talking about?"

"Well, you do have a point."

Aang suddenly looked really alert.

"What's wrong?"

"It is time for us to part, if you wish to talk to me, or any other Avatar, touch the symbol on your turtle duck's forehead."

Her dream faded away.

The Tale Of The Secret Laboratory

Lano woke up to the sound of a hungry baby turtle duck.


Lano saw some bread and tossed it to her "animal guide".

It quickly finished it's breakfast.

"You know what, today, we are have our own little adventure."


Lano left a note saying she was going to explore near Kaixing Beach.

When Lano got there, she saw some smoke arising from behind a snow-covered mountain. She walked towards the smoke, and around the mountain, and then, she saw...A COW.

Just kidding!

She saw a HUGE laboratory with like a hundred smokestacks coming out of it. Like she said, she was going to have an adventure. She sure got one... from the Dark World.

"Kwak..." Her turtle duck whimpered.

Lano managed to sneak inside the laboratory, when she got inside, she saw the a lab.

"I told you! CO2 and O2 are NOT THE SAME!!" said scientist #1

"Yes they are! the look, feel, smell, taste, and hear EXACTLY THE SAME!!" said scientist #2 holding up two beakers.

The two scientists continued to argue over CO2 and O2 while Lano sneaked away.

She found another lab with a much more intelligent person.

"Murff, well you put compound #2 with liquid smoke and then you add white rubber material and..."

The old dude was talking to himself and mixed together a strange mixture, that didn't really mix.

"AW YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!!!" he yelled and threw the beaker on the floor, and obvious to say, it broke, but when the glass broke the entire mixture was gone, and then reappeared in the form of a pinkish-orangish blob with eyes, it seemed to defy gravity.

The old scientist spun around and saw the...creature.

"Mez name Morph."

Lano moved around the building and then came into an empty lab, her turtle duck wandered in and drank out of a beaker.

Lano quickly rushed in and grabbed her turtle duck, that yapped in protest.

"Kwakwakwakwak!!! Epepepepepepepep!"

Someone heard the yapping and shouted "INTRUDER!! INTRUDER!!"

Luckily for Lano, she was right next to the door and managed to escape with her turtle duck. She ran home as fast as she could and her friend Kala was waiting for her.

"Where have you been? The Watercasters were looking for you! They are in your house.

Lano said her thanks and ran to her igloo.

And there were the Watercasters. "We must go to the Feasting Table immediately!"

Lano and the seven Watercasters walked over to the Feasting Table.

The entire village was gathered there.

After a bit of talking, the seven Watercaster knelt down towards Lano.

"It is our honor to serve you, Avatar Lano."

So Aang was right, I am the Avatar...

After the announcement of the current Avatar, Lano went home, and she saw her turtle duck had grown into a giant, she and probably about four more people at least could ride him.

"What happene-" Then she remembered, it was the liquid in the beaker! It made her turtle duck A LOT larger.


"I wonder if it would be comfortable to sleep on a giant turtle duck..."

So Lano spent the night beneath the folds of its wings.

The Tale of Morph

"Hehe! Me escapes fromz freakyz dude! Me zo smart! Mez escaped while zez distractez, mez FREE!!!!"

Morph was a light orangish-pinkish flying substance with eyes. NO WINGS!

He was created by a mad scientist, who forgot the recipe. He just escaped from a laboratory. Morph is immortal, therefore cannot be killed and will never die... Unless you manage to chemically separate him... Never mind...

"Hehe! Mez smart! Mez trickz evil human! Hehe!" Morph is currently on Kaixing Beach.

Lano was walking with her giant turtle duck, she just had her birthday feast, and Aang was right, she was the next Avatar.

"Hehe! Oh Noz! Anotherz evil humanz, wiv bigz animal!" Morph turned into a conch...with eyes...

Lano picked up Morph...the conch...

"Oh youz thinx you canz takez mez back to laboratoryz? WRONGZWRONGZWRONGZ!!!!!" Morph turned into a mouse with wings and bit Lano's thumb REALLY hard.

"Owww! What is this thing?"

"Hehe! Mez Morph! Youz try takez me backz to laboratoryz, youz mean..."

Morph turned into his original form, flying pinkish substance with eyes.

"Hehe! Mez Morph! Mez no likez nasty humanz, Youz all zo meanz!"

Morph shapeshifted into the winged angry mouse again and started to chase Lano around. Lano Waterbent a small stream of water onto Morph and froze it.

"Hehe! You seez! Humanz mean!"

"Sorry...Morph... but you were attacking me so you get frozen...Sorry. Wait! I have an idea! You are probably really hungry right now, what do you like to eat Morph?"

"WHAAAAT?!?!? Youz like eat Morph?"

"What? No nonononono. What do YOU like to eat."

"Oh, daz easy! Meat, Mez like meat, like Spinach, yumzy meat, oooh, and lettuce, great meat, oh! Mez likez cabbage too, yumzy meat."

"You're crazy aren't you?"

"Whoz toldz you that? Morphz INSANE!!!"

Lano sighed, she walk to her village with unfrozen Morph and her giant turtle duck. She got some lettuce and gave it to Morph.

"Om nom nomz yumzy meat, Oh Noz! Humanz!" Morph turned into a bead bracelet, that landed in Lano's hand.

Lano's closest friend, Kala, walked over.

"Uhhhh, Lano, why is your bracelet eating a piece of lettuce?"

"Mez not bracelet! Mez Morph!" said Morph shape-shifting into his pink substance.

"Umm, all-powerful Avatar, what is that thing?"

"Mez Morph! Mez no likez big evilz hu-"

"This is my new pet, Morph, I'm not sure what animal Morph is but, I'm sure I'll figure it out."

Lano's turtle duck walked over and finished Morph's lettuce.

"Heyz! Big Monsterz eatz mez food! GRRRRRRRZZZZ!!!"

Lano and Kala laughed at the serious-looking Morph still staring at where his meat used to be.

The First Waterbending Lesson

About a month before the Avatar mumbo jumbo began, Lano was about to have her first Waterbending lesson.

"Are you nervous?" Asked Kala shakily

"No, I don't see any reasons to be nervous." Answered Lano

"But, what if I can't move the water, or if I can't even-"

"Calm down! It won't be hard, It's only the first lesson, It'll be easy."

"I hope it is..."


"Now feel the push and pull..." The Waterbending teacher instructed "And Lano, you can, uhhh, practice shaping the water."

"Like this?" Lano made mini waves and acorns and ducks and a variety of other things with her water.

"Uhhh... Good. Now you can..."

Lano was surfing on an ice surfboard.

"Never mind, you pretty much learned everything."


"How did you DO that Lano?" asked an astonished Kala

"I don't know..."

Off We Go!



"Have a safe trip!"

"Well, since I'm the Avatar, I guess it won't be that safe..."

"Well then take care of yourself!"


And then Lano, Morph, and Riwa flew off into the horizon.


"Alright this looks like a nice place to stop for the night."

Lano, Morph, and Riwa settled down on a small and remote island.


The group jumped up.

"Who said that?" asked Lano

"Me." said a very gentlemanlike monkey in a suit, equipped with a monocle and a suitcase."I just need to know the way to Bananaland."

"I never knew that Bananaland existed..."

"Oh... That's a shame... Well, thanks for helping, you can have this box, I found it when I tripped on a tree root."

The monkey handed Lano a fancy box and walked away.

"Meh. We can open the box tomorrow."

The Airbender's box (Part 1)


"Oh what is it NOW?!?!?!" complained a very sleepy Lano


"What Are YOU Doing With My Box?" asked a tall girl

"Last night a monkey gave it to me, here you can have it back."

Lano handed the box to the tall girl, and she opened it with Airbending.

"All my things are gone! Okay, where did you hide them? Tell Me!!!"

"Hey a monkey gave me the box, I do-"

"Oh yeah sure, a monkey gave it to you."

"Well then, what was in the box?"


"You have to be a LITTLE more specific."

"A map, bison whistle, and an Airbending master's necklace."


The two girls turned to see a sky bison.

"Whoa! What is that thing?" asked Lano

"This is Tena, my sky bison." said the tall girl, "And why do you have a turtleduck?"

"Youz all zo buzy say suff bout bigz tingz u fergetz aboutz me?"

"Oh yeah, this is Morph, my pet... thing..."


"Well what animal do you think Morph is?"

"True.. now about you GWADZILLA turtleduck."

"So I found Riwa on Kaixing Beach as a baby, then one day we went to explore, so we found this HUGE secret laboratory and we-"

"Do you really think I believe you?"

"Uhh, I guess not."

In the bushes near where they stood, pirates were plotting.

"We take out the tall one, then we can bind the other one and loot'em!"


"What is it Riwa?"

Riwa motioned towards the bushes where the pirates hid.

"What?"asked the tall girl

"I think that there is someone over there." said Lano as she motioned for Morph to come over. "Okay Morph, shapeshift into a bird and see if there is anyone in the bushes." Lano whispered

"Youz got itz!' said Morph as he flew over to the bushes.

After a while, he flew back. "Dez meanz lookzing peoplez, they sayz killz youz twoz."

Just then the pirates burst out. "YAGGGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!"

The Airbender's Box (Part 2)


The tall girl blew them back with a gust of wind.

"You're an Airbender!"

"Well duh, didn't you see me open my box?"

The pirates were recovering, Lano formed a huge wave and froze it to create an icy prison for the pirates. After a while, they well, died of suffocation...


Lano unfroze the ice and looked around in the pirates' bags.

"Hey, are these yours?"

Lano held up a white bison shaped whistle, a wooden necklace, and a wet scroll of paper.

"YES!!! Wait, the map is well..."

"Oh wait, sorry." Lano bent the water out of the scroll.

"What is a Waterbender doing out here?"

"What is an Airbender doing out here?"

"Let's start with names."

"I'm Lano."

"I'm Kyla."

"I'm Morph!"

Lano and Kyla laughed.

"I am out here because I have to search for a certain Airbending artifact..."

"Well I'm out here because I'm the Avatar."

Kyla looked up.

"We could travel together, there's a safety in numbers."

"I suppose... You just might be my Airbending teacher!"


"Why not?"

"Because... well...I might teach it to you wrong..."

"How come?"

"I learned Airbending from my bison, I was banished for some reason that I may never know, I can only return once I find the sacred artifact."


They flew side by side on their respective animals for the rest of the day in silence.

Kyla's Story

Kyla is just a normal Airbender, until, her dad killed the high monk to take his place.

She was a witness to the murder, or so her dad thought, but in truth she was sleeping. But anyway, she didn't know the reason for her banishment.

Her father said that she could only come back when she got an original Airbending scroll. Her dad knew that his ally had burnt the last one, so it was impossible to get one.

She was allowed to take her bison, bison whistle, a fake map that her dad created (she didn't know it was fake), an Airbending master's necklace, and an object of her choice.

Kyla was only nine then so she took her mom, who she happened to know.

BTW She didn't know her dad.

After several years, her dad sent assassins to get rid of Kyla, but her mom intervened, and saved Kyla, but died herself.

By then, Kyla was fourteen.

She met Lano after a year.


The Meeting of The Pylago

A few weeks later, Lano and Kyla, along with their pets and mounts, reached a beach on Fire Nation territory. Kyla and Lano have become close friends, Morph, Riwa, and Tena had gotten along too. Though occasionally, they argue over food, since they are all vegetarians, along with Kyla.


One day they woke up to find that almost all of their things were gone... Including Riwa and Tena...

"Hey Morph," Lano said as she searched franticly for a giant turtle duck and flying bison." have you seen Riwa or Tena? I can't find them anywhere!"

"Morph no seez bigz animalz."

"This can't be good." said Kyla

They looked around for a while, called out a bit, and blew the bison whistle a few times.

Then, they felt their clothes tighten, and they could barely breathe. Rope came out of nowhere and bound them to a tree. Their clothes loosened, and a group of about five teenage girls came over dressed in light metal armor.

"What are you doing here?" asked one of them " Why are you in Weaver territory?"

"What's a Weaver?" asked Kyla

"Don't pretend to be stupid!" said the girl "Why are you out here?"

During this time, Morph had cut the ropes. Kyla and Lano smiled a sly smile when they felt the rope loosen.

"Why are you smiling?" asked the same girl looking a little worried.

Kyla blew back the girls and Lano froze everything but their head while they were stunned.

"What kind of bender are you?" asked the leader

"I am a Waterbender, and Kyla is an Airbender, now, what kind of bender are you?"

"I already told you, we are Silkbenders."

"Now what are you doing here?"

"Protecting the borders of the Weaver territory." said one of the other girls

"Where did you put Tena?" said Kyla

"You mean that fluffy snot monster?"

"Tena is an air bison!"

"That thing is tied that tree back there, along with the Feathery-Butt thing."

"You mean Riwa?"

"Why do you have such strange names?"

"Well then, what is your name?"

"I am Dyma, the leader of the Pylago, our job is to protect the city of Qiang from the Xiepi,

Crazy Fellow

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